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  1. RobM

    BMW 1 series

    Hi all, I'm not very car-minded but the time has come to change my car (stolen/recovered). I'm thinking of a BMW 1 series, small enough, a bit whizzy, maybe lacking interior space (I haven't investigated yet). Are these cars a good buy?
  2. amsemp

    What are you currently driving?

    Looking for a couple of pointers! My trusty Corsa SXI has served me well(ish) for the last 3 years but she's now sadly coming to the end. I'm saving hard at the moment with a view to buying a BMW 1 Series 123d M Sport 2.0L sometime early next year. Question is, can't decide if it's the...
  3. Vodafone

    Found this on another forum, had me in stitches! Dear All I thought I would share my ongoing, and unresolved, problems with Vodafone in case anyone had never used their crummy tax-avoiding service before. In summary, I have spoken to a total of 14 (forteen) different customer services...
  4. Bielzibubz

    John Cooper Works Mini

    Well, after much deliberation the boy racer, mid life crisis part of my next car choice won and this afternoon I pick my John Cooper Works Mini. I know some of you will consider this foolhardy but to tell the truth...........I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FEK :D With 211 bhp under my right foot, the...
  5. steveo

    Live and Let Die

    Wings or Guns n Roses? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK2hKzZss5Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMw7x1XG_LM
  6. OldBlueLady

    Were you in the Blue Boar pre Huddersfield match?

    Request from a Huddersfield supporter on 606: Trying to get hold of a couple of your fans who we met in there and ended up in a chinese restaurant in town, one was also a spurs fan if that helps, top weekend down there. His other half is on the right in this pic, he apparently has a silver...
  7. Shrimper


    Just a little help for anyone travelling by car. Take the third exit on the first roundabout as you come of the A12, past Mini and BMW. Keep on going until you come to a junction and turn down into the Buisiness Park. If your in the right place you should see a couple of car garage's as you turn...
  8. ldnfatso

    Chicago Maths Test

    Mayor Daley and Chicago School CEO Arne Duncan recently announced a new CPS testing plan. It is designed so that schools may teach practical maths that current CPS students may use in real-world situations. NAME____________________ GANG/CREW NAME______________ CRIB_________________...
  9. Ricey

    Ricey Reports: F1 Pre Season News. 1/12/08

    Credit Crunch Hits Hockenheim. Hockenheim could join a host of Formula 1 casualties just two months shortly after the Canadian Grand Prix was slashed off the list due to them not being able to pay the commerical rights. The French grand prix has also been removed off the list due to have the...
  10. MrB


    Getting itchy feet with the whole car thing, may well have to say sod it to the finances and treat myself again (yes I know I said elsewhere that the mortgage was my priority but....). Which of these would you go for: M5 - Top end performance and handling in a subtle style: 645 Sport -...
  11. Australian Grand Prix Result Revealed

    Provisional results from Australian Grand Prix: 1. Lewis Hamilton (GB) McLaren-Mercedes 58 laps one hour 34 minutes 50.616 seconds 2. Nick Heidfeld (Ger) BMW Sauber +5.478 secs 3. Nico Rosberg (Ger) Williams-Toyota +8.163 4. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Renault +17.181 5. Heikki Kovalainen (Fin)...
  12. Need a new(ish) car - "advice" please

    Ok, really struggling with this one. I've currently got a BMW 323i coupe which has to go as I now have a 3 month old baby - it's just not practical. My budget is 8-10k and it needs to have good boot space, child friendly and be good on a run as we plan to drive down to the south of France...
  13. Do you know what Car Sodje Drives?

    An old, yes old, PURPLE Nissan Micra. What a legend. He really is. No "superstar" about him at all, plays football because he loves football. It's a prize picture, seeing him get into a small car for such a big bloke. It almost looks out of place, next to the Bmw 4x4's and the lotus'. Perhaps...
  14. Loan Signings

    Heard today that we'd tried to get Julian Gray from Birmingham and Matthew Spring from Watford but can't afford the wages. Why the hell go after players that you can't afford - it's like me wasting my own time test driving a BMW when I know that I can only afford a 10 year old...
  15. shrimperman

    Looks like someones...

    Whilst driving along the A127 London bound, just past kent elms this morning I saw Adam Barrett eyeing up a new silver BMW 5 series (think it was 5 anyway!). Gave him a beep but he didnt wave, his eyes were all over this car.
  16. Driving to Northampton

    As it stands i will have 2 of my rear seats empty for the drive up to the Sixfields! If anyone is in desperate need of a lift up there and is willing to contribute a small amount of petrol funds (As i have a BMW which is a gas guzzler) Let me know!
  17. Napster

    Bramble in trouble

    Fortunately it's not Tes Footballer banned for speeding A Newcastle United defender has been banned from driving for seven weeks and fined £2,000. Titus Bramble admitted driving at speeds of up to 102mph on a dual carriageway. He did not appear before magistrates in his home town of Ipswich...
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    Where are they now - Jason Lee

    Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has been arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of "driving under the influence". He was arrested shortly after he allegedly crashed into a parked car, with police saying he then drove away. Police said the alleged incident happened as he was...