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  1. First Trip to Roots Hall

    Hi Folks I do hope no-one views this as spam, I am not selling anything. I am one of those sad Groundhopper bods, doing the 92. I finally got to visit Roots Hall last weekend, and a few pix'n'scribbles may be found below, should anyone find a neutral's perspective of any interest...
  2. My old mans a dustman.

    Ok my old man was not a dustman but i bet he wishes he had of been one. He was when i was born a builder who worked his way up to foreman on the firm mainly building schools and houses and later in life he set up on his own til he messed that up and became one of those bods on the door at vat...
  3. Its Only A Game

    Bit of legal advice on wills needed

    Just a quickie if there are any legal bods out there. My Dad (in his late 70's) has just found out that his brother and his wife died a couple of months ago down in Devon. For some reason none of my dads family were advised, even though his brother was in hospital for 3 weeks before passing...
  4. southend4ever

    5 Minutes of Crap

    Has anyone ever told you to type for 5 minutes and just write anything that comes into your head. I have done this a few times and it is almost like writing tourettes. Some crazy stuff seems to pops into your brain and everyone that has ever done it just cracks up at what they write. 5 Minutes...
  5. Stats

    Self Employed Tax - Paying Money On Account

    Wonder if one of the financial bods can help me. Just completed my first full tax return. The calculations have been done which are all ok. On top of the tax that I owe for 09-10 I'm being asked to pay money on account for 10-11. Question is do I have to pay on account? Can I not just pay a...
  6. Legacy shirt

    Please tell me I'm not the only who thinks the marketing bods at Roots Hall must be living in lala land creating this legacy shirt thing - and failing to realise that as far as fans are concerned the majority of us are fast coming round to the opinion that we aren't moving stadium any time soon...
  7. One for the seemingly thousands of legal bods here on SZ...

    http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/columnists/miles-kington/high-court-hangups-747313.html Simply brilliant.
  8. adwebb16

    Question Greek Economy

    For those financial bods in the know I heard that the huge bail out of Greece will see the Euro plummet in value. Which could be a good sign for us tourists this summer. Is this correct?
  9. Tommy2holes

    How to get higher on the google listings? Help required

    A friend of mine had his firm on the top page of searches for his particular field, but has since dropped down to page 3 and as a result is no longer getting any work in. I am informed that getting on the top pages is not purely financial and involves key words but most importantly link...
  10. The Zone Chatroom problems

    Ok Guy's I can't fathom this out so any tech'y bods out there that can help? I originally had trouble with the chatroom and logging in but changed from Firefox to Google Chrome and all works well for me and most others but we have a few that just can't get in for love or money. I have...
  11. duncan bulgaria

    Sugar Puff pee

    Always thought it was common knowledge about your **** smelling of sugerpuffs after eating a bowl of them a day , know mention this at work and a few chaps never knew about this and the birds certainly didn't . Yesterday I had a strange one as been eating sugar puffs all week for brekkie and...
  12. Stats

    Battle Of The Geoff King Replacements

    Cast your nominees here, the usual will then follow then we can parade our winner at the AGM to oust him. I'll offer Peter Jones If a dragon cant help us out of this mess then I dont know who could? Shed loads of contacts, would no doubt sort out our season card entry problem with his...
  13. Napster


    I used to think I have no regrets - but I have a few. I used to be very shy, and never really took advantage of the myriad opportunities open to me at university, until a lot later. However, my biggest regret, is saying no to a PhD position, on graduation day. It was offered to me by one of the...
  14. University "hazing"

    Now I have to admit that I thought that this only when on in America or at Oxbridge, but according to the BBC this is happening all over the country! Has any Uni bods have any experience of this?
  15. J

    Storing DNA (database)

    I think today, the two cases in the news, have proved how valuable storing DNA on offenders, and people who haven't even been charged, is. People were complaining about this Big Brother Society, yet today a rapist murderer and a serial killer have been locked up.. One in the eye for the Human...
  16. Formatting a hard drive

    Hello bods, Need some IT help.... I'm trying to install a new Hard Drive on an old PC and having troubles... The CD drive picks up the Windows XP disk and begins to install, but once it restarts, the whole process starts again... it's as if the PC doesn't recognise the hard drive. On the BIOS...
  17. Xàbia Shrimper

    Online Club Shop

    If Scriv is lurking (or any of the club shop bods), is there any news on when the Season Review and Manchester United DVDs are going to be available to purchase online for those who can't pop into the club shop? I know the postage & packing is extortionate (almost €15 *minimum* for one item!)...
  18. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset


    The games where you see the fans wearing colurs in order always look quite impressive I think. The Champ League final tonight was another example where the Arsenal fans were in blocks of yellow and white and the Barca fans in blocks of red and blue. Presumably they all get a free shirt on their...
  19. Interpol Shrimper


    Bit of a strange one this as I'm not one for the "Player X is the new Player Y" arguments but I caught most of Football Years on Sky Three last night & it was the 81/82 season when Liverpool won the league (despite being 12th at Xmas) & the Milk Cup. Anyway, this was Ian...
  20. Clarky_Blues

    Richard Keys

    Whilst out having a meal at a restaurant in Manchester last night in walked Richard Keys, Andy Gray and Jamie Redknapp with the Sky bods - obviously all staying up here for the Man U v Arsenal game today. They sat on the table directly next to us. Anyway as we left my Mum turns round to Key's...