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  1. Kevin Hogg

    Are we allowed to whisper...that things are going rather well!??

    Don't shout it out too loudly - but we have a decent team...and things are going well. Sssshhhhh!
  2. Latest Rumours Emile sinclair?

    forward sinclair rumoured to be a target? any thoughts on this could be nonsense just heard bout this.
  3. DoDTS


    With 5 matches played and the all important (to us) fixture tomorrow here are the league and cup scores so far; CUP ROUND 4 DoDtS 4 v 7 thenobster Looks all over or DoDtS against the high scoring nobster Tinks 4 v 4 h turner All to play for in the second half kingSHRIMPER 2 v 2...
  4. Hatton comeback?

    My sources in the boxing world tell me The Hitman IS set to make a comeback. The rumours have been flying bout for roughly 2 months, but it's now looking closer than ever. Since he's been promoting, he's rediscovered the hunger and desire to step back in the ring. He's lost a lot of weight and...
  5. Blue_Wes

    Bellew v Cleverly. It's on.

    Tony bellew has finally got his dream fight against World Champion, after failing to make the weight when he stepped in to fight Cleverly in the summer. Bellew is already using Twitter to predict Cleverly's reign as world Champion will be short lived. Bellew is definitely the under dog, but...
  6. Boxing rumours - Hatton/Khan/Haye

    Few little bits I've seen/heard regarding the above fighters - TBH I had to check it wasn't April 1st Hatton - Whilst Oscar De La Hoya was over here for the Khan fight at the weekend, he offered Hatton a chance to fight Erik Morales in Vegas for a substantial amount of money. This comes just...
  7. wiggy

    How bout a bit of credit for Barry Corr, regularly

    ....pops up and gets us the points. Suffers from injury and still does the business. Not quite as fashionable as Eastwood but very effective for us in this league and very underated on here. Thanks Barry, your goals have kept our season alive!
  8. lee bradbury is a legend


    Saw him and his mrs in morrisons hadleigh bout an hour ago. Maybe he isnt leaving?
  9. The Masters

    thinking bout having a few quid e/w on poulter last i saw he was 33s to win and 6s best european in corals anyone else throwing some bets down????
  10. Pac Man Pummels Clottey, Provokes Mayweather

    Manny Pacquiao sent out a warning shot to Floyd Mayweather Junior by drubbing Joshua Clottey, taking the African apart in twelve long, gruelling rounds. The only reason this fight was scheduled was because of the row over drug testing between Pacquiao and Mayweather, with Mayweather facing...
  11. Training Today!

    went over today to see the boys training, got there bout 11ish and just as i got there laurent was limping to his car and drove off. Hopefully its a minor knock and can still play monday. the boys all come out including sanchez watt, apart from the boys who played yesterday in the reserves and...
  12. Slipperduke

    A Big Cheer For Little Clubs

    Bit of a new one this, it's for the Irish Examiner's football supplement, currently rolling off the presses as I type. Bit more wordy than the usual fare and with more Anglo-centric references. Anyway, give it a go and let me know what you think, it helps to have feedback with new stuff... If...
  13. cockles is back

    Games you have had to miss or leave early because you have chit yourself

    ok Ill start his one, but only on a couple of occasions, once in the west bank in 86, realised I needed a poo in them west stand toilets only to realise there was no door or bog roll having to make my mate Joey Toffs stand over the door and wipping me arse on me dads programme, leaving early at...
  14. BoyWonder2

    Song lyric

    Guys and girls, I was driving into work towards the end of my lunch break and as usual had Kiss on the radio. Now I caught part of a song that sounded decent, but because its a short journey and because I didn't hear the beginning or the end of it, I have no idea what the song was called on...
  15. No signings - no - money = no hope

    Watching game @ chelmsford thought we looked poor definatly need striker who gets in behind defenders - numerous times defenders looked up and had nothing - worried bout this season
  16. Smiffy

    Breaking News Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes!

    This is the tune the players are loving and dancing to in the dressing room at the minute. Tilly hates it... If we make the play-offs, Tilly has laid down the gauntlet and said he will bust a few moves of his own infront of them all! OS Article For dose of you dat dun no bout dis tune...
  17. chadded

    Exclusive Interview

    Jeff Stelling interviews the Artist, sometimes known as chadded, often referred to as Biffa, after a stunning win in the Totty Cup. Steve, congratulations on the victory, you must be very pleased. Yea, obviously I'm delighted, it's a great win, and I'm very proud. Going back to the opening...
  18. Slipperduke

    When Will The Levy Break?

    As Daniel Levy sits and stares at the league table during this interminable international break, I wonder how long it will be before he concludes that, with the benefit of hindsight, finishing fifth every year wasn't actually all that bad. Tottenham Hotspur are in crisis. Even though it's...
  19. Mildenhall injury - that bad?

    forgot to post this yesterday. friday afternoon, bout 12.30ish, i saw steve mildenhall driving around the roundabout just off of talk nightclub. i know it was him as it was his mercedes ML, with his numberplate m7ldy with him driving. just wondered how bad his injury was. i thought he was ment...
  20. Kenny

    Sir Bobby Robson

    a real shame but it seems to have been on the cards for a while. From the Sun website. ----------- BOBBY ROBSON has won countless battles during a career which has earned him a permanent place in the nation’s hearts. But his latest fight, sadly, will be his last. English football’s favourite...