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  1. Uncle Leo

    An open letter to the bosses of ITV

    Dear Sirs, now THAT was a proper Saturday night of tv. Instead of the usual bilge you serve up we had a fantastic game of football followed by a thrilling boxing bout. The first time ever that I have watched your channel for four hours without changing the channel. More of this, less of your...
  2. Slipperduke

    "squeaky-bottom time."

    For the first time since 1968, the destination of the title will be decided on the last day between two teams on level points. One slip-up, one mistake, and an entire season's hard work will come crashing down around the ears of one unfortunate manager. Hundreds of millions of people will crowd...
  3. CC51DAS

    Pressure on Leeds and Forest

    The expectation from the fans of these two 'big' clubs is mounting .Forest could be promoted today if they get past their jinx team Yeovil and Donny screw up - but will they get another bout of the nerves if they find themselves in the play-offs again ? And Leeds fans expect their mighty team...
  4. Irish_Shrimper

    Sky Sports News v Setanta Sports News Totty

    Bout time we had a bit of totty back in the Pub - so who would you rather smash: Georgie Thompson from Sky Sports News, or Charlotte Jackson from Setanta Sports News? Thompson Jackson
  5. Superstitions

    after reading bout tilly's shirt he wears on match days i thought i'd post my superstition which started the same game as our unbeaten streak started! this year i havent had that much luck with gambling on football results every saturday this season ive done the usual football bets winning only...
  6. RobM

    Scannell - what do you reckon?

    Bit of a long shot but why not start with him? He's young, keen, skillful. Give the lad a go I say! How 'bout you?
  7. Atmosphere last night!

    Was disappointed that a small section of youngsters behind me were slagging off our own fans! It's people like them that make people argue amonst our own set of fans! singing stuff like our support is f**king **** etc isnt getting behind the team! dont know if these youngsters are part of the...
  8. stevie_G_G_G

    Hopkins v Calzaghe

    Joe Calzaghe vowed to end Bernard Hopkins' illustrious career when the two men came face to face in London to hype their Las Vegas super-fight. The undisputed super-middleweight champion will fight Hopkins at the light-heavyweight limit on 19 April. "This will be Bernard Hopkins' last fight,"...
  9. new boy just sayin hi

    hi im james the brother of alex(famous_sufc) have been reading the site for ages now gettin the low down on whats happening so though i might aswell start posting. have been a fan for bout 6 years so not a part time fan, remember the like of when, searl, and that. thought id ask how many are...
  10. CC51DAS

    Wake Up Call

    This is my 1111 th post . Didn't realise it would be this scary . http://www.greatdreams.com/11coin.htm I thought we should have something special to mark the occasion , so ..... WHEN YOU GET TO ROOTS HALL YOU,LL BE SINGING.. SINGING 'BOUT THE GREATEST TEAM IN TOWN .. YOU'LL BE SINGING...
  11. DTS

    Films that you really looked forward too but were total let downs.

    Yesterday after a spot of lunch with my mate "The Pilot" and our respective Mrs, Mrs DtS and I decided that we would get a DVD to rid ourselves of the bordem that is Sunday afternoon TV. I have been desperate to see Zodiac - A film a bout the San Francisco area Zodiac Killer dating back to the...
  12. CC51DAS

    the world has ever seen .....

    and it's Southend United , Southend United F. C. , They're by far the greatest team ,........ Sorry 'bout that - just wanted to mark my 1000 th post appropriately SEA, SEA, SEASIDERS !!!!!!!
  13. Brighton Roll Call

    Who's Goin? Should be down there bout 12-1pm for a few beverages before the game
  14. wiggy

    Steve Bessant joins Blues!

    From the Echo.... Steve Bessant - Southend United's secret weapon this season. The 32-year-old, from Leigh, has been brought to the club as strength and conditioning coach and he is already starting to make an impression. How bout a bloody striker to put the ball...
  15. pickledseal

    SUFC on tour in Ethiopia - an update!

    Evening guys, Really sorry but internet is slow out here - its running REALLY fast this evening and it has still taken nearly 20 mins to get on and then fianlly logon! Still having an amazing time out here - although suffered a bout of gastric-flue which was not so nice (always bad when you...

    this is a weekly event now boys and girls so come join in! grayhounds mate paul won last week it all happens 6:30pm at the marlborough head rochford bout a 2 min walk from the station easy to find and friendly atmosphere even for first timers! doesnt matter if ur good or pants at pro evo...
  17. heard a little rumour

    heard one of our midfielders are going! either gower or jcr more likely to be jcr! cos macca maher bailey moussa aint going nowhere! what wud be the reaction of this board if we went in for duguid! he played right back down here against us and i thought he was one of the best players for col u...
  18. Stewards

    My mates son wants a saturday job. According to the OS there are stewarding vacancies for next season, but no information on experience needed, what age you have to be etc and wondered if, on the off chance, anyone knew anything bout it?
  19. Friendly Against The Dutch

    Were Playing "Top Dutch Side Vitesse Arnhem" Roots Hall - 1st August Any1 Know Anythin Bout The Oppo?
  20. Shrimper2thecore

    On behalf of a fellow Shrimper

    Hi there everyone, a fellow Shrimper that I am at Uni with is currently two hours into a 10 hour silence he is doing for Red Nose Day. I have never known anyone to talk more than this guy (Scott Thrush). He did an hour two weeks ago, for training, and had to sleep for bout 5 hours after it...