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  1. Yorkshire Blue

    Shortest name XI

    GK Peter Goy RB Warren May LB Andy Ford CB Leon Cort CB Lewis Hunt RM Lloyd Sam CM Jason Cook CM David Lee LM Ryan Hall CF Simon Cox CF Jason Lee Sub Danny Gay Sub Mark Hone Sub Derek Hall Sub Gerry Fell Sub Barry Corr Any more suggestions? Tie-breaker was shortest first name.
  2. HudsonNo1

    League two promotion XI (Monday boredom breaker)

    just a bit of fun as it's Monday and I'm bored. I wondered which players people would have from our last league two promotion season under Tilly and who they would have from last seasons squad. So a combined XI playing a 442 would be best I think Considering we went on to win the league last...
  3. Cricko

    Breaking News Dan Bentley...Record Breaker!

    Dan breaks the all time record of 11 home games without conceding a goal.. It is a fantastic achievement ....Well Done Dan! :clap::happy: Let's add a few posts here to send to him via The Zone.
  4. DoDTS

    No.1 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy

    This is the first in this new competition, where you get one point for every result you get totally wrong and frankly we were all outstanding in this last night! Indeed from memory it must have been the worst night of predicting ever (Steve would have been very proud). If you get all six wrong...
  5. southend4ever

    Christmas Quiz

    Right, just for a bit of fun... please make your predictions prior to noon 9th December: Mon 9th Dec: What will the final score be in the match between Swansea vs Hull City tonight in the English Premier League? Prediction: Tue 10th Dec: Who will be the main Newsreader on the BBC One - Ten...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Potential record breakers

    Anyone know what the record is for most red cards in a season? We're currently on course for 14 red cards. What's impressive is how they are spread around the team (6 different Southend players have been sent off) and not just with the normal suspects like Clifford and the wrongly adjudged...
  7. steveo

    Tie breakers

    So holland can still qualify by beating Portugal by two clear goals according to the BBC site. But they will be level on points with Denmark and have a worse head to head record as Denmark beat them. Greece had a worse gd than zrussia but went through as they beat them. What am I mising here?

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 36

    On the face of it "paper" would suggest comfortable wins for 5 of our closer challengers, with our game at Shrews the potential deal breaker. The fact only Swinetown managed a win (a fairly late one at that) leaves one with very much a "could've been so much better but could've been so much...
  9. New mouse breaker football fun


    PL Cup SZ PL Christmas Cup 2010 Thread

    The entry thread will now be closed, and all matters relating to the Xmas Cup will be in here The schedule has been painstakingly worked out and is as follows Round One: Friday/Saturday 27th/28th August (Bradford City away) Round Two: Tuesday 28th September (Gillingham away) Quarter Finals...
  11. The ShrimperZone World Cup Bracket Competition

    We had this thread up before Cricko went mental, and it'll be good to get a few more people involved. Basically, sign up to the ESPN Soccernet Bracket Predictor (Completely free) and join the SZ group to enter. You predict the group winners, leading all the way to the final and the eventual...
  12. Player Abilities

    Descriptions of the new Player Abilities are up. Have to love the last one... As promised here are some more details about the abilities that your players will perhaps soon be allocated. Note that there is a slight change in the percentage probability of your players having these abilities to...
  13. The Watermill Wino

    Thanks to the TZ pioneers

    For our first trip as TZ you guys were brilliant. Thanks to Ken and Fran for being oncall and to Richard for the quiz; loved the tie breaker question: What is OBL's real hair colour?:D Oh and Ayrshire Blue's design proudly adourned the front of Zone 8 yesterday and as promised has won a seat on...
  14. manor15

    Top 10 games this season

    I thought Liverpool v Arsenal was more thrilling than the Chelsea v Liverpool game and would have like to have seen a certain Chelsea 1-1 Southend in there too... I shall dream on
  15. Mad Cyril

    The 'walking into the Pink Toothbrush thread'.

    Post the tunes you have have purchased a can of Breaker or nudie can of Tennants to whilst thinking you must be the most bohemian 18 year old in the county........ Lush - Sweetness and light. Don't listen to the whole tune otherwise you will be looking to purchase a burger from a vending machine.
  16. bluesbloke

    evening echo/graffiti teen story

    now we all know that the evening echo can often be labelled as a pretty shocking publication at times. in the past, this has led me to think about stopping my daily delivery. if it wasn't for news on the mighty blues (i say that very loosely!), i would have cancelled it years ago. but then...
  17. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday's Pub Quiz Part 8

    Usual rules, usual people banned. :) Enjoy.... 1. Emerald City is the capital of which country ? Two letters For extra points, name the four countries that border it. 2. A group of girls, and, another word for beer. 3. Since medieval times, name the patron saint of the following...
  18. The Big Shrimp

    FA Cup Final Ref

    Just to prove the FA know nothing, or should I say Fcuk All, about our beloved game, have you seen who has been appointed ref for this showpiece event? Steve "Fcuking useless ****" Bennett. I can see it now, an exciting end to end game full of chances & excitement, when Fat boy Frank breathes...
  19. The Artful Shrimper

    PC World

    Everyone. As you know I used to run a website and now don't, this is because;- (copied from various forums for the purpose of obtaining information) I bought a Fujistsu Scaleo P computer September 05' from PC World. It began to create problems from day one. Graphics freezing. Rebooting...
  20. DTS

    Martin Jol

    I am currently 74th in the Mortgage Express South London prediction league. An amazing feat I am sure you will agree. This weeks tie breaker has me stumped. Between 81-84 which team did Martin Jol play for? Was it WBA. DtS