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  1. Thatchers Children

    To save hi-jacking the Brexit thread I thought people might like to explain who they first voted for and why. Lets keep it to your personal reasons so no need to repeat to many grand and well covered anti Thatcher rants etc. I had left school in 1981 so my first vote was for Labour in 1983. If...
  2. RHB

    Theresa May - Dead woman walking?

    The old adage of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer appears to have finally backfired for Theresa May where Boris Johnson is concerned. I don't pay anywhere near as much attention to politics as I used to, but it does look as if Theresa has lost a lot of confidence and respect...
  3. Brexit negotiations thread

    Surprised there isn't already a thread. Negotiations officially began yesterday. Safe to say it probably didn't get off to a great start, although perhaps unsurprising. "In contrast to well-rehearsed EU positions on issues such as the financial settlement and Irish borders, British officials...
  4. manor15

    2017 General Election thread

    Quite the U-turn from her repeated denials... Surely only one result here to give her her beloved mandate to pursue a hard Brexit?
  5. RHB

    Murderers, Traitors and Patriots

    My favourite bit ever in that film. I can feel the laughter welling up now. Shame it's too funny and left wing for the right wingers here to appreciate.:winking:
  6. RHB

    Michael Gove

    As time moves on from Michael's dishonourable discharge from the Tory front ranks, he is just now slithering out from under the political rock he has been sheltering under. A few newspaper interviews, some sort of non job to do with Brexit and David Davis's team and now a Sunday morning...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit to create 30,000 jobs

    Great news, my patriotic friends! The great Brexit gamble is set to create 30,000 British jobs for British* people! The EU have only 24,000 of these jobs currently so that's one in the eye for Juncker and his cronies. These jobs are set to come about in the civil service to implement the...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit: an apology

    During the referendum campaign I was guilty of talking down the benefits of Brexit down. In particular I was highly sceptical of the health advantages that this would bring despite this seemingly being a huge part of the Leave campaign (see picture of leading Government minister in front of a...
  9. British Land - New Stadium

    Very rare for me to post something, but hopefully the start of some positive news... ahead... sometimes! Last night I attended a networking event in central London for building contractors, developers etc. The regional development Director from British Land, confirmed directly to me, they are...
  10. callan

    Hard or Soft Brexit?

    If Mrs May is to be believed she will invoke article 50 by the end of March 2017, at which point we start our negotiations to the leave the EU. What are Zoners thoughts on either a hard or soft Brexit?
  11. Farron

    Timmy spouting rubbish again,he wants to help every waif and stray,he demands another vote on Brexit. Yet Timmy is against same sex marriage !! Politicians don't you just love them,tut tut Timothy.
  12. Razam

    The Shrimpers Curse!

    Just read this story on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-37378935 and got me thinking, we've been trying to get a new stadium for so many years now (20yrs? 30yrs?), and in recent years, everytime we seem to get momentum, something happens to make us start from scratch again -...
  13. Cameron

    Not only did he bottle it as PM as he screwed up the Brexit vote, he's now giving up his seat in the HOC. No doubt a few million to be made sitting on the board of certain companies and an autobiography to write.
  14. Labour !

    This shower have proved time and time again they should never be nowhere near power for 15 year's at least. Eagle and Jones begin their folly with Jones preparing to ignore Labour voters by refusing the Brexit result . This crowd couldn't run a market stall let alone this country,they are barmy.
  15. Napster

    Theresa May

    Blimey she's ruthless. Hunt, Gove, Osbourne, Morgan, Whittingdale, all gone. New posts created for Brexit, including Davis in charge of Brexit (who has always been anti-EU), and the disgraced Liam Fox as new international trade minister. Oh and BoJo, which is very clever for May. In essence...
  16. How are starting odds created?

    Been talking at work a fair amount about betting, especially around Brexit. So odds work out at around 75% chance of remain and 29% chance of Brexit - now these add up to >100%, which I think is called overrounding and is effectively the bookies way of making a profit. Understand that odds...
  17. callan

    The EU Referendum

    Despite being a keen advocate of leaving the EU, I have yet to see from either in or out Camps a firm vision of what the UK will look like further down the road, if we stay or go. What are our political parties plans should exit go ahead?....or indeed if we stay (more political integration...