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  1. gpd

    Trouble in Leigh......football "fans"?

    There was a HUGE Police presence in Leigh, at The Broadway PH earlier on. Around 25 officers 5 Police cars, special vans etc. Just spotted on fb that it could be CUFC crowd. Anyone able to confirm?
  2. Shrimper

    Restaurant Reviews

    Figured it'd be good to have a thread for people to ask about restaurants and ask what they're like on here. Haven't seen one so hit me if there is one. i myself am going to Mr Pings in the Broadway for the all you can eat thing on Sunday. Anyone been there or had that before and tell me what...
  3. Fenchurch Street to Fulham broadway?

    Can anyone tell me how long it would take to walk between these two locations preferably alongside the Thames where possible?
  4. The General

    Drugs problem in 4 local pubs

    Courtesy of: Echo online FOUR Southend venues face having their licences reviewed after police found evidence of cocaine use. Traces of the Class A drug were found in a series of police searches of pubs and bars. It is believed customers had taken cocaine in toilet cubicles. The four...
  5. Shrimper_Wez

    I'm sorry Mr Martin

    I was going to post this on the tread about the AGM, asking if anyone going along wanted to say a quick sorry to RM from me. Instead I have just decided to mentioned a slightly embarrasing encounter I had with Mr (and I think Mrs) Martin at the weekend. I was having breakfast in a cafe in...
  6. Mad Cyril

    Question Best Indian restaurant in the SS area?

    Not sure if this has been done before but I am sure everyone has an opinion. I use the Mumtaz Mahal in Benfleet because it is a one minute walk from my house however the best I have sampled locally is probably the Gulshan near the Mecca Bingo. The one on Leigh Broadway (the name escapes me but...
  7. Where have you lived and what was it like?

    So where have zoners lived and how was it for you? SHELLBEACH ROAD CANVEY--a old prefab house,loved it but i was only little. LIEGH BECK LANE-- canvey again til i was about 5,backed on to canveys ground so watched rubbish football from my window ST CHRISTOPHERS CLOSE-- last stop on canvey ,bit...
  8. Irish_Shrimper

    Chelsea, the Irish, and Richie Foran, Richie Richie Foran

    Just back in the land of leprechauns a couple of hours after a great trip. Travelled over in Billy no mates style again for my 5th match of the season, and it was a teeny tiny bit better than the Huddersfield one last time :D Started off Saturday morning leaving Limerick at 4:30 am, for a...
  9. Benfleet A1

    Our little trip to Chelsea

    I awoke at 4am in need of a wee and stumbled out of bed. One empty bladder later I attempted to get back to the land of nod, no chance. So I surfaced, got dressed and tip toed into the kitchen for a cuppa. Got bored with the telly so tormented the cat for a while by making out I was going to let...
  10. ablegrandson

    best chant of the day

    Being held at the entrance to Fulham Broadway station, a police woman on horse back with loud hailer was trying to explain why we were being held there, but was totally incoherent. A quick rendition of uwot uwot uwot uwot I found quite amusing:goodun:
  11. davewebbsbrain

    Question Travel to Chelsea

    I am going to look it up as well, but if you are travelling by train to Chelsea, which underground station are you travelling to? IE:- is there an away fans underground station etc etc. Very luckily got 2 tickets for myself and my 6 yr old and want as easy a journey as possible. I am guessing...
  12. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 5 - SpanishShrimper

    This week, Nick (SpanishShrimper), from Spain answers the questions. I haven't had the time to check his answers, so hope there is nothing too embarrassing etc. that shouldn't be here.... :unsure: 1) How long have you been an exile? A) Well technically, since I left the Southend area...
  13. lee_sufc

    Official - Eastwood to Fulham

    0.00 Start out at Eastwood,Leigh-On-Sea A1015 Show on a map 0.00 0.10 At mini-roundabout turn right onto Rayleigh Road - A1015 (signposted Southend) Entering Southend On Sea A1015 0.10 0.43 At traffic signals turn right onto the A127 (signposted London) A127 Show on a map 0.53 0.40 Warning...
  14. lee_sufc

    Official - Eastwood to Fulham

    0.00 Start out at Eastwood,Leigh-On-Sea A1015 Show on a map 0.00 0.10 At mini-roundabout turn right onto Rayleigh Road - A1015 (signposted Southend) Entering Southend On Sea A1015 0.10 0.43 At traffic signals turn right onto the A127 (signposted London) A127 Show on a map 0.53 0.40 Warning...
  15. Napster

    Top 50 film endings

    Thoughts? 50. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The movie isn't particularly scary... at least until the last two minutes, which take the tension level from 10 to 100 at an exponential pace. The final seconds -- wherein a member of the cast is spotted, back turned and facing a corner, as an...
  16. southend4ever

    First One Day International

    I stay up to the early hours using the likes of quizmania to help me stay awake. Dropping Rahul Dravid on 0 (Owais Shah) never a good idea, made me decide to fall asleep. Wake up to find we skittle them out for little over 200. We win the toss. Can't chase, don't even come anywhere...

    is it my imagination or has someone gone graffiti mental down leigh broadway.. i went down there last saturday and there was tons of the stuff.. now im not adverse to a bit of yoof rebellion (i happen to think the S K I N H E A D S  one in white paint on that foot bridge near barking is a work...
  18. Napster


    Spotted this week: Friday 16th July 2004 Southend Airport, 08:50: 1 Cuckoo (flew over Aviation Way). Paul Griggs (SOG). Thursday 15th July 2004 Battlesbridge, 09:15: 1 Little Egret (again in the pool where the new A130 crosses the Crouch). Paul Baker (SOG). Wednesday 14th July 2004 Benfleet...
  19. Crash in leigh broadway

    I was driving through leigh broadway last night and saw what looked a harsh accident. A sports car going southend bound has ploughed into a golf going into the opposite direction and the golf had ended up sitting in a shop window opposite the v bar. Only got a quick glimpse as i drove past. Just...
  20. Ron martin...No wonder we are in Debt

    I was having lunch on saturday afternoon in Ugo's in leigh when in walked Ron Martin with his wife + kids and some of his kids friends. I couldn't help but notice that he and his wife Ordered x2 pasta dishes x2 glasses of wine (Lehman Shiraz i think) plus 4 classes of cola for the kids...