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  1. lee_sufc

    Mortgage Brokers

    Afternoon all! Just wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for Mortgage Brokers (I'm in Rayleigh) - ideally specialising in people who are Company Directors / self employed.
  2. Cricko

    High Street Crisis

    Nice to see some lovely stores bucking the trend.I think it tells you all you need to know about it's demise and where this country is heading. http://news.sky.com/story/1058041/high-street-crisis-chain-closures-accelerating "Pound shops, pawnbrokers, charity shops, cheque cashing (payday...
  3. County's Web of Lies About to Unravell

    Just as the Notts County faithful were beginning to come to terms with their new found regality and success, it turns out Sol Campbell's departure might just be the tip of the iceberg that sinks them. Rumours are rife that the Football League aren't happy with the information disclosed by the...
  4. Slipperduke

    Stupid England Get There Slowly

    The signs of improvement are visible, but Fabio Capello's mission to revitalise the England team is still some way from completion. There were moments, during this frustrating, attritional non-contest, of class and sophistication, but sporadic style couldn't eclipse the fact that this side are...
  5. Slipperduke

    A bullet with Avram Grant's name on it.

    He took them to within a slip of the European Cup and a Steve Bennett of the league, but when a bullet with Avram Grant's name on it came whistling in from the Chelsea boardroom it came as a surprise to absolutely no-one. This good, proud man had always been the wrong choice as Jose Mourinho's...
  6. Slipperduke

    2007/08 season

    For all the moments of high drama, the goals, the saves and the tears, I've got a funny feeling that the 2007/08 season will be remembered as the year that the owners of football clubs across the land finally lost their tenuous grip on reality. It's as if there is a private competition between...
  7. DTS

    How too take this joke forward?

    Rightio, Basically on Monday Ben at work got a really weird email from a customer on Friday last week. This email was from someone called Mr Slater - The bloke basically said that who the hell was Ben to ask him about his personal details - All he wanted was a mortgage quote? He asked Ben is he...
  8. MrB

    What's your excuse....

    ....for leaving work early today? I'm hoping not to need one, my boss and his boss are in Australia. Can't see any brokers coming in the afternoon so if it's quiet I may just slope off unnoticed (along with everyone else who trys to slope off unnoticed...).
  9. DTS

    I know this is not very PC but....

    Monday I got a call from a new cutomer called "Timothy" who has been recommended to me by the gay lads that invited me to the dinner party (See previous poll). Basically as you would expect he was looking to come into the office with his partner to chat about a mortgage for a penthouse he has...
  10. DTS

    Three biggest frustrations of your job.

    JOB - MORTGAGE BROKER / IFA. Biggest frustrations are as follows. 1. Underwriters - They are basically all failed mortgage brokers who seem to spend there lives pulling wholes in perfectly good deals. Touch wood I dont get many declines now as I have done it for so long but you can get so...
  11. DTS

    My dilema

    SZ'rs I call upon you to help me make a decision. This time last week I was the only one in the office when the phone goes. "Can I speak to the director of the business" came the voice. Must get 20+ calls a day with the same tone-very lazy cant even be bothered to reasearch our director name...
  12. DTS

    Talk about Fantasy

    Every week I do a Mortgage Express preditctions league where basically all brokers that like football try and predict results from across the 4 divisions. You also get to guess which one player from all the games mentioned is most likely to score the most goals This week our home game to...