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  1. Cricko

    Browns time must be up!

    I never thought he was one of "Us"..He just fitted a bill of RM's picture. As usual RM promised him the earth with dreams of the new stadium etc...In fairness RM has backed him to the hilt these past few seasons with money for old timers. I have always felt he was Rm's Doppelganger..RM loves to...
  2. LennySUFC

    Browns comments on the radio

    Anyone else hear that? Disgraceful! “Disgusted. Disgusted” “Don’t hit the deck we won’t score pens” was my favourite. Ranger dropped for form Bemoaned McGlaughlin’s miss and Cox and Turner He’s publicly outed the players after a decent point...
  3. Tommy2holes

    Where is our marquee signing...

    No cox again last night. This is the player that Phil Brown said was our marquee signing and player that was a coup for the club . Undoubtedly one of if not the highest earner at the club. Nowhere to be seen again. Is this another mismanagement of a talented player or his he simply injured...
  4. Where will you finish?

    Shrimpers, Done a Q&A with supporter Callum Connolly on your lot ahead of the new season - http://www.TheFootbalLab.co.uk/2016/southend-united-season-preview-browns-behaviour/ Would be interested to know where you think you'll finish this year? I've said 18th. I think you've made a couple of...
  5. IloveShrimp

    Browns new formation?

    Bently Thompson Barrettt Coker Worrell Wordsworth Moussa Timlin Deegan Hurst McCaughlin
  6. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-3 Doncaster Rovers

    What a load of ****. How Brown couldn't see the need for changes I don't know, and the system we started with didn't work at all, while the performances of the players were poor Brown will have to shoulder a lot of the blame as well. I was fortunate enough not to be at the Millwall game but...
  7. LennySUFC

    Phil Browns 2 year anniversary

    Having been appointed on the 25th March 2013, Brown is essentially two years into the job (a few hours difference!) So the big questions are - have we moved forward as a club under brown - have we achieved what you expected under brown? - would you want brown to continue as manager following...
  8. IloveShrimp

    Question Is Barrett another Ron Signing to Increase Ticket Sales

    As Barrett has spent more time in the stands and warming the bench since he signed a la Barnard and of course Freddy and has since decided to retire, I am begining to wonder whether maybe he was a Ron signing rather than Browns, what do you think?
  9. Fed up with Phil

    I am fed up with Phil Browns excuses and team changes. Yes he's gonna change it again next week. Nearing the end of the season and he still does not know his best eleven. This squad with different manager equals promotion.
  10. leeblue

    Browns replacement

    So as we have another brown out thread raging along nicely I thought i would ask, if not Brown then who? I have a few names off the top of my head I would plump for 1. Alan Devonshire, last season with Braintree was simply brilliant. 2. Justin Edinburgh 3. Martin Ling I am primarily thinking...
  11. Mad Cyril

    Best fried breakfast in the region.

    Leave your reviews. The Labworth, Canvey Island. One egg, one slice of bacon, two hash browns, mushrooms, sausage, toast and tea. £7.50. I don't mind paying £7.50 for a breakfast, especially for a venue with a great view like the Labworth but I object to deep fried mushrooms and cheap deep...
  12. Mad Cyril

    Food mistakes

    I had a bit of a hangover Saturday morning and instead of going for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal I tried the Burger King equivalent. It was absolutely rank and came with chips instead of hash browns. If you ever feel tempted don't make the same mistake I did.
  13. spoons

    Brown doubter

    I doubted Browns ability on arrival and admit to being impressed so far. A word of caution though, we have still to get promoted and will need all the current first team and more. Great to see Barnard back but not so good if Hurst or others are let go in the current transfer window. Clearly...
  14. Dan Bentley: Will he be seen again at Roots Hall.

    After Bentleys display today infront of god knows how many scouts will Ron get an offer he cant refuse.
  15. Who would you say our best signing has been?

    On the whole I am very happy with Mr Browns summer of signings, but was just wondering who would you say has been his best? personally I am going to side with will Atkinson who I think has been tremendous
  16. danburyshrimper

    Question what is it ?

    Has anyone noticed during the friendly matches what the contraption is just to the left of our dugout? It looks almost like an i-pad strapped onto a yellow stand ... i've never noticed this before ( but i am a west stand seaso with bad eyesight ) Does anyone know if this is one of Phil Browns...
  17. onlyonekingkevin

    PB lines up replacement for graham coughlan ???

    Paul Brown has said he is hopeful to announce a new member of staff , that will help with recruitment of players. weather this is to be Paul Browns assistant or not is unclear , but things dont look good for Graham . personally i would like to see Jimmy Bullard come in .
  18. Video of Phil Brown interviewed by Jeff Stelling

    found this, thought it was quite funny, also a video on you tube of George Boateng talking about how bad Browns man management is, im guessing that was after the Man cIty half time talk issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hcKyasPFHI
  19. RetroBlue

    Question Browns Summer Targets?

    Anyone got any ideas who they think Brown might bring in over the summer? Or has anyone seen any realistic targets that they would like him to bring in?
  20. Phil Browns Wembley Training Session.

    Anyone else think that was more like a Phil Brown Training Session yesterday than A Cup Final he wanted to win?