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  1. RHB

    Bums on seats for Millwall

    So far the tickets stats show that 4540 home seats have been sold for the Millwall home game. After the recent events that have happened over the last few days this is a poll where you have the opportunity to show whether you have had enough or if it's business as usual at the Hall for you.
  2. Prem loanees are killing us.

    Woodrow came here and played in virtually every game zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Barnard returns and yes you guessed it he plays in every game and he under any circumstances does not deserve the pitch time he is getting. Either Phil is bloody stupid or the loan deal is another play at any costs...
  3. TrueBlue

    Shift your bums

    Lets get as many as we can going to Chesterfield Saturday its not that much of a trek the drum will be there and we will be singing our hearts out lets see if we can make this 4 wins in 4 so if your thinking about it either get on the TZ coach...
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Will there be eastwood effect?

    Barring miracles will be lining up in League Two next season and apart from the obvious interest about who we will sign in the summer, there is an intruiging situation, regarding Freddy Eastwood. Whether it was a RM signing, in order to get bums on seats and whether PS really wanted him is an...
  5. North Wales Shrimper

    What can we do to help OUR club?

    First of all, may I remind us of our name: "The Southend United Football Club". Within those five words is a huge amount of meaning, however, the two key words are "UNITED" and "CLUB". I was rewatching "The Team We Call United" the other day and it reminded me of what it is to be a Southend...
  6. LägerBomb

    More Fans = More money

    Based on the published accounts for last season (where we are now I've no idea) I think it's time that we used the little power we have as fans to help the club. The only real power we have as fans in money, we can withold it and boycott the club (as Man Utd fans should be doing and FC United...
  7. Frankie the half breed

    The not sure what to call it thread

    So, yesterdays game wasn't good. We all know that, I have a question though......Serious question, do our players ever visit shrimperzone? Because if they ever do then every single player on our team will be playing with there head down in low confidence, all I hear is slagging off, moan moan...
  8. overseas shrimper

    Ticket Office - thanks for ignoring!

    We're popping over to the UK this weekend and plan on paying a visit to the Hall and 'boosting' the crowd for that day with another four bums on seats and concessions sold. Wanting to take advantage of the massive (!) discounts for advanced bookings, I applied for Box Office access via email as...
  9. Round 2: Tie 8

    Julia Mancuso (MtS) vs Anna Semenovich (Westander) Pictures of barely covered boobs and bums please people :)
  10. Bare Bums in Brighton

    Went to an Art Deco Collectors Fair in Hove this morning and went into Brighton later and had a bit of traffic trouble caused by the bare and the not-quite bare. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/sussex/8099693.stm
  11. New striker

    I know we have just had one of those lamentable scenarios from the club, we hope to sign, he wont sign, a championship striker blah blah, but is that the issue at hand. Looking at the game last night we had plenty of opportunity but could not convert. Hardly a new situation. Would it not be...
  12. Hotman

    NSFW Verne from big bro

    NOT SAFE FOR WORK http://www.tmz.com/2008/06/25/mini-me-sex-tape-avert-your-eyes/ Mods - there is no boobies, willies, bums or clitoris's
  13. Must be a tenner!!!!

    Surely the club are not going to charge us £15 a ticket,what a rip off if they do. By charging a tenner we will get in 6000 odd otherwise if they hike up the prices there will be 4000 tops. Come on RM do the right thing and get bums on the seats. See you all for the replay.
  14. Fulham Tickets

    According to one of the stewards i know from sufc at the wakering game tonight, he said we have only sold 650 tickets for the fulham game. Not sure how true it is, but if it is true, just shows the club are out of touch in the pricing for this one. A cheaper pricing system would put bums on...
  15. CC51DAS

    Is Ron saving his pennies to bring back Freddy ?

    Can't help wondering if all this 'lack of activity' in the transfer market points to us pulling off one or two big deals . Tilly evidently and correctly has been told to cut out the dead wood and trim the wage bill to a minimum .Progress has been made . Bringing Fred back would guarantee...
  16. fredheim_holm

    Adobe software

    Student's get it cheap, dirt cheap (relatively). I've attached a document I've made regarding my research into which package if any I will be purchasing, so you can have a look if you have any interest. Basically, if you're a student, you can get up to 80% off of normal prices at Adobe...
  17. To Big a jump up for Tilly.

    Tilly has done a wonderful job. But I do not think he expected promotion to the Championship so soon. He was not prepared for it and I reckon as a result he had not much time to plan for this season. He was an inexperienced manager, given a chance by Ron Martin in the bottom level. It worked...
  18. 11.30am wed numbers pathetic

    Just come back from the ticket office,(11.30 am WED) had to check how many sold, they said just 3,500, don't people realise this Sat is a 100 times more important than the LDV, yes great days out, but this is promotion, so those of you who had decided not to go, THINK AGAIN and get yer bums...
  19. Crowd for Saturday

    Lots of factors could affect the crowd - depression because we didn't go up, FA Cup Final (lucky it doesn't feature the Spammers, eh?), already spent a fortune this season, etc... So what will the crowd be on Saturday? Personally, I'm not going to point fun at Mac or Cobblers until...
  20. Crowd from Saturday

    According to 'The Evening Echo' (centre pages) more than 45000 fans attended the match against Darlo. Now whilst the club should be congratulated for it's efforts in getting this many bums on seats I noticed that the attendance figure they released was around 7300. I know this...