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  1. DoDTS

    A Merry Christmas from the SZ Prediction League

    Christmas was approaching and Ebenezer Shrimper-Scrooge received a message from DoDtS reminding him to post his predictions for Boxing Day and wishing him a happy Christmas. "Humbug" said scrooge "can't be bothered, I'll do it later!" Later that night after a healthy meal of a burger with no...
  2. Apprentice 2016.

    Sorry to post this in the main thread, but it's the usual laugh at the morons thread - no, not Col Ewe's promotion attempt but the Apprentice Sweepstake. We need 4 candidates....£5 entry, £10 if you're the first out and £40 if Shugs likes your deluded ****burger and you win...
  3. Byron Burger VS Bleeding Heart Liberals

    For those who aren't aware... A food chain called Byron Burger, have been facing the wrath of wet lettuces over the last few days, culminating in a big protest against them, which is happening as we speak, at their Holborn branch, which has forced the shop to shut. Over the weekend, an...
  4. McWhopper

    who wins? Burger King or McDonalds. http://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/mcdonalds-declines-burger-kings-mcwhopper-offer-n416296
  5. Mad Cyril

    Food mistakes

    I had a bit of a hangover Saturday morning and instead of going for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal I tried the Burger King equivalent. It was absolutely rank and came with chips instead of hash browns. If you ever feel tempted don't make the same mistake I did.
  6. Massimo Giovanni

    Half time habits

    At half time many fans rush to the bar/loo/burger/betting area. The playing players & coaches go to the dressing room and de-brief, re group and plan for second half. The subs pratt about on the field. Can anyone explain how they (the subs) get the benefit of the coaching wisdom and feedback of...
  7. Fans near the Burger Bar Tonight...

    Cannot believe what I saw/heard tonight... A section of fans taking the **** and abusing a man chanting about things like Fossetts Farm, when he obviously had a disability... Get some respect. Also the treatment of Smith and Spillane was ****ing appalling around that area; some of our supporters...
  8. Burger King twitter was hacked...

    McDonalds‏@BurgerKing Try our new BK(℠) Bath Salt! 99% Pure MDPV! Buy a Big Mac, get a gram free! @dfnctsc @tshyne @mcdonalds McDonalds‏@BurgerKing This is why we were sold to @McDonalds! All of our employees crush and sniff percocets in the bathrooms =[ @DFNCTSC...
  9. Shrimperstrust

    Shrimpers Trust News Rendezvous With The Blues - Tuesday 5th February 2013

    The Rendezvous Casino have come up with a superb 'Fans Package' for the Away Leg of the JPT Regional Final on Tuesday 5th February 2013. Southend United Supporters who can't make the game can watch the 1st leg vs Leyton Orient in the comfort of the Sports Lounge at the Casino for just £5 which...
  10. steveo

    Text jokes that are quite amusing

    Most are crap but one did make me laguht this week: Just had a burger in the cafe at Tesco's. The waitress said "do you want anytihng on that" I replied, how about a fiver each way luv?
  11. Lord Football

    My little Roots Hall Rant

    Well actually I don't mind paying and watching a not very good team play not good very tactics against another not very good team in a not very good game. I do mind paying to watch someones back as they pop up every so often to let someone nip upstairs for a burger. In fact I don't even mind...
  12. How can the club appeal to more fans?

    Afternoon guys, Not sure which of the forums this should go in as it's only a bit of fun but feel free to move it Mods/Admin. Looking at a few posts on here it looks like a few of you have some opinions on how the club should be run. So for fun I thought I'd post this up for you guys to to...
  13. What did you do for your stag.

    For my first marrage i went to the water park place in dartford just over the bridge then off for a burger and the alley pally for THE FARM and DELITE i think,group of 20 of us including family and friends,good day out. 2nd one did nothing but at least its lasted longer. So whereand what did you...
  14. callan

    Lets invade France

    Ok....plenty of reasons for invading them (see below for some, I googled off the web earlier),so who's in?....and what can you bring to the team? 1. Riots. There is nothing the French like more than a riot. Half the time it doesn’t have to be about anything particular, they just like getting...
  15. Mad Cyril

    Any good Christmas presents?

    My brother bought me a burger maker which will come in handy.
  16. 'Happy Hour'? last night

    Really don't want to put a downer on last night but the Club really needs to get its act together on the promotions side. I thought the £1 a pint idea was a good one and the timings right, £1 a pint 6-6:45 which then means you've got a crowd in with an hour to go before kick off who will then...
  17. DTS

    How did you meet your loved one?

    I am always amazed about how some people meet there partners. I was out with the lads today and there wives and kids etc and almost all our friends met there partners via work or friends. Personally I met my Mrs on the train. I had been out drinking around London Bridge and it was about 11...
  18. Mad Cyril

    2012 Olympic games - Hadleigh mountain bike tricket prices.

    £45 and £20 (presumably concessions). Whilst cheaper then many of the events (£2012 is the most expensive ticket for the opening ceremony) I still think this is a bit steep once you add on the cost of a few cans and a burger. 2012 olympic ticket prices for all events.
  19. Silencer

    FA Cup, Saturday 28 August 2010 SOUTHEND MANOR v BRENTWOOD TOWN

    Hello fellow Zoners... With Blues playing tonight, if you are looking for a football fix tomorrow then pop over to Southchurch Park to watch the town's only other Senior Club. Southend Manor of the Essex Senior League (featuring several Blues fans) aim to stage a Giant killing when they host...
  20. shrimperhosk

    Lets get to know one another - A bit of Fun

    Hi this is my fist post on here so go easy lol just though it would be fun to get to know our fellow SZ traits in terms of SUFCso a few questions to answer (you can add some if you please) Please choose one 1, Roots Hall Or Wembley 2, Collymore Or Eastwood 3, to win 1-0 or 2-1 3...