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  1. Six Nations 2018

    So which team if any, do you think can knock England off their perch?? On last weekends display, I would probably say Ireland are the main candidate, a great display beating the French with the last kick of the game. Scotland were awful as always, and England V Italy was always going to be a...
  2. AndyT

    Question Penalty Takers

    Been giving this a bit of thought. Whilst most games are penalty free, there are matches where it could be crucial to slot one home. So, who should take them? I did a bit of delving on Josh Wright and he actually only scored 4 penalties last season. Obviously the famous three, plus the other...
  3. Shrimperstrust

    Social Inclusion Through Sport - Shrimpers Trust And Aviva

    The Shrimpers Trust is delighted that its social inclusion project has been approved by Aviva as a candidate for their community fund scheme. The description of our bid submitted to Aviva is as follows: The Shrimpers Trust, an organisation of around 1200 members run entirely by volunteers is...
  4. Rattus Norvegicus

    Player of the Year Candidates

    With 29 of the 46 league games gone, we are just on the cusp of being 2/3rds of the way through the season. Any thoughts on who might be possible candidates for Player of the Year?
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    I smell a rat§§§

    FRENCH RIGHT WING PRIMARIES I smell a RAT! Democracy or gerrymandering in action? Pay 2 euros and vaguely adhere to a right-wing agenda and you have the right to vote. An outside candidate languishing in third place, is suddenly propelled to clear leader. In whose interest is it to...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Richmond By-election.

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-37885035 Labour announce their candidate for the Richmond by-election on December 1st. "The only way to send a message to this government that we do not accept what they are doing to our country is to vote Labour," he said. He's right you know.
  7. fbm

    Worst Ever SUFC XI - right back

    Worst ever right back then chaps and chapesses... same criteria, must have played 10 games and not be a loanee. For me there is a stand out candidate - Paul Roberts. Over to you lot.
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Silverwood named as Essex coach

    Those of us thinking a new broom was needed will be sorely disappointed that this opportunity has been missed, but I wish him all the best. My sources tell me he has some very different ideas to Grayson and that the delay was because the club were aware how terrible it would look appointing...
  9. Fans United – Protest Day at Blackpool May 2nd

    You know that day when the fixtures come out and the first thing we all do is look for our best away trip? And who the last game be will against? And sometimes it’s one of those when it all comes together and we’re going away on the last day to the seaside on a Bank Holiday jolly-boys. Most of...
  10. Cricko

    Naughty Tory Boy

    They are all at it one way or another. Tut Tut and in The Daily Fail, what is the world coming to eh....:winking: Exposed: Star Tory candidate plotted with race thugs to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes Star Asian Tory candidate planned fake English Defence League demo Afzal...
  11. Bradford eyeing Brown should Parkinson fail.

    According to the sunday sun, page 62, Bradford City have made Phil Brown their leading candidate should Phil Parkinson fail to arrest their slide in fortunes at the moment.
  12. Napster


    My constituency is a close run thing now - we've always been a strong Tory hold - Ann Widdecombe was MP, but the new MP, Helen Grant, keeps putting her foot in it, with expenses, comments about passports, women's sport, a lot of people have lost faith in her. Anyway, I've now had 2 doorsteps...
  13. Tangled up in Blue

    Clacton by-election

    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/sep/04/clacton-byelection-conservative-candidate-open-primary See the Tories are going for an open primary in Clacton. It'll be interesting to see you they select. Meanwhile,UKIP's former parliamentary candidate in Clacton is not a happy bunny...
  14. Rattus Norvegicus

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Accers v Southend

    Stopped off in a pub on my way home and am making my way through a (reasonable) pint of "the guest ale" which is Adnams. Not a good game to watch I'm afraid though Accers offered very little; we were also a bit of "work in progress" (I am trying to be positive here). Other than a scare in the...
  15. Uncle Leo

    Boris Johnson

    The London Mayor has confirmed his intention to stand as a Conservstive candidate in the next general election. Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where long standing MP John Randall is stepping down, looks a perfect fit for him as the voters there will love his anti-3rd runway stance. Ladbrokes have...
  16. Benfleet A1

    Labour A few tips for Wallace

    Ed [Wallace] Milliband is visiting Thurrock today [crosshairs mounted on front of car, just in case] I wonder if he is going to follow the tips suggested below. Ed Miliband is giving a speech in Thurrock this morning, the crucial number 2 target seat for Labour where the party have just lost...
  17. Shrimper

    Councillor Elections?

    Whose voting in these? Will be voting for the Independent candidate. Buggered if Alex Kaye is getting my vote. Turncoat.
  18. shrimpboy

    Player of the Year

    So it's that time again to vote for your player of the year. I believe it's been a defender 4 of the last 5 seasons, will it be another this season? There isn't one outstanding candidate this season but for me there's 4 contenders - Cresswell, Hurst, Tomlin and Corr. Cresswell has been our best...
  19. C C Csiders

    Eastleigh By-Election

    There will be something hugely wrong with democracy in this country if the candidate standing for the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party doesn't sail into Westminster.
  20. Benfleet A1

    Shrimperzone's Honourable Gentlemen

    Just a bit of fun, it's election time and Shrimperzone has evolved into a national and global beast. The decision has been taken to field a candidate to fight every seat in the country and the opinion polls suggest a landslide for us. We have no elected leader but in anticipation that we will be...