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  1. wildheart

    My friendly invasion - Its was all big Bill Garners fault!

    My friendly invasion Many years ago, in fact it was 23rd July 1985 I was lounging in the sunshine in Southchurch Park in Southend it was a Sunday. The reason for me being prostrate on this beautiful Sunday was I was watching a one day match between Essex and it could have been Warwickshire or...
  2. DoDTS

    BRADFORD CITY by Train - Saturday 28th April 2018

    Bradford City - Saturday 28th April 2018 Coral Windows Stadium Capacity: 25,136 (all seated) Address: Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 7DY The following is from the excellent football grounds guide site...
  3. danburyshrimper

    Waifs and strays fc

    How about we take a chance on Steven Caulker ? Like most of our squad he will need managing carefully , but having Caulker and Kiernan as our central defenders would be quality and would allow Anton Ferdinand to sit deep midfield and play in Phil Brown's cherished "Ivan Campo role " ...
  4. DoDTS

    A Review of the Current session

    Just one set of fixtures left in the current session and thought that perhaps time for a quick review of where we are: The first thing that strikes me is that predicting is down to luck with just a bit of common sense, for instance Oxford v Carlisle top v bottom, although in the JPT had to be a...
  5. Pig in a Bandage

    At B & L today both Pig and White doing running and stretching exercises with fitness staff. Pig had his right thigh heavily strapped and seemed to be taking it quite carefully. White seemed much more mobile.
  6. DoDTS


    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) A day of extremes with points galore for some but not for others, ranging from 21 points to 0 (sorry to mention it Ricey!), but this is the MID-POINT of the FIRST SESSION and it...
  7. Zone Update Starting Afresh Today

    Today it's League 1 again and during the close season we have allowed a lot of posts to be published that have caused concern to some members. We will not tolerate any abuse, trolling, pathetic attempts to justify repeated drivel or anything that lowers the enjoyment of the majority. I have...
  8. RHB

    Boris - Good or Bad

    Now that Boris has his feet under the cabinet table is there an inevitability that eventually he will decide who joins him there? The more I see of the man, the more I think he has a very carefully planned career path and all the bumbling Boris stuff is pure smoke screen. Exactly what is his...
  9. * ORM *

    If you could turn back time

    No not a Cher appreciation thread and not actually a turn back time. If you could relive one childhood day exactly is it happened (without changing the outcome/future) what would it be and why ? I did childhood because marriage, first baby, first girl/boy bed (though that might apply to some...
  10. ldnfatso

    Question The Best Bart to play for Southend United

    Quite a difficult one this. Think carefully and serious votes only please!:hilarious:
  11. londonblue

    Question One For the Referees Out There

    Before the game started last night I noticed Smith very carefully put a mark the edge of the six yard box to show the middle of the goal. I know nearly all 'keepers do it, but is it actually allowed? Also, what is the sanction for a goalkeeper holding onto the ball for more than six seconds...
  12. Payday and doorstep lenders

    Just seen Jo Swinson MP act as the coalition apologist for payday lenders. A truly sorry episode. Anyone considering taking a payday loan (eg wonga, quickquid etc) or doorstop loan (eg provident, pinewood, greenwood etc) should think extremely carefully before doing so. If you are in the sort...
  13. Uncle Leo

    Harry's Funeral - confirmed October 12th, 11:20am

    As we now have confirmed details, I think it best to have a new thread. Please read the next post by Harry's colleague Terry carefully as that has all the pertinent details. Please also confirm your attendance on this thread. A poll may not be the easiest way to keep tabs, so if you could...
  14. Wembley prices for L1 final

    Hi all, for a rough idea of costs/allocations etc...
  15. RobM

    Question Legal question.

    Read carefully. This hasn't happened to me but I just wondered what the position would be. I pull into a service station. A sign says "It is an offence to fuel your car without the means to pay" or similar. So I put £50 in. I go to pay with a £50 note - all I have on me at the time -and the...
  16. Question half time penalties

    i will be a very proud man on saturday when my 7 year old will be on the pitch with her southend top taking penalties as part of the change4life day...im a season ticket holder in the west but has anyone here had their nippers do this....are the kids and parents seated in the east stand during...
  17. Rayleigh Weir

    Question Was this a carefully laid man-trap?

    Had a bit of a strange moment over the Christmas period, that I'm hoping you folks can help me with. The wife had decided that she wanted to watch Sex and the City 2 which I'm sure I don't need to tell you was not really my bag (being neither female or gay). Rather than disappear off to another...
  18. OldBlueLady

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame 7th Round Nominations

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame (courtesy of Yorkshire Blue) For a bit of fun and to honour our club's history, I propose starting a SZ Hall of Fame to recognise the true legends of Southend United. The words legend and great are bandied about a bit too often for my liking, I'd like our Hall...
  19. steveo


    Someone form the old bill sent me this. Anyone know if its true:
  20. Smiffy

    Latest Rumours Dutch Investors

    Another classic from the football rumours site. Is this Einstein's doing?! 25 Jul 2010 15:13:05 Dutch investors based in The Hague are carefully reviewing the financial situation at Southend United. Should HMRC successfully put Southend in administration next week, they are ready to inject...