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  1. RHB

    Dave has the hump with his local council!

    This made me smile on the BBC news this morning. PM leaning on local Tories?, naughty boy! David Cameron is involved in a row with the Conservative leader of his local county council over cuts to services. The PM has written to Oxfordshire council leader Ian Hudspeth saying he is "disappointed"...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Happy St Angell's Day

    Twenty-two years ago today Stanley rampages down the leftwing, lifts the ball over Steve Potts and centres for Brettie Angell to smash home off the underside of the bar. Establishing once and for all that there's only one team in Essex. Paul Smith also smacks one against the bar and a young...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    Passport fiasco

    I note that the coalition government have actually known there would be a surge in demand for passports in the UK for nearly a year now, due to overseas embassies having to shut down their passport services. "Paul Pugh, head of the Identity and Passport Service, estimated in a report published...
  4. steveo

    Energy Suppliers

    My latest bill shows after a year I have 14.62 outstanding which to me means my monthly payments have been fairly accurate. Unless their prices are due to increase by about 9%, it would be common sense to me, that they increase my payment by 2 or 3 quid a month and it will be pretty bang on...
  5. steveo

    Guide dogs for the Blind.

    As a long time supporter of this Charity I recently visited one of the training centres and learnt something that it would be helpful if most people knew. A guide dog will take its owner to a kerb and stop at the kerb until it is told to move forward. Obviously in some cases this means crossing...
  6. pringlejon

    Grad Job Assessment Centres

    Anyone done an assessment centre for a job recently. I've done a bit of research into what is in it but on the off chance someone here has recently done one, thought i would ask for any advice if there is any going?!
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Rise in hate crime follows BNP council election victoriesBuzz

    <Robert Booth guardian.co.uk, Friday 15 January 2010 19.20 GMT Article historyReports of racial and religiously motivated crime rose following the election of British National party councillors in several far- right strongholds, police statistics have revealed. Complaints of hate crime...
  8. pickledseal

    Crisis Open Christmas Voluneteers Needed

    This is something I do every year, only for the first two days, but something I am proud to be involved in and see first hand the amazing work that is being done, VERY CLOSE TO HOME. Urgent appeal for volunteers Dear friend, We have over 7000 volunteers signed up for Crisis Christmas. This...
  9. steveo

    Time to Boycott Lloyds

    They are keeping open their overseas operations. So Southend shuts, India stays open. Vote with your feet people, Natwest closed their overseas call centres a while ago and now have people in the UK answering their phones. I just cancelled my house insurance with the Lloyds group. That'll get...
  10. Feekin call centres

    I have had enough of these..why can I not just talk to a human being instead of having to press 19 different numbers only to be put on hold for 10 minutes listening to some divvy tune from Rick Astley,then to be told they are too busy and it may be better to call back later.......*****. :thump:
  11. Zone Update Ron's Blog-17-02-09

    Chairman's Blog This week’s topic – Youth Development – is one of my favourites. This is probably in recognition that the Club’s advancement must be from organic growth. Over the last couple of weeks I have talked about player purchase and the increased structure that we have, and are...
  12. Matt the Shrimp

    Phone & Broadband Providers

    Well, the monstrously incompetent Bulldog have really outdone themselves this time by closing my account and disconnecting my phone line... because they failed to put a £99 credit in my account which they've owed me since January. To be honest, part of me is quite pleased to be no longer...
  13. Homer

    The Planning Inspectorate Details

    Does anybody have or no where i can get the full address of the Planning Inspectorate so i can write a letter of support for the New Ground I would suggest we flood them with letters supporting the plans Especially when as reported in the Echo that Mr B.Harkness MD Delamere Estates who run...
  14. pickledseal

    Teaching English in Africa/Travel to Ethopia

    I have been offered an oppatunity to take part in the above this summer for 6 weeks with the charities CAFOD and Trocaire. It's teaching in both urban and rural areas (Tigray region) and staying within a compound run by the Sisters of Charity (in Mekelle town) who work out there running schools...
  15. shrimptank

    Inside the Meeting.

    Well, what an afternoon. Myself, BLUEBLOOD and SUFCEssex got to the meeting and has to blag our way in and finally took our seats in the public gallery about 13.55. There seemed to be a lot of totally pointless wasted time as the councillors, debated the finer details of the application. We...
  16. DTS

    I hate Geordies

    I spent half my day yesterday on the phone to poxy Northern Rock trying to get clients mortgages approved and I must say I have never spoken to a thicker collection of no-marks in my life. Today I have the delight in my lunch hour of calling Orange to try and get myself a new tarrif and I can...
  17. fbm

    Eastwood seen near Nottingham

    I'm very disappointed by this.  This is exactly why the rumours are started and how they gather apace. From what I can tell, it would appear Eastwood is rather a permanent fixture up there. Eastwood seen near Nottingham
  18. De Ja Vu or what?

    Everything about yesterday screamed Oxford last season to me... A sh&#33;t ground with a Main stand and excuses for stands, set in a concrete jungle of industrial parks and call centres, which can only be entered by driving through what seemed like 1000 roundabouts. The only pub around is a Pub...
  19. steveo

    I S P&#39;s and stuff

    Have been a long time customer of BTInternet but after phoning their helpline the other day was disappointed to find they have followed the recent trend and moved their call centres to India. I now intend to change ISP. Phoned Bulldog and after waiting for 11 minutes to speak to someone i got...
  20. Bob Cratchitt

    Shameless plug&#33;

    You may or may not know but Southend Council is going to stop funding for the 7 community centres in the Borough. Currently the plan is for the exisiting management committees to take over the running of them. Which will mean they will need to become Charities and also find around £15,000 each...