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  1. OldBlueLady

    Big changes at the Club

    Danny Macklin is off to be CEO at Orient https://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/2017/october/reshuffle/
  2. blues_r_best

    Karren Brady

    At my work, the office has been recently refurbished. With the CEO a West Ham fan, the company has hired Karren Brady to appear at the 'official' opening. How do I show my displeasure at this whole shambles without losing my job?
  3. Will Lack of CEO Affect the Club ?

    Steve Kavanagh went into the Lions Den last year leaving us with no CEO which means, I believe, Ronald must be running the show again. We were told that Steve ran the football side of the club whilst Ron spent all his time organising the proposed move to FF. Does that mean that the football...
  4. OldBlueLady

    Millwall FC - CPO on The Den

    I am surprised no-one has brought this up as yet, our former CEO has inherited one almighty challenge as the new CEO at Millwall FC, and was on Talk Sport yesterday discussing it and galvanising support - which has been pretty forthcoming from the football world in general. Basically, Lewisham...
  5. Question Who is Running the Football Club ?

    When Steve Kavanagh was here he stated that Ron spent his time dealing with the new stadium and Steve ran the football side. Since his departure no-one appears to have been appointed as the new CEO, however when I sat in the Director's Box for yesterday's match I noticed Alex Revell's greatest...
  6. CEO Kavanagh

    I see that he has stated he is emotially involved with Millwall and working out his notice with Southend and was upset when the Blues recently beat his new employer 3:1. So it begs the question if he is not fully commited to Southend then why doesnt Ron release him now and get a new CEO in.This...
  7. Shrimperstrust

    Event Supporters Forum and Phil Brown/Steve Kavanagh Q&A - Monday 12th October 2015

    The Shrimpers Trust will be hosting a Supporters Forum on Monday 12th October when you will get a chance to ask questions of SUFC Manager Phil Brown. Trust Chairman Paul FitzGerald and United's CEO Steve Kavanagh will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Trust and...
  8. Good Luck from Southend Timeline

    As the CEO/Boss/Owner/Webmaster etc: of the Southend Timeline I would like to extend the best of the luck to The Blues at Wembley next Saturday, due to previous commitments I am not able to go. Please feel free to share or print who know somebody might get it on TV!
  9. Shrimperstrust

    Event Supporters Forum and Phil Brown/Steve Kavanagh Q&A - Monday 2nd September 2013

    The Shrimpers Trust will be hosting a Supporters Forum on Monday 2nd September 2013 when you will get your first chance to ask questions of Phil Brown as he embarks on his first full season as SUFC Manager. Trust Chairman Paul FitzGerald and United's CEO Steve Kavanagh will also be on hand to...
  10. Tampa Blue

    Peterborough - good news for us.

    CEO Gary Lockett negotiated a promotion bonus with Pboro when we sold them Ferdinand - sounds like a shrewd move if they are in the mix to go up next season.
  11. Evening Echo

    Paul Sturrock

    SOUTHEND United manager Paul Sturrock insisted he decided to change goalkeepers for Saturday's draw against Torquay in a further bid to freshen up his side. More...
  12. Earls Hall Blue

    Academy Schools

    Does anyone on here have some knowledge on Academy school's? I ask because in a certain Academies case I find the whole set-up a bit worrying. In question for me is The Basildon Academies. I have a daughter at the lower site since September 2011 and my dealings with it have led me to go as far...
  13. bluebrian

    Question CEO - Steve Kavanagh

    Is he still at the club? I couldn't see him in the Directors Box last night and wondered if he had left?
  14. Shrimperstrust

    Event Shrimpers Trust AGM & Steve Kavanagh Q&A - Monday 4th February 2013

    The Shrimpers Trust AGM will be held on Monday 4th February 2013 in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall starting at 8.00pm. This will be followed by a Q&A Session with new SUFC CEO Steve Kavanagh. For further details click here.
  15. Club Message about South Stand 1st Round FA Cup

    I e-mailed Steve Kavanagh, the new CEO and the person I have had meetings with, with regards to the South Stand asking for reconsideration about the stand being closed for the match against Stockport. Steve says the stand will only be open if demand for advance sales (which I take to be for the...
  16. Napster

    Let's vote

  17. Next Meeting with Ron & Trust

    The other thread seems to have become over long and seems to be drifting off topic. As far as I can see, the Trust website does not make any reference to those answers (or indeed to the meeting in the first place) so, as it was a joint meeting, I don't think you'd be betraying any confidences...
  18. Breaking News Steve Kavanagh new CEO

  19. Rons Exciting News?

    Anyone want to have a guess as to what it could be? New investor? New CEO? Sainsbury's are lending us more of the stadium money early? A casino is interested in the ground development? Rons found the 'war chest'? Dave Webb coming back for a weekend? Moshni building new stadium? Ron won...
  20. The Close Season

    A wee birdie ask me to explain too the fans the difficult time a club has in the none playing months. Firstly most footballing people are on holiday between early may and early july. So when trying to add to your squad the main difficulties are having all parties available thus the time span in...