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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    League 1-season preview

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/aug/03/league-one-2016-17-season-preview-sheffield-united-ched-evans See The Guardian have us down as relegation fodder (22nd) in their 2016/7 League 1 review. Don't think so.:nope:
  2. Is this a bet you can't lose?

    With the Euro's here, you may have noticed lots of free bet offers being given out by the bookmakers. These free bets can actually be turned into money by placing bets on all outcomes of a football match by using a method called matched betting. You can currently get an amazon kindle book for...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    RIP.Peter Shaffer.

    https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2016/jun/06/peter-shaffer-equus-amadeus-playwright-dies-aged-90 RIP but I suppose 90's not a bad age to go though,really. I have fond memories of seeing his Amadeus (the night that Charles and Di got hitched) and Equus performed in London. Also remember when...
  4. Game of Thrones Season 6

    Getting excited for this. Only a day to go! Just rewatched Hardhome, which was as fantastic as I remembered! SPOILER RULES Discussion about the latest epsiode should be in spoiler tags until 10pm Wednesday (after the Monday Sky Atlantic showing).
  5. Where is Hunt

    Went to watch our latest away day fiasco and the over riding impression I got is we need a clever, experienced player to play up front alongside Barnett. I watched Noel Hunt a few times and a fit again Hunt, in my opinion would make an awesome partner for Barnett which made me think. WHERE IS...
  6. Long time registering

    Hi everyone. Watched the blues regularly as a young lad with my dad on the Friday night football. Started to take my own son about 12 years ago now age 16 he has his own season ticket and goes with his mates. I enjoy going to away matches and think that some of the current squad will become...
  7. Floval Flyer

    My new 2nd team..

    What's happening..., just punched the air and shouted yeeeeesss ! When I heard Leicester score their 89th minute winner this afternoon anyone else feeling a bit of allegiance towards the Foxes ? I think they may just do it :smile:
  8. Massimo Giovanni

    Could Leicester City "do" the unbelievable?

    I have seen first half today's game and LCFC are 1 up at Manc C. Could they win the Prem? Would every neutral, non big shot club fan be happy? Would it be the biggest every achievment in English Football history? I don't watch premshite footie as the ethos of the "clubs" is a sour thing BUT...
  9. Jonny_Stokes


    Any saddos wanting to watch the game today will have to travel to E10 as it has been switched. Should see the fat West Ham lad play for an hour or so.
  10. Stolen phone

    Hello all at today's match around 2:30pm my phone was stolen out of my coat pocket at the kiosk in the ground and has been switched off so has been stolen , it's a iPhone 6s Plus in rose gold if anyome knows anything please pm me thank you
  11. RHB

    Southend Energy

    Some friends of ours have just changed over from their current energy provider (gas and electricity) to Southend Energy and reckon they are saving money as a result. I've had a look at the company on the web and have lifted the bit below. Anyone already done this, and are they any good...
  12. Costa !

    This bloke lacks respect and is a bad example to the kids who may mimick his poor manners,reckon he will be off in the window.Being a manager at any level is a no brainer,however at the top tier watched by millions every player must channel their frustration in the correct way,Defo not throwing...
  13. Jam_Man

    The World is Flat

    Watched The Martian today and loved it, read the book which was a bit meh but the film far more entertaining. That led me to have a look at NASA's facebook page and all fascinating stuff about what they are doing to get to Mars. What I also found was bewildering though. There are a lot of...
  14. Official Match Thread Southend United v Port Vale

    652833533287878657 Worrall benched
  15. wakes123


    With no Shrimpers in action on a Saturday, what will everyone be doing instead between 3-5? My mate got me a ticket to the rugby league challenge cup final at Wembley, never watched a rugby league match live before so looking forward to it.
  16. southend_aussies

    Highlights on Blues Player

    Has anyone watched the highlights for the Walsall game on Blues Player? I know most people won't - because of the result - but boy have they made some bad mistakes. At the start they said we drew against Oldham and then called us Gillingham at the start of the second half. Is this some kind...
  17. match of the day

    I know this is not about SEND, but football in general. Watched MOTD l night + they criticized Jose for not commenting on the REF, you cannot win. I know REFS have a hard time with players trying to con, diving etc and they don't have action replay so the TV company's should show (no prob)...
  18. rlb999

    ched evans

    Someone will take a punt on him at some point. Why not us? We arguably have less to lose as our main sponsor is our chairmans company.
  19. South Bank Hank

    James Bond (Spectre Soundtrack)

    I've mentioned on here a couple of times that I've been trying to tempt Pinewood with a couple of tracks for the Spectre theme tune. I'm not in the music business and I don't have many contacts but I wrote and produced both tracks and did ultimately manage to get the first one (00 Inside) in...
  20. ColinMorrisWalksOnWater

    Our Spine

    Many people say that the strength of a team can be gauged by the spine that it contains. (keeper, CB, CM, CF). After today's news our Spine could* aleady consist of: (* subject to further additions). Bentley, Barrett, Timlin, Mooney Now we know about the first three, but if you haven't...