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  1. Lord Football

    Supporters Group Meetings Meeting July 9 -Now Cancelled

    Good evening Gang. The next Supporters Liaison Meeting is on 9 July, cleverly scheduled to avoid any World Cup games at all. Agenda is pretty empty at the moment, bar the on-going discussion on disabled seating. I assume we will get an update on the kit, season ticket sales, the pitch (which...
  2. Shrimpergarry

    Question Burton Away

    I've been (in my head) cleverly plotting a series of business meetings in the Midlands around the Burton away game, which I thought was on Tuesday 17th March. I only twigged at the weekend that it's actually on Wednesday 18th March, which completely scuppers all my plans! When was the date...
  3. Contracts running out

    Phil Brown said in the summer that contract negotiations for players should have started "half way through the season", so with a fair few contracts up at the end of this season hopefully we can get them sorted soon. Who would you keep and who would you let go. Contracts running out in 2014...
  4. Blue_Wes

    Bellew v Cleverly. It's on.

    Tony bellew has finally got his dream fight against World Champion, after failing to make the weight when he stepped in to fight Cleverly in the summer. Bellew is already using Twitter to predict Cleverly's reign as world Champion will be short lived. Bellew is definitely the under dog, but...
  5. Is Ron very Clever????

    The way this all looks this morning after a good nights sleep, is Ron seems to have played his cards very close to his chest, cleverly maybe?? Sturrocks deal was obviously tied up a while ago, Tilson gone on the Sunday, Sturrock in on the monday. This leads me to believe Ron obviously doesnt...
  6. yogi bear up the cagire

    At last the truth about where the money came from

    After some careful research I am in a position to reveal the incredible story about where the money came from and how, only through incompetance, we failed to procure more than four times that sum which could have been used either to start the new stadium or invest in new players. It's an...
  7. You've got to hand it to him

    I've never met the man, so haven't seen his skills first hand, but you've got to hand it to him. Ron Martin must have incredibly slick PR skills. He seems to be like teflon. Whenever there is something bad to face, either someone else is put forward to take the flak or he somehow wins people...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Any truth in this WW2 story?

    Judging by how far behind eveyone else I seem to be in getting jokes and stuff sent to me, I don't know if any of you have seen this story. It seems very far fetched to me, just wondered if anyone knows if there's any truth in it or is this a hangover from last April Fools' Day or something? ;)...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Re-take on a classic music video

    Found this on the yahoo homepage, one of the most innovative videos of its time and a great piece of pop, but very cleverly rehashed here http://new.uk.music.yahoo.com/blogs/guestlist/4880/what-are-they-doing-with-my-magic-frame
  10. Napster

    Lyrics and 1950s cartoons

    Someone's very cleverly spliced Pulp's Common People with a 1950s comic strip http://www.the-isb.com/?p=308
  11. Slipperduke

    The Grand Slam

    The tension that has been slowly building all week is now approaching critical mass. The clock is ticking down to Grand Slam Sunday and the mind games have begun in earnest. This is what football is all about and I love it. Mind you, I don’t support one of the big four, so I can settle back and...
  12. Interpol Shrimper

    Official SZ Match Report - Huddersfield Town

    I think Matt & James are otherwise detained today, so I am just going to post my report as a thread on here (instead of it being uploaded to the main page - for the time being!)
  13. bumpkinblue

    Sat Nav question

    need some advice chaps - looking to buy wife sat-nav (TomTom GB V3) for her birthday (what a romantic eh?) Don't actually know anything about them to be honest but understand there was a previous model (cleverly named GB V2) - just wondered if anyone can say if its worth it or not (£139.99)...
  14. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    ST.VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE AS BEES BASH BLUES Southends unbeaten run came to an abrupt end at Griffin Park as Brentford exacted revenge for the 4-1 drubbing dished out to them at the Hall a few weeks back. That scintillating performance seemed a million miles away as Southend were second best...
  15. Urchins

    Well there have been a few on this site that have wanted Ron Martin to 'break the bank' to get players like Eastwood, but what a lesson we can learn from Hornchurch. I admired what they were doing there and at times had envy of their go-ahead style and the momentum. But at what cost...