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  1. Mad Cyril

    Engine diagnostic/fault codes

    Ahoy, I was out in my motor last night and the engine suddenly went into limp mode with no turbo and the glow plug light started flashing. Restarting the car seems to have resolved the issue and the turbo now kicks in but I would like to get to the bottom of the problem. On VWs this is a...
  2. IMPORTANT - Fantasy Premier League

    Hi all, There seem to be a lot of 'random' entrants into the league. My guess is that someone is mining league codes and people are joining lots of them. So I've gone through the list of league players and have kicked out players who I don't think have any link at all to SZ/SUFC. If I've...
  3. DTS

    American style fridges.

    Ladies and Gentleman, The better half and I have recently brought a new place. We now need to get a new fridge as we left out old one in the old house which we have rented out. I have decided to open the wallet and let the moths out and were getting an American Style Fridge. The trousers had...
  4. Ron Manager

    Australian Football Blog

    I started doing one of these when I first moved over, however living life in Australia became more time consuming I didn't have so much time to write about it. However I want to start doing it on a regular basis. SO if anyone's interested in reading it then please feel free to offer any...
  5. Blimey, the Government's done something right....!

    Gordon Brown gives a full apology for the shocking treatment of Alan Turing who helped save thousands of lives in WW2 by helping crack the Enigma codes at Bletchley. It's reported the folks at Bletchley Park helped bring the war in Europe to a swifter conclusion...
  6. Rons Blog 07.04.09

    Firstly let me apologise for last week’s “void”. It was my intention to answer the questions raised over a period of two to three weeks and at the end of that period to review whether supporters generally thought it was a good idea to continue with a blog – be it weekly, fortnightly or not at...
  7. Play off tickets for home match

    hey did anybody get the e-mail to reserve their seat via their season ticket for the home game for the play offs. I clicked on the link today to get my husbands ticket, but when I added the codes i got transferred to Chelsea football website !!!! bizzarre... well i suppose they both play...
  8. Tommy2holes

    Ford radio codes

    Hey bought a motor for which the ford radio is locked and dont have the code. Went to fords and they wanted £30 to unlock it, which is a liberty. Its only a sh1ty old ford 3000 with tape etc , but because of the size new radio would leave a great gap. Does anybody know if there is a master code...
  9. EnglandShrimper

    Great Voucher codes here

    http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/ Got my England Shirt for £4 last week off here...
  10. Groyne Strain

    The the new England Shirt For £9.65

    If you follow the instructions below, then you can buy the new England Home Shirt for a grand total of £9.65 delivered !!! Go to :- www.littlewoods.com and register yourself with them. One you've done that go to "Sport and Leisure" On that page is an ad for England shirts. Go on there...
  11. palexander

    Official Gaming Thread! (Friend Codes, Reviews Etc)

    Thought it would be good to get something for all us gamers on the pub boards! Leave friend codes, games owned, reviews etc and lets get gaming!! Righty-o, here goes... PS3: pbb76 Own F1, Motorstorm, Resistance, NBA, Snooker. Pretty cack at them all, but just want some decent clean games...
  12. Reading Shrimper

    TV Regions

    My old man is shortly moving from Hockley to a flat on Southchurch Road in Southend. At the mo, I'm able to keep up to date with local news (including SUFC) through our Sky+ box which recieves BBC1 East and ITV1 Anglia S. Worryingly though, it seems that ITV wrongly allocate some postcodes in...
  13. Coca Cola Buy a player

    It's different this year. Entering codes from the products you buy to build up the "bank" for your club. They say that there is a 1 in 2 chance of a winning pack. Just found some Zero in Asdas up here bought 2 bottles and got 50p x 2 for Tilly. Our total is now a whopping £7 :( :( ( 21st place...
  14. C C Csiders

    Lee Bowyer

    Now that Lee Bowyer has been charged with a public order offence for his on pitch handbags with Kieron Dyer, can we now expect a flurry of Rugby players (of both codes) to be taken to court for their fights in almost every game. Eh, I thought not! Now, Bowyer is not the nicest bloke, but I...
  15. * ORM *

    Mars Wrapper Promotion Prize

    Call me a sceptic but I thought I'd try this while I was at work and according to the website I've won a pair of tickets to a "secret gig" and £50 cash and there are only 150 of these tickets. Strangely enough when I go to claim, it takes all my details but then still tells me I have not...
  16. The Artful Shrimper

    Nokia RingTones

    Anyone got the codes for the following ringtones;- Zombie nation Devils Trill~Vanessa Mae Ode to Joy~Beethoven. The keypad numbers would be better as opposed to the "32g1 32-" etc sort of nonsense. As a swap here is the Star wars Imperial march song which I assign when ever work...