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  1. TBV_Dan

    Zone Update Revelling it in - 25.3.09

    This weeks 'Revelling It In'
  2. Stadium Costs and Debt (General)

    Article on Tottenham (& Liverpool) saying construction costs have fallen as much as 30% but ability to raise debt is practically zero. If Spurs & Liverpool are struggling then I just can't see how Ron is going to do it. Tottenham Says Credit Crunch Will Cut Stadium Cost (Update1) 2009-03-20...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Ricky Otto

    Next up for election to the Hall of Fame is Ricky Otto. Ricky Otto had it all: skill, flair and funny looking hair. He was signed by B****y F*y for £100,000, a fee that seems suspiciously high for a Leyton Orient reserve. I won't make any libellous suggestions about brown envelopes...
  4. sufc_tom

    Rons Blog 12/3/09

    No-one seems to have put it up! So here it is... Last week I touched on the backroom staff at the Club. That is not of course the backroom staff that support the football management but what I would describe as the “engine room” of the Club. I say that because I know whilst all fans will...
  5. Ron's Blog 10-3-09

    Chairman's Blog Last week I touched on the backroom staff at the Club. That is not of course the backroom staff that support the football management but what I would describe as the “engine room” of the Club. I say that because I know whilst all fans will understand there has...
  6. What a difference clean sheets make!

    Dont really think we have played paricually well (or better than during our bad run) Difference is all about only conceding 2 goals in 5 games ( compared to 44 in previous 27. All to do with the class act we brought in at centre back - Dervite. He's what we've needed for a couple of years.
  7. DoDTS

    "One Team in Essex" the proof

    I'm glad that Colchester had the experience of a half decent crowd, for a long, long, time. Indeed the 8,651 attendance must be the biggest gate since before all those children, to our right yesterday, were born. When they were trying to sing "one team in Essex", they should bare in mind that...
  8. manor15

    8,651 - C*l Ewes record attendance at lego brick box

    8,651 against us was C*l ewes record attendance at the western community homes stadium or whatever its called, thats nothing compared to the Hall, we had 8,920
  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford's X-Files: SUFC Special

    I thought I would depart from the normal RSXF theme of carl, steveo and I arguing with all the Godless lefties and discuss something which really doesn’t belong in the Pub section – my view on the current state of Southend United, both on and off the field. Steve Tilson has presided over one...
  10. Ref Watch ...... Bristol Rovers

    This Saturday's rather important game brings Gavin Ward from Oxted to Roots Hall for his fourth visit. This is his second season as a League referee. His three previous games were the JPT defeat on pens by Dagenham, the 2-1 win against Hartlepool (who had Sam Collins sent off in that match)...
  11. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Price of stamps set to rise again

    The price of first and second-class stamps is to rise by 3 pence from 6 April, the Royal Mail has announced. For standard letters weighing up to 100g, a first-class stamp will cost 39p, while second-class will be 30p. This is the fourth year in a row that the price of stamps has increased by...
  12. The National Debt

    1. Is the country headed for Bankruptcy ? We are 42nd of 43 in the debt league per capita compared with Gross Domestic Product. Only USA below UK. 2. any ideas how are we ever going to reverse this trend ? or 3. Are we going to leave this problem for our chidren and future generations to...
  13. Staines Shrimper

    Left Wing?

    Perhaps a bit too early to make a decision, but from what we have seen from the following players, who would you most like to sign in January. (I know its even more unfair on Feeney, but anyone who saw him in the Ressies the other day care to comment on how we compared to the others??)
  14. DoDTS

    Question Away attendances

    How do you think our away attendances compare to years gone by? In the following scenario which happened in 1923, how do you think they would have compared. Southend have just played a first round cup tie at home against poor non league opposition and they struggled, only managing to win 1-0 by...
  15. toellandback

    Coolest thing to steal

    Following on from one of Pubeys posts, what is the coolest thing you could steal? One per person and a suggestion of what makes it special compared to plain old normal theft.
  16. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Question Any idea what your LTV is???

    Do you know what your current "Loan to Value" on your property is? It is one of the key indicators that lenders look at when deciding on giving a mortgage. It is basically the value of your loan compared to the value of your property. Our is around 60% which is not to bad considering the...
  17. Why bother francis?

    from what i've seen of the guy in past seasons compared to this season, is there any point of him even turning up to games at the weekend? theres no passion, no commitment and no concentration. Does anyone know any reason why this sudden drop in form has occured? He has gone from a solid...
  18. DTS

    Question Holly or Hollie?

    Mrs DtS now has just under four week before little DtS arrives. All scans have been very positive and were both keen to get on with the arrival. We found out really early on thats its a girl which was a plus really as we cant agree for love nor money on a boys name. Anyway were now getting...
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    Facebook Dilemma

    Just got a new friend request on Facebook. I put it to the good people of ShrimperZone, do I add him or not? Basically, the request is from a bloke I went to school with but lost touch at 16. Five or so years later, we bump into each other and go for a beer, he tells me how he's been engaged...
  20. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Tilly's Half time Team Talk

    I knew we had performed better in the first half compared to the 2nd half of games this year, however I am staggered by the difference. We are the only team in the division not to have been losing a game at half time, and have the best record, being in front 6 times and drawing 4. First Half...