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  1. OldBlueLady

    Shrimpers Trust End of Season Awards

    As some of you may be aware, last night we held our annual awards night, where almost the entire 1st team squad were in attendance along with the management team, and the youth team and Dave Huzzey. It's always interesting to see how the voting compares here with the club's awards, so here's...
  2. Shrimpergarry

    Attendances 2015/16

    Now we've played our final home league game, it is confirmed that our average home attendance for this season has been 7,001. This compares very favourably with last year's average home gate of 6,024 and shows just how important it is to maintain at least league one status. With one home game...
  3. Benfleet A1

    The European Debate Thread

    Can I point out from the very start that this is a thread for debate and not for a certain individual to post pointless links and ignore other posts that don't fit in with his own views. I thank you. It would appear that Cameron will be banging his head against a brick wall when he attends the...
  4. Recommended book: The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin

    If anyone else was lucky enough to receive this book as a Christmas present then they will probably be enthusing about it too. Written by sportswriter Michael Calvin it is about football scouts and player recruitment. An engrossing read, it compares how scouting has progressed in some clubs so...
  5. RobM

    Odds checker

    Hello all, is there an easy-to-use website that compares odds? e.g. . ............................ Corals Betfair Ladbrokes Southend v. Northampton 12/5 11/5 20/13 Thanks.
  6. ibwiajwa

    Cantona compares Ferguson to Gandhi

    In an interview with the New York Times, Cantona came up with the following gem when asked about Sir Alex: "Today, he is like Gandhi on the game side. With Manchester, I prefer to say, to think, to realise that Ferguson is a kind of genius." Now, I admire Ferguson as much as the next man...
  7. Ron Manager

    How big is the cyclone in Oz?

    Have a look at this - http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/how-cyclone-yasi-compares-around-the-world/story-e6freoof-1225998806916 :stunned:
  8. twobob

    Safe Terracing

    Just been reading an article by Matt Slater on the BBC website on falling season ticket sales in the Premier League and he made comment about how it compares against the Bundesliga - "... Overall attendances have declined for the last two seasons ... and the Bundesliga, with its safe terraces...
  9. TrueBlue

    Bounty hunter

    £5,000 for any man that can find me and score me a date with this bird Yohanna (Icelandic Entry in Eurovision 2009) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYwas9HN8Bw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agOf69AoxcE&feature=related Nothing else compares I want this woman!!!!
  10. Aberdeen Shrimper


    I was having the age old debate yesterday with a couple of work colleagues ….to wet shave, dry shave of not bother. I am a white collar worker and have regular meetings with clients and vendors so have to be clean shaved pretty much every day and for me there is nothing that compares...
  11. South Bank Hank

    Supporting a club like Southend United

    As I sat high up in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge enjoying our moment in the sun on the greyest of winter days, soaking up the Blue Voice inspired atmosphere, taking in the flag-waving travelling Shrimper army bedecked in yellow and coping with the perforation of my ear-drums from an incessant...
  12. MrB

    BT Stats

    From the developers blog: There are 1,996 coaches who do not have any player assigned to them. These are employed by 446 managed teams. There are still 75 managed teams who have more than 10 coaches. Of all the coaches employed by managed teams, 34% are batting coaches, 32% are bowling...
  13. Aberdeen Shrimper

    If Mr Salmond gets his own way

    Alex Salmond says we should go our separate ways, with Scotland taking the oil. But would Scotland be any better off? According to Tyler's fag packet, a fiscally independent Scotland looks like this (2006-07 figures- for derivation see footnote): Domestic (non-North Sea) taxes: £40bn plus...
  14. Slipperduke

    Cristiano Ronaldo's endorsement

    I interviewed Ron Harris, the legendary Chelsea defender, at Stamford Bridge once and it was a real eye-opener. As we sat, drinking coffee and chatting about Jose Mourinho, people walked past with their eyes on stalks. Fathers could be overheard telling their sons, "That's Ron Harris, that is...
  15. Slipperduke

    Manchester United v Chelsea Euro final

    They went into the last day of the league separated only by goal difference and when it came to the final of the biggest cup competition in the world, the margin between Manchester United and Chelsea was somehow even thinner. After 120 minutes of gruelling football that ebbed and flowed between...
  16. CC51DAS

    How much did the Doncaster team cost ?

    Anyone - maybe one of you Donny fans - know ? I wonder how it compares with our squad
  17. Slipperduke

    The Gunners

    Just occasionally, maybe once a year at most, there comes a football match so beautiful, so intense, so frantic and so scoop-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor exciting, that it's all you can do not to fall to the ground and openly weep in thanks that you were able to watch it. This was an epic struggle...
  18. Youth and Experience ....

    I think having Moussa and Grant on the pitch showed how the future at Roots Hall now definately belongs to a new generation and that Mr Mahers departure was essential to allow room for new faces - I am not sure what sort of average age League One teams boast but having Walker (20) and Kanu...
  19. Southend Independent Fans Panel

    Southend Independent Fans Panel Leeds 4 Southend 1 What did you think of the game? Was it a fair result, how exciting was the game, what was the ref like? We're running a series of "match panels" to track how Southend fans feel about their league games and through the course of the season...
  20. DTS

    Most un-funny Comedian of all time?

    I am debating if I fancy going to see Frank Skinner in concert in Brighton in November. Not sure he is really for me but might give it ago. I decided to canvas the opinion of the people in the office if he is funny or not. Sandie said that he is not funny but then no-one makes her laugh except...