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  1. leeblue

    Play offs / doing a Barnsley

    I'm a little loved up at the moment...my all time favourite Southend player is now gaffer and has thus far had an amazing start. Three wins on the spin and all against very good teams in our division...well 1st 4th and 8th in our division. Now only 9 points off the play offs...i know it's all...
  2. Yorkshire Blue


    The poster Slipperduke formerly* of this parish has made the big time, somehow making it onto the BBC's 10 most read stories Without cheating and looking, which story do you think it is and why? *I don't want to start throwing around comparisons to the way B***y F*y deserted us for 30 pieces...
  3. Smiffy

    Attendance Comparisons

    There has been a lot of talk about our attendances so far. Some say they are poor. Some say they are about right. Some say they are decent. So I thought I'd do a bit of painstaking research into it.... Below shows the average attendances for the first 8 home games this season v the first 8...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    England ODI side

    Predicting the England test team has become all a little too easy these days, but the ODI line-up is more interesting. Not sure when the line-up for the ODIs is due to be named, but I'm going to stick my neck out and predict the following: 1. Cook* 2. Kieswetter + 3. Trott 4. Bell 5. Morgan 6...
  5. bradys interview part 2 in the echo

    the man shows again more and more stupidity and towing martins line. trying to blame a recession for falling attendances is quite simply moronic. his new bosom buddy martin, is to blame full stop for not giving tilson the tools of his trade, and sweeping the carpet under his feet, by selling...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Tony Bentley v Andy Ford 1:8 - poll added

    Our 8th clash of the opening round sees two full-backs(?) up against each other, so hopefully an easier one for Mick to make comparisons.
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Battle of Southend's Greatest Players (Pre-1980)

    Hopefully most of you are familiar with the format, but equally I hope that some of our more recent members join in the fun. Idea is you nominate your favourite player who played for the club before 1980. If someone has already taken your favourite, you go for your second favourite and so on...
  8. A bit of respect and perspective?

    So we got a great win last night. And Paul Sturrock has assembled a new squad of players in a relatively short period of time. And it's all different and new and there's some promise of what might be achieved. I also have a lot of regard for what Paul Sturrock has achieved as a manager at...
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    BOGMISH Rd 1:2 - Stockport v Freddy's debut

    Aptly enough on the day after relegation back to the fourth division, our second first round tie throws up two 4th division promotion seasons. The first one, was the 1986/87 season and ORM's nomination of Stockport away. Football was having a bad time with the Bradford Fire disaster and Hysel...
  10. Rusty Shackleford

    The Soviet Union - the Great Socialist Utopia

    Just to get the ball rolling.... 'the annual risk of a person under Soviet control being murdered by the regime was 1 out of 222. But, compare - the annual risk of anyone in the world dying from war was 1 out of 5,556, from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day was 1 out of 278, from any cancer...
  11. southend4ever


    It is a shame to now log onto this website and see at least 5 new threads a day that are shaped towards the same issues. Tilson out, Martin out, Finances. The once positive Shrimpers Chit-Chat is a mere needle in a haystack to what it once was. Talk of relegation coincides with a team going...
  12. CC51DAS

    I just had the most amazing dream

    Incredible! I dreamt that little SUFC got drawn away to one of the top and most expensive sides IN THE WORLD in our leading domestic cup competition and after weathering the storm for 90 minutes we came up the other end to nick an equaliser. 8000 Shrimpers went wild but there was still time...
  13. Slipperduke

    Euro 2008 part 2

    Even without England's involvement and, in fact, maybe even because of their absence, the European Championships are a mouth-watering prospect. Three weeks of Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Klass-Jan Huntelaaar and Franck Ribery at the top of their professional game, battling for supremacy...
  14. match preview from - Up the Saddle dot com -

    Thursday 18 October 2007 Walsall vs Southend preview exile @ 12:30 pm Thursday 18 October 2007 The Saddlers look to continue their run of good form this weekend at home as they entertain Essex’s finest, Southend Utd. The Shrimpers themselves have their eyes on promotion, a new stadium, selling...
  15. SUBBlue

    Good Omens for todays game

    Don't want to speak too soon but I have a sneaky feeling we may get a 1-0 victory today. The comparisons between today & THAT Bury game all those years ago bear this out: 1)Barnsley & Bury, both begin & end with 'B' & 'Y'. 2)Then & now we have a black...
  16. FAO Bob Cratchitt

    Sir Cratchitt, an idea. I can get an interview and piccy with ex Liverpool hard nut and Perth Glory manager Steve McMahon to talk about the differences in football between the u.k and Oz. Similarities, comparisons , differences etc. Would you be interested in a feature for the site?
  17. Aussie Takes A Swipe At Shrimpers

    During my regular morning trawl through other websites, I came across a whinging Aussie wondering why England are rated so highly above Australia seeing as they won a friendly 3-1 the other year. Along the way, comparisons were made unflatteringly with Southend. One regular poster, however...