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  1. Greebosan

    Help wanted - iPod or other MP3?

    Morning chaps, any thoughts/advice on the following? I have had a 30gb iPod for about 10 years, and it is now giving up the ghost. I think I have managed to copy all the songs from it to my laptop, but looking at replacements, they no longer sell the classic iPods, only the iPod Touch, which I...
  2. callan

    Is Islam compatible with British Values

    https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/03/30/majority-voters-doubt-islam-compatible-british-val/ Interesting stuff. From my point of view Islam hasn't integrated as well into British society as well as we might have hoped, however with Labours illegal war etc, we actually haven't exactly helped ourselves.
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!.........but at what price?

    An interesting polemic. In the first instance you have the impression that religious dogma is clouding a players professional duties..........then, when you read further, it's not quite as clear as that. As an ex-pat 'Wonga' doesn't mean that much to me but when you read about the company...
  4. GJShrimper

    Question Mobile Forum

    As I am primarily a mobile user as opposed to a desktop user when it comes to this forum, I am wondering if anyone out there uses a particular app that allows the forum to become compatible on their device? I have found This which may be helpful to me and others on mobile/tablet. Any views? I...
  5. Question Blues player

    Guys need some help or advice from you technical boys. I currently subscribe to blues player. more often than not I'm unable to get to away games therefore I use the player or listen to local radio. Recently I've been travelling on a Saturday. I have a Blackberry as my phone. This is not...
  6. Thorpe Groyney


    I was chatting to my old mate Ritchie the other day. It's not his actual name but he bears an uncanny resemblence to Ritchie Rich from Bottom. Anyway, he's not exactly a babe magnet, so he's been trying out dating websites. This is, in his exact words, what happened when he tried eHarmony: "I...
  7. steveo


    One for you probably uncle. If you try and use ladbrokes site with the iPhone you have to install the sportsbook and use the app which often refuses to load. As the iPhone is fully www compatible will there be an option to use the full site rather than the mobile version? Had the same thing with...
  8. steveo


    Went into the Apple hop to get another IPhone dock and very nearly walked out with a 27" Imac but decided to have a think about it first. Their Iwork programmes are compatible with Word and Excel but I am wondering what their IWeb programme is like for publishing websites Does anyone use one?
  9. Vange Shrimper


    Bought a brand new printer today from Argos. Got it home and about 45 mins ago, decided to test it out cos I didnt have time earlier for it. The printer came with the usual, plus 2 ink cartridges. Now, seeing as the lovely workers of HP packed the damn thing, and the ink cartridges are a match...
  10. The Turpinator

    Wireless Routers

    I've got Virgin Media Cable Broadband with the router they gave me when it was installed. However, I've just got a PS3 & given my router is in a different room , I want to go wireless. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent wireless router that is compatible with cable broadband?
  11. Smiffy

    PC Monitor - Help!

    Ok, i've assembled my own computer, everything works great except for the monitor. It's a Hanns-G HW173 17' monitor. It works ok, but the associated driver disk I need to install is only compatible with Vista apparantly, I of course have XP. So my question is how do I get this driver...
  12. fatshrimp

    Laptop question

    Help please. I gather there are some IT types on here and any help / assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of buying my wife a Laptop to replace her old PC. I know very very little about computers and, as I've recently changed jobs, I don't know the guys in our helpdesk...
  13. Watch Tonights Match Online

    My first posting here so hope this is of some use to those who either won't be at the game or don't have access to Sky (I'm in Montreal and will be watching it online). Go to http://www.myp2p.eu/Weekdays.htm and you will see a list of matches being played today and broadcast online...
  14. lee_sufc

    People in the know...

    Looking at purchasing a new PC and went to the Dell website and picked the top option for everything (to see how much it would cost). Could people who know what they're talking about, have a look at the following specs and let me know if £2400 is a good price for: PROCESSOR Intel® Core® 2...
  15. C C Csiders

    Eastwood and Paynter

    Surely, the Eastwood and Payner partnership should be given much more time to develop. It is a match made in the heavens (literally). Freddy was born on 29 October, and is a Scorpio, and Billy on 13 July, and has the astrological sign of Cancer. I paraphrase the website of Australia's...
  16. Interpol Shrimper

    Wireless Networking

    Advice on this little problem much appreciated! OK, I have just moved house and had to switch ISP's from Cable Broadband (Telewest) to ADSL Broadband (Tiscali). Where I want to put my desktop PC doesn't have a phone point (I can get one put in but the housebuilders have told me this will be a...
  17. The Artful Shrimper

    Ipod, Zen or Archos

    I can get a brand new Zen 20gb for £130, an Ipod second hand nearly new for that price and an Archos for same. I want a player compatible with windows ME ( and no I don't need XP or need it recomended thanks) and the mp3 player needs menus and categories capability etc. What shall I get? I'm...
  18. FAO: Anyone with FM2005

    Anyone with FM2005 will know our squad pics were not included. I have created a Southend pics folder with an XML config file that can be easily saved/pasted into the "league two player pics" section and works perfectly. If anyone wants me to e-mail the folder to them just PM me and...
  19. FAO: Anyone with FM2005

    Anyone with FM2005 will know our squad pics were not included. I have created a Southend pics folder with an XML config file that can be easily saved/pasted into the "league two player pics" section and works perfectly. If anyone wants me to e-mail the folder to them just PM me and...
  20. ADSL/fax compatabilty help needed

    I am having problems sharing the ADSL line (BT Broadband) with my fax machine. I seem to be able to send fax's ok but people often have problems sending them to me. It used to be a rare problem but is becoming more frequent. The sender is disconnected and receives an error message. I have...