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  1. Napster

    Jemal Johnson

    Plays for Jacksonville Armada in the NASL. His career took off again after he moved back to the US after leaving Tamworth - he played for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and the NY Cosmos before joining Armada in 2014. In December 2014, Johnson made the move to newly formed NASL club Jacksonville...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Competitive eating

    If you had to enter a competitive eating competition what would be your discipline. I would go for McDonalds Fillet O'Fish because I like them and they don't fill you up at all.
  3. Napster

    Friday quiz

    1) What do the following players have in common? Craig Holloway, Nicky Nicolau and John Spicer graduated same year from Arsenal youth 2) Name the next in sequence: Kevin Maher Darryl Flahavan Leon Cort Mark Gower (player of season) 3) Name the next in sequence: Elonex Crevette United Artists...
  4. Portuguese Shrimper

    Good news day

    After just two competitive games it is obvious that there are many fans who are bemoaning the situation and very fearful of what to expect this season. What the Club desperately needs is a 'Good News Day' to get us talking positively and not either calling for PB's head or calling the team non...
  5. Report from the training ground. 11th July 2016.

    I went and saw a very enjoyable training session today. It was mainly a very intense and fast match of about 10 v 10. No goalies as Smith and Bexon played with the Youth. PB and GC stood in goal each end to knock the ball back, not save shots. PB would blow the whistle about every 8 minutes for...
  6. Can a women's national football team beat a top highschool boys team?

    I know for a fact it's possible. Back when the 1999 USWNT was in residency camp at Bradenton (this would have been 1998 or early 1999), they would regularly scrimmage the US Boys U-17 team (b/c they were both in camp and you get tired of always playing against your teammates). Now keep in...
  7. Mid Season Reality Check

    Well, half way through our season back in L1 & after reading some things on here, what are people expecting! We are doing extremely well to be where we in a tough league & I am very proud to be a blues fans..... the last 2 games haven't gone to plan, 4-0 & 3-0 at home, but, we were always going...
  8. Where we at ?

    Was just over, went to Bradford, very disappointed it was cancelled, was at the Bury game, was very impressed, obviously watch all the highlights of each game, which ponders the question "Where we at" In terms of holding our own in L1 ? certainly there already, as far as building a competitive...
  9. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Millwall FC

    There have been mutterings of no pre-match thread yet for our next competitive game, this time in the JPT. Little bursts of referee and assistants news have popped out elsewhere, tactics and whether Millwall will be knackered/injured/very scared/not got enough tickets (delete as appropriate)...
  10. Ref Watch ..... Wigan H

    For the second Saturday in succession, we are at home to a club that our League record against reads wins 7 losses 7. Last week worked out ok ! Tomorrow, we have ex-Select Group referee, Keith Stroud from Gillingham in Dorset. In his twelfth season as a League referee he has risen through the...
  11. Napster

    New quiz

    Latest quiz questions: What comes next in this sequence: Colchester, Oldham, Swindon, Tranmere, Rotherham, Yeovil, Gillingham... What comes next in this sequence: David, Harry, Eddie, Frank, Ted..... What comes next in this sequence: Butler, Angell, Collymore, Powelll... What comes next in this...
  12. Kevin Hogg

    First black/mixed race player?

    As there is currently comments buried deep in another thread - I thought I would ask the question. Was Micky Welch the first black player to play for Southend United ...in a competitive match? I saw his debut at Blackpool and cannot remember another black player before him.
  13. southend4ever

    Cricket Clubs - Southend Side of the Weir

    Which local cricket club would you recommend joining in the 'Southend' area? I'm looking for a competitive club heading in the upwards direction to play some 1st team cricket (ideally).
  14. Ian McKechnie - any memories SZ codgers?

    The death earlier this month of Ian McKechnie at the age of 73 might not have shaken the football world to its core, but English football has nonetheless lost a man who managed to both make history and create a unique piece of fan culture during a distinguished lower-division career. McKechnie...
  15. ColinMorrisWalksOnWater

    Whilst Prince Charles is remembering thre events of 36 years ago......

    ....on the 28th August 1979, it always reminds me of something else that happened on that fateful day. Away from that sad event in Northern Ireland, that claimed his Great Uncle's life, Louis Mountbatten.........I was on an SUFC coach travelling North to Bolton for the 1st leg league cup tie...
  16. Ref Watch ....... Stevenage A Play-off

    Well here's the first of (hopefully) three refwatches we didn't want. Last week's one was derailed somewhat. I advised that we were due to get a young and promising referee; instead we got an old and very unpromising one! James Adcock became unavailable and Andy Haines was taken off 4th...
  17. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Dagenham & Redbridge Programme Shop

    My friend John runs the programme shop at Dagenham & Redbridge and if you are going to the game on Saturday (and are a collector) I have to say that it is well worth a visit. He has a huge range of Southend programmes and memorabilia in stock as well as books (on various sports) and a vast...
  18. Keith Curle comments

    “Southend are very much a good side,” he said. “They’re playing with confidence so it’s going to be a tough trip. “We go there with nothing to fear and with the same attitude as we use to approach every other game. We’re going to try to get the points. We want to get back on a winning run and...
  19. fbm

    New year quiz

    We have played 26 competitive games so far this season. In 7 of them, one thing in particular has happened. What is it?
  20. Napster

    New quiz - Braces, Hat-tricks and More

    For the avoidance of doubt, a brace is 2 goals in one game, a hat-trick, 3. All competitive games are included. Losing a game means losing - not being knocked out. From 1920/1 to the present day, who has scored the most braces? Who has scored more braces? Jeroen Boere or Ben Abbey? Who was the...