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  1. Bob Cratchitt

    SZ Server upgrade

    Well it seems that I have managed to convince the hosting company to upgrade the memory to double the original size for gratis. Which is always good news, I guess telling them unless the sort things out we will move provider was enough to get the memory upgrade or are they really closet...
  2. Winkle

    Mitchell Cole

    Was it just me or did anyone else felt that at the game on saturday some supporters started groaning when a few of his crosses never came off, and when he took one of the corners and it never got up in the air I felt people where baying for blood! I just cant understand what people expect of...
  3. Managers making their transfer targets public

    Just a few thoughts on all of the latest 'Players refusing to sign their new contract' news. I think we should wait and see what Flavs, Dudfield, Che, Nicky and Jay do re their contracts, before we get too worked up about whether they will or won't sign. It would be somewhat ironic if a player...
  4. We'd be up already if.............

    We'd be promoted automatically and possibly as Champs and possibly be in possession of the LDV if Nik Nak had played in those last few games of the season proper in place of White Boots . Harsh but fair ? . No one will convince me otherwise. I have total faith in Tilly and appreciate he...
  5. The Artful Shrimper


    Robert Silky Killroy has unveiled his new party with the declaration to stand up to the "nonsense that is multiculturalism". Not to be condfused with The BNP who are against other,race and culture. Under Veritas then we can expect a return to school assemblies singing christian songs...
  6. Millwall v SUFC

    Freddy Eastwood, Aaron Freeman and Alex Revell play at Millwall today @ 2pm. If Freddy is going to convince us that he is worthy of first team action, here's his chance... Trialists named in Millwall reserve clash I noticed we have quite a strong back line with Hunt, Edwards & Nicolau...
  7. Famous Shrimpers

    At the weekend in my local I had the dubious pleasure of some joker (a 62-year-old Watford fan) trying to convince me that the Jimmy Greaves played first-team football for Southend United at the end of his career. He was convinced that he was right. Of course, we all know it's utter...
  8. fbm

    the fbm view and ratings

    West Ham kicked off and set a fantastic pace.  In the first minute Harewood was set loose in the box and bought a fine save from Bartman.  It was about 3 minutes before we touched the ball and to be fair the movement from the opposition pulled us all over the pitch.  We were however to have a...
  9. Handcuffs and whips.

    Got your attention? Well reading other postings tonight Tilly and Brush are under question with regard to their team selection and tactics. I have to say that with the resources available last season they performed a Houdini like great escape. If you want them to perform miracles this year you...
  10. Andy_S

    Some interesting transfers going on

    Cambridge may possibly now have the player with the best name in the Coca Cola Leagues after signing Sully Seychelles from a lower league French side. Bristol Rovers have made some decent looking signings after snapping up Craig Disley, Jamie Forrester, Paul Trollope, Craig Hinton, James Hunt...
  11. Striker ?

    When in charge of Orient, Brushy was really keen on signing Wayne Gray from Wimbledon, I read he's been given a free by them now and maybe Brushy is gonna try and convince Tilson you guys should snap him up ? He's pretty pacey and young so could be good at this level I think.
  12. ShrimperJim

    Bradford City

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>                   Bradford 'to leave ground'</span> Could Valley Parade have seen its last Bradford match for the foreseeable future? Former Bradford chief Gordon Gibb has told BBC Radio Leeds the club will not be at Valley Parade next season...
  13. Napster

    Faking It

    Was it me, or did Faking It last night star Yorkshire Blue trying to convince people as a football coach?
  14. Hodgson returns to Darlo

    From BBC Online - www.bbc.co.uk/football Hodgson returns to Darlington Division Three side Darlington have named former boss David Hodgson as their new manager. Quakers&#39; chairman George Reynolds announced on Wednesday that he was hoping to persuade Hodgson, who has had two spells in...