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  1. Jam_Man

    10 games in...

    So at the beginning of the season most say let's wait till 10 games to see where we are, and here we are. Lots of doom forseen early on in the season which isn't surprising since we didn't win a game in August so how do people think we are doing against their expectations? Obviously after 3...
  2. trauma

    I have had a traumatic few months and seek advice. After nearly 13 years in a senior role it became clear that my number was up. I took a voluntary severance deal which leaves me ok sort of financially but my confidence and self esteem have taken a pounding. I have had anxiety attacks and feel...
  3. Chairman's Cheque book Needed

    Please read article from the Echo web-site, especially the bold bit News By Stephen Hackwell A LEADING Tory’s claims that single mothers, alcoholics and drug addicts are damaging Southend High Street have been branded “unacceptable” by fellow Conservatives. Anna Waite said big chain shops...
  4. Coping with death

    Last October I lost my nan to parkinsons and alzhmiers. Today I found out that my uncle as only matter of days to live with multiple organ failure :'( Can anyone point me in the right direction of someone I can speak to about it. All this happening in past 6 months as hit me hard
  5. southend4ever


    To all at Shrimperzone, I've not been on for some time now but have been following our results and the news. I've been suffering with the mental illness that so many are scared to talk about - depression. I'm not here for sympathy, but over the years I have seen how many helpful people there...
  6. Dear Ronald

    Dear Ronald. Please help! I think we are sharing similar problems on a different scale but I am not coping as well as you seem to be with them. It’s getting me down but you come across as though you don’t have a worry in the world. How do you do it?Let me give you an introduction on my...
  7. steveo

    The Day the Immigrants Left

    Evan Davis investigates the impact of immigration on the employment market in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, by challenging local people to take over a number of the jobs normally done by foreign workers. Moving beyond the workplace, he also explores how the town's public services, such as schools and...
  8. Get a Grip!

    Yesterday's performance was dire. I've not been able to make some of the much better games recently so if anyone should be complaining about how rubbish we must be it would be me. What I couldn't understand from some of the fans yesterday and having just seen some of the posts on here is some...
  9. Not In Mohave Shrimper


    I was watching Blur on the Glastonbury coverage last night, kicking myself for not getting tickets to Hyde Park or Cliffs Pavlion and began to think about which was my favourite Blur album. So I thought I'd put it to the SZ public. My personal favourite is Modern Life is Rubbish, massively...
  10. maninasuitcase

    Shrimperzone copyright?

    I didn't know where to post this. But doing a google search for ex shrimpers tonight a article poped up about 3 ex shrimpers being given p45s on the little gazette site, which I rarely visit. I was quite surprised to see my Leon Constantine post made two days ago reproduced word for word by...
  11. Slipperduke

    Champions League Reports

    Apologies, I've been rushed off my feet this week. Here's both games for you. Is it so inconceivable that Arsenal could end this strangest of seasons as Champions of Europe? Arsene Wenger described his side as 'super-outsiders' before the first leg of their clash with Villarreal, but even after...
  12. South Bank Hank

    Supporting a club like Southend United

    As I sat high up in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge enjoying our moment in the sun on the greyest of winter days, soaking up the Blue Voice inspired atmosphere, taking in the flag-waving travelling Shrimper army bedecked in yellow and coping with the perforation of my ear-drums from an incessant...
  13. Slipperduke

    Liverpool's Slippery Title Chase

    There's a distinct Joey Barton vibe about Liverpool this week. We look at them with a grudging respect, we acknowledge the good start, but we all share a growing sense of uneasiness, as if it's only a matter of time before they fall flat on their face, or in Barton's case, re-arrange someone's...
  14. Winkle

    Belly laughs!

    My wife has always said I have quite a sick sense of humour with regards to other peoples situations/ailments and stuff, and with hand on heart she is more or less right. Pople falling over gets me, especially when they try and correct their self in mid drop, but she was telling me a story of...
  15. The General


    As anyone that knows me, i do like a good f%&king whinge and moan anything anything and everything but some of you lot on here are a big bunch of girls. You are all whining and moaning about how we are not coping in this league!! Are you f*cking suprised?! Look at the resources...
  16. J


    wonder if that might be the headline in 3 or 4 years time.. being serious here, how long can the superkev keep going? what are your opinions of him this season? Is he coping with the CCC
  17. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    LAST GASP GOWER MAKES A POINT Mark Gower was the stoppage time hero as he lashed home the 6th and equalising goal of a pulsating thriller under the lights at Roots Hall. This is a game that will live long in the memory of the 11000-plus fans who were fortunate enough to witness the 100 mph...
  18. Southampton Shrimper

    New Southend radio station

    I know Reading Shrimper has already posted some information about the four organisations bidding for the new licence for a radio station in Southend, but seeing as so many people on here are so fed up with coverage of the team on local radio, particularly Essex FM, I thought I'd look at the four...