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  1. Southend Correspondent D3D4 Football

    Hi guys, We have just launched a new website focusing on League One and League Two football called www.d3d4football.com . If you are passionate about your club and would like to write for the website then please drop us an email. If we like your work then it will be featured on the website...
  2. Rob Noxious

    Happy Birthday to one of the nice guys ...

    ... Yogi up the cagire! Our French correspondent is always there with a bit of commentary on the Match Thread for us exiles who want to know how the game went/is going but who don't do The Blues Player bit. I can't remember him ever being nasty about another poster. He's lovable, a genuine fan...
  3. canveyshrimper

    Brian Hanrahan & Anthony Howard

    I saw a couple of items on Monday that both Brian Hanrahan & Anthony Howard had both passed away. Hanrahan veteran BBC correspondent and famous for his despatches from the Falklands. And Howard long serving editor of the New Statesman and IIRC Observer, he was always wheeled out on election...
  4. Napster

    Sports Journalist awards

    Henry Winter picks up top sport journalist honour 26 August 2010 By Press Gazette Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter, voted number one sports journalist in the UK by Press Gazette readers, was presented with a mounted set of the Sport Top 50 pages at our offices last night. Other...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    More views from the outside

    Another offering from 'Clarke one nil' http://clarkeonenil.co.uk/front-page/leeds-united-and-the-other-91-basket-cases-mixed-bag-special-including-aston-villa-cardiff-city-southampton-southend-united-england Whether or whether not people believe that this correspondent has a vendetta against...
  6. Slipperduke

    England Preview

    WHAT’S THE MAIN FOCUS FOR ENGLAND? Here in the UK, we’re all still stuck in the mire of what has inevitably been dubbed ‘BridgeGate’. You might think that weeks of press speculation, pages of gossip, one sacking, one resignation and one very publicly snubbed handshake would be enough to satiate...
  7. Rusty Shackleford

    LOST: The Final Chapter

    The sixth and final season of 'Lost' premieres on Sky One tomorrow night, and your humble entertainment correspondent R Shackleford esq was lucky enough to be invited to an advance screening. (Alright, I downloaded it from EZTV after the Tuesday premiere in the US). I became a huge fan of the...
  8. Tangled up in Blue

    Tory cuts-warning

    News Politics George Osborne George Osborne identifies cuts for first weeks of Tory governmentShadow chancellor says £178bn fiscal deficit means he cannot wait for initial post-election budget before cutting expenditure Comments (16) Buzz up! Digg it Nicholas Watt, chief political...
  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Slipper of the Yard

    Wonderful article here by one of my favourite journalists/commentators, Mark Steyn: “He was always affable and very much a gentle giant,” said Bruce Reynolds. “He was one of the old school,” agreed one of Mr Reynolds’ colleagues. Gentlemen publishers? Art dealers? Yes, Mr Reynolds has a...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    Sports writing

    Trescothick's autobiography is pretty good. You can also get it free from your local library. If you are looking for good cricket reading, I'd also recommend Nasser Hussain's autobiography, Playing with Fire for one of the key figures of the last decade in English cricket and John Barclay's...
  11. Slipperduke

    It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Steve

    This is something a little different, it's for a magazine given to professional footballers. I'd be interested to know what you think. Football, as you'll probably know better than me, is a game of stark contrasts, subject to swift changes that are rarely polite enough to warn of their...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Shepherd's Bush Shrimper's Scunny Report

    Apologies for the delay with this one. Makes less depressing reading than reports of our humping in Bristol though.... It’s fair to say that the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire region is not a happy hunting ground for us Shrimpers. We very rarely seem to pick up points at the lovely...
  13. Southampton Shrimper

    Congratulations Darryl!

    Earlier today, Darryl put pen to paper and signed his marriage certificate. Yes, he finally tied the knot with his missus. The ceremony took place this afternoon at Romsey Abbey in Hampshire. The couple were blessed with a gloriously sunny day as a modest number of friends and family gathered...
  14. C C Csiders

    ITN Ten o'clock News

    They made a big deal of this returning last night on the 10.30 news. ITN was making the claim that it was the country's most popular news programme, and that having Trevor McDoughnut and the 'Bongs' back has the whole country celebrating. Well, I for one think that the ITN news is mere tabloid...
  15. The Watermill Wino

    SoL SPORTS SPECIAL, Live from Maldon's Park Drive

    Yes good evening and welcome to SoL/ Zone Sports Special with our live Satellite coverage from Maldon town's Wallace Binder Stadium. Our reporters for this evening are Tannis our cheir reporter, PeteJan our North of Essex correspondent while backed up by Shrimper Dan,Tuppy, 2 hour Mick and...
  16. Slipperduke

    Drawing on the resources of SZ

    I've just quit my job. Hurrah and huzzah! From next season, I will be the EPL Correspondent for The Singapore New Paper, working from home with a laptop, Sky TV and a dog-eared copy of '1001 Tortured Similies' I've also been offered a contract to write a book called, at the moment anyway...
  17. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    Saturday August 24 1996 was one of my most depressing days as a Blues supporter since 1969. We were unceremoniously thumped 5-0 at Oxford's Manor Ground in what was one of the most uncommitted and pathetic displays I have ever seen from a Southend team. Fences were still up and I think the...