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  1. Blueronron

    Sammy the Shrimper

    Not sure where to put this, but a lovely story re the Funeral of Sammy the Shrimp from BBC Dave, 34, from Manchester, was Manchester City’s Moonchester from 2000 to 2008. If you’re not familiar with Moonchester, it’s basically a massive, sky-blue alien. One of the stories he told us was about...
  2. South Bank Hank

    New Papa John's Mascot

    Just wanted to throw a big shout out to the new Papa John's "Slice of Pizza" mascot as a testament to advances in match-day costume design, the developing use of technology in these crafts and the hard work that created such a work of perfection. If the same devotion, care and attention goes...
  3. Shrimpin

    What sort of swim wear is it then?????

    We all know what sort of swim wear guys like to wear right? the baggy shorts/combat shorts when they are on holiday (not saying a nice pair of tight trunks dont look out of place on the right sort of guy lol) Ronahldo springs to mind! However I was chatting to my friends about our Ibiza plans...
  4. South Bank Hank

    Fancy Dress Costume

    Christmas work do, fancy dress. I need to choose a costume. These have made my short list. Which is best? A) B) C) D) E)
  5. Heskey

    Big Brother

    The guy in the mole costume is from Southend.
  6. pickledseal

    Pat Sharp/Fun House Fancy Dress

    Right chaps and chapesses, Next Saturday I am off out for a fancy dress party and have decided that the man I want to be is Pat Sharp in his Fun House days. I have got the wig sorted pretty easily, although have 3 options Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 It's between Option 2 and 3 at the moment...
  7. For those coming to Oldham... Run Chaddy Run

    You may see some bucket collectors asking for contrinbutions for the Stroke Association as the club mascot is runnin the London Marathon on Sunday. Whilst it is the Oldham Club mascot that is running the person insiode that costume on Sunday will be a Shrimper... ME!!!! Please give generously...
  8. TrueBlue

    Ant and Dec (from Hecklerspray)

    With the exception of the time when one of them was shot on the eyes with a paintball gun and went blind, Ant and Dec have never been in so much trouble. Between ripping off viewers with rigged text-in competitions and now the news that a British Comedy Award they won was also rigged, the...
  9. Question Gorilla costume.

    Got a fancy dress party in a few weeks and want to go as a Gorilla, wondered if anyone knows any websites where I can get one of these costumes cheap, much appreciated.
  10. Question Where's Sammy?

    I wonder if you could help me? Before Sammy the Shrimper last shed his skin to be reincarnated as the current matchday crustacean we have come to know and love, he was a bright pink fluffy creature. Since the football club no longer loans out the present Sammy outfit (poor show!) for special...
  11. sufcalways

    Fancy dress hire/buy

    Any suggestions on where to get fancy dress costume at a cheap/decent price?
  12. Slipperduke

    Good Golly, It's Jolly From The Wally With The Brolly

    Home is where the points are. After two successive defeats on the road, Manchester City returned to form at The Eastlands, picking up a much needed 3-2 victory over FC Twente, but they were really made to work for it by Steve McClaren's new team. England, under the former Middlesbrough...
  13. Interpol Shrimper

    Question What do you want to be?

    Lets see where this one takes us..... Following Seany T's confession in his Joey Barton thread that he wants to be the 6th member of Girls Aloud, it got me thinking, what outlandish ambition do you want to share with the rest of SZ? Me, I'm aiming high. I'd like to be Sharpay's costume...
  14. Fancy Dress Hire

    Hey chaps, im going to a halloween party and would like to go as Captain Jack Sparrow, does anyone know if any fancy dress shops have or could have the costume for hire or buying in the local area? Thanks alot chaps AS
  15. Forever A Shrimper

    Fancy Dress Hire

    I was just on the phone to the guy at Party Hire in Southend for I am looking to get my hands on a Giant Chicken costume for the Tranmere away game. I also have two other mates looking to get costumes from there, so I thought that we may be able to get a discount from them. However, they said...
  16. Yorkshire Blue

    The Olympics

    I went along this afternoon to see the Olympic Flame pass through our nation's fine capital. I for one, am excited about the prospect of the Olympics coming to Britain in 4 years time. For me there is something special about the Olympics going all the way back to its roots in Ancient Greece...
  17. ozzy-shrimper

    Which Costume..

    Should I wear to the last away game of the season? Need to get a few ideas together so it would help if I could get some of your opinions. Option are:
  18. ian_the_girth

    Cricket a.m.

    Hi guys & gilrls, ive recently won a pair of tickets to go & watch cricket a.m. live this saturday. seeing as i dont have sky, & im not a cricket fan, can anyone fill me in on the show ? what am i letting myself in for ? thanks in advance its on sky sports from 8:30 - 10:30 am saturday...
  19. JoshC


    Just wondering how many people will not go know that relagation is certain. I will definately be there in my 118 costume to cheer the boys out of the league. polled
  20. chadded

    Fancy dress

    Does anybody know of a good fancy dress shop in the Southend area, or of a good, easily done fancy dress costume that can be done at home/ high street? Ta.