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  1. Massimo Giovanni

    The state of policing

    A number of threads lately have had some serious police related postings as the main issue of the thread. I don't know how to generate a survey on here and IF some one can put one up with relevant questions please do. These are just a suggestion of some questions. Have the police lost control of...
  2. Hang them !

    Ex professionals were abused by their coach,some of the stories being told are heartbreaking. I URGE ANY CHILD WHO MAY BE IN THE SAME SITUATION TO CONTACT THE POLICE,TELL THEIR PARENTS. These sick evil blokes who committed these crimes should be hung...or better still put them in a room with...
  3. Byron Burger VS Bleeding Heart Liberals

    For those who aren't aware... A food chain called Byron Burger, have been facing the wrath of wet lettuces over the last few days, culminating in a big protest against them, which is happening as we speak, at their Holborn branch, which has forced the shop to shut. Over the weekend, an...
  4. EU to decriminalise paedophilia

    It is reported that Mr Tindermann's of the EU Court of Human Rights hopes to force through an EU Directive that no photographs of convicted rapists, paedophiles and the like should be published in the media. This is to protect their 'human rights'. He hopes to get this on the statute book by mid...
  5. Office crimes which should be punishable by death

    Leaving anything in the kitchen sink. I just made a brew and in the kitchen sink was: 1. A bowl 2. About 3 teaspoons 3. 1 teabag 4. A load of coffee from a french press What else would you happily see your office colleagues sent to the gallows for?
  6. Napster

    List of shame

    I think we should have a list of shame for players/managers/coaches/staff who have been charged with crimes or fined for criminal behaviour, now there's so many of them. Maybe a ranking system based on whether jailed, etc. Extra points if committed during their time at Southend. Up to everyone...
  7. Levi Bellfield

    This sorry excuse for a man has been awarded £4500 in compensation for being attacked in jail! The judge should be locked up for awarding it. Disgraceful all round,And Bellfield should suffer 24/7 for his hideous crimes.
  8. Napster

    More Hansard fun

    In a debate from 1989 on the proposed membership scheme to tackle hooliganism, they talk about men dressing as women to get round the issue. Then they talk about old age pensioners committing crimes at football. Only one that season: Mr. Meale In the searches done about this season, the only...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Death Penalty vote back in the forefront

    According to Sky News, MPs may be about to debate the reintroduction of the death penalty: With the vast improvements in DNA and forensic findings, is it time for a more up to date viewpoint from the cross section of SZ posters at large? For myself, I believe that if the evidence is 100%...
  10. TrueBlue

    Question Weather

    Are you getting tired off all the hoo harr and the bull crap sir Michael Smiffish is posting ? This man should be removed from the site forthwith for crimes against blaggers
  11. Cricko

    Wikileaks...The Afghan War.

    WikiLeaks exposing War Crimes in Afganistan, Huge Amount of Secret US Military Files. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXON1nFmu6w
  12. Tampa Blue

    Was RM at Oldham today

    Just wondered and hoped that he would be on deck when the ship went down - can anyone confirm? Presume that David Webb was nowhere to be seen - someone should ring Crimestoppers as it is clear that he has been abducted!!
  13. Monster Raving Loony Party

    Points to consider... Iraq. Polcy on Iraq: Since Iraq needs to have a proper infrastructure before they can run their own country, I propose we send our traffic wardens out to Iraq to give tickets to American Jeeps and Tanks illegally parked thereby raising much needed revenue for the Iraq...
  14. Tangled up in Blue

    Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

    It's more than a year since Israel launched its immoral attack on Gaza and Palestinians are still living on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region? Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim Comments (98) Buzz up! Digg it Avi...
  15. canveyshrimper

    John Demjanjuk

    89 year old John Demjanjuk has gone on trial accused of helping to murder nearly 28,000 Jews at Nazi concentration camp Sobibor, Poland during WWII. This trial is expected to be the last from WWII, however is it right to put on trial a sick 89 year old, and secondly if other alleged Nazi war...
  16. Slipperduke

    The FA Get It Right!

    Justice, when it finally arrived, was measured without being merciless. With a GBP20,000 fine and a four match touchline ban, two of which are suspended, The Football Association have resisted the temptation to make an example of Sir Alex Ferguson without letting him off the hook entirely. On...
  17. Jedi Shrimper

    Rnd1 Heat 14: The Cosby Mysteries v Sons of Anarchy

    The Cosby Mysteries (Southchurch Groyney) v Sons of Anarchy (Moridin) The Cosby Mysteries was a television mystery series starring Bill Cosby. It was Cosby's first television show since The Cosby Show (which ended in the spring of 1992) and lasted only one season (1994-1995)...
  18. steveo

    Do we want this woman back?

    Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant said: "We do not condone any crimes involving illegal drugs. We work around the world to combat the use of illegal drugs."However he added the transfer was "excellent news" Excellent news for who? Certainly not the British Tax payer
  19. Mad Cyril

    Classic Crimewatch/Crimewatch Gold

    Did anyone else find the montage of 'classic' Crimewatch cases at the end of last nights program a bit odd? Surely they could have devoted the time to open cases instead? Does anyone else think they were gauging pulic opinion on a new Classic Crimewatch / Crimewatch Gold series where they will...
  20. Financial Boycotts

    Reading the Ricky Otto Hall of Fame thread reminded me of how much I hate Birmingham City, really brings that whole period back. In punishment for their association with the scum at that time (shirt sponsor), I have maintained a financial boycott of Triton Showers ever since. Just the sight...