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  1. RobM

    Cost of first match!

    1965, QPR at home. Bus 2/3d (from Basildon- half fare) Entrance 9d Programme 4d Transfer to West stand 6d Total = 3/10d or 19p for the youngsters who don't remember pre-decimal! How much would that be now adjusted for inflation? Other first memories; Chipmunk crisps, pipe smoke, ABCDE...
  2. wiggy

    2 for 1 tickets with McCoys crisps!

    Just bought 6 packets of the above, it has gotta say 2 for 1 football tickets on the packet but so far every one has given me a code . Only applies to non Saturdays but there is about 6 of them i think before April. Definitely works as got me 2 for 1 for Burton, phoned up and went through...
  3. Local finalist in walkers crisps do us a flavour comp needs your help

    Hi, I am desperately asking for the help of fellow blues fans in getting votes for my flavour in the walkers crisps do us a flavour competition. I've lived in thundersley/rochford/westcliff all my life and always followed SUFC and I now have a one in six chance of winning £1m by 17th October if...
  4. RobM

    Best snack - your choice and reason.

    Cheese 'n' onion crisps? Frazzles? Mini cheddars? Quavers? Wotsits? My vote - Pringles, sour cream. Just yum!
  5. Multi-pack Crisps - What's Your Flava - Tell Me....

    I have yet to come across a multi-pack of mixed flavour crisps that didn't contain at least one flavour that no-one in the family will eat. Here it's Roast Chicken - I have to sneak them into the family by crushing them and using them to top Macaroni- or Cauliflower-Cheese. If you could...
  6. Mad Cyril

    Crisps of yesteryear.

    I wish they still made chicken wickers.
  7. C C Csiders

    Guinness Crisps

    Just tucking into a packet of Burts Guinness crisps. I bought them with a degree of dubiety, but have to say they are THE best.
  8. Amazing Machine.

    Just been to the gym and there's a new machine, only used it for an hour as I started to feel sick! Its good though - it does everything.... KitKats, Mars Bars, Snickers, Crisps. the lot.
  9. Travel to D'Nam

    Just wanted to say that I travelled with SZ travel to D'nam on Saturday, for the first time. I couldn't be asked to drive as the rest of the guys I travel with were unable to get tickets or were working. Well... What a great bunch, I was made to feel very welcome, including signing a Birthday...
  10. Mad Cyril

    Walkers flavour cup crisps.

    I have just purchased a bag of English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding flavour crisps from Waitrose. Not bad but not hugely different from regular roast beef flavour. Surely they should be breaking new ground and concentrating on flavours that have never been twinned with crips before? I'll...
  11. southend4ever

    Those office workers...

    What do you have for lunch everyday? Mine as standard is Jacket cheese and beans. - £1.90 from work. Then we have a little meal deal place which is baguette crisps and can of drink for 2.75. or I go for the tesco £2 meal deal. This is often not enough and is shortly followed by a chocolate...
  12. duncan bulgaria

    Kris Akabusi Stories

    How do you like my bit of spare time writing ....i wish !! Akabusi scaled the walls of the £756,000 Sussex mansion with all the stealth of a gekko on a Mallorcan shower wall. As luck would have it the window was open. He dropped in and slipped out of his dungerees and let the cool air caress...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Non brand crisps of distinction.

    Has anyone got any decent non-brand crisp recommendations? I am currently into Kolak Chilli and Lemon flavour crisps which can be found in the ethnic foods aisle in Tesco or the 99p shop on Canvey Island. Kolak do a number of other Indian inspired flavours and the curry/chutney ones aren't bad...
  14. Slipperduke

    Wenger's Bar

    I'm afraid I won't be writing a column this week, or indeed ever again. Yep, I'm hanging up my presspass and shutting my laptop for the final time. I'm off to France, you see. Arsene Wenger's assertion that he learned everything he needed to know about football in a pub gave me food for thought...
  15. Walker's Crisps - New flavours

    so which of the new trial flavours is your favourite? Have you worked your way through all of them? I just tried my last one today (Fish and Chips) and a couple of them at least are fairly nice (although not as strongly flavoured as I was expecting) Good times
  16. Essex Hurricane Appeal

    ESSEX HURRICANE APPEAL A major hurricane (Hurricane Shazza) and earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale hit Essex in the early hours of Thursday with its epicentre in Basildon. Victims were seen wandering around aimlessly, muttering "Faaackinell". The hurricane decimated the area...
  17. Moridin

    Being Unemployed is boring.......

    When I first lost my job at the start of December, I thought a couple of weeks off might be very nice, relax a bit over xmas, think about where I am and where I want to go, things like that. Begining my ninth week of sitting at home, it is starting to wear a bit thin. I seem to have developed...
  18. My Housemate's a Moron, Appropriate Banter Needed

    I'm living in a house down here in Eastbourne with 4 other lads, all students, and as you may expect, the banter tends to fly around. All legit banter, nothing too serious or personal, nothing physical either. One of my Housemates is a bit of a bargain hunter, addicted to those money saving...
  19. Mad Cyril

    Walkers 'Vote for me!' crisps.

    I have just tried a packet of Builders breakfast flavour and I wasn't particularly impressed. Is anyone else concerned with the whole concept of mixing snack treats and talent competitions? Let's face it - Big Brother and X factor do not produce a higher calibre of celebrity, do they?
  20. number11

    New Crisps flavours

    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20090109/tuk-britain-nuts-over-squirrel-flavour-c-a7ad41d.html As a bit of a crisps addict I am looking forward to trying some of these!