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  1. Rattus Norvegicus

    Latest Rumours It's a boy - good odds at the bookies

    Yes! It's a boy. I see some excellent odds available at the bookies on the name King David .......... as per David Crown .............40/1 King Stanley ....... as per Stan the Man ........... 75/1 King Philip .......... as per Philip Brown .....only 25/1 But my personal favourite...
  2. TrueBlue

    G8 Protests

    Get jobs you ****ing dirty anti capitalist scum breeding scum ***** dirty soap dodging can't be arsed to get a job bearded wannabe tramps thinking your all it because you ride a bike and think its cool to rebel against democracy just goes to show you was all bullied in school nobody liked you so...
  3. DoDTS

    Prediction League News High drama on last day of the prediction league

    It was the last day of the Prediction league today and they finished as follows: PREDICTION LEAGUE H Turner seemed favourite for the title with a 3 point lead over Ldnfatso, but on an unpredictable day of predictions the top nine were only seperated by 5 points. H turner faltered allowing...
  4. DoDTS

    PL Table Final table pl league april 2013

    HIGH DRAMA ON THE LAST DAY H Turner seemed favourite for the title with a 3 point lead over Ldnfatso, but on an unpredictable day of predictions the top nine were only seperated by 5 points. H turner faltered allowing Ldnfatso (the "Darth Vader of Shrimperzone") to take the title by one point...
  5. DTS

    Potential player departures - Are we really that bothered?

    I seem to be hearing more doom and gloom about the players that might be off in the summer. Got to be honest I really dont think I am that bothered as to who goes. There are a few players that are obviously better than others but personally I think these are in the main average L2 players. Most...
  6. Ref Watch ........ Kettle at Aldershot

    As we look to end a winless run in the League against Aldershot which stretches back 23 years (when we did the double over them 5-0 both home and away (Dave Crown got 5 of the 10 goals)), tomorrow's man in charge is the loose cannon that is Trevor Kettle. Or, rather, Wing Commander Trevor Kettle...
  7. chris wood

    How bad was the athmosphere

    32 years of wait to see my beloved Southend run out at wembley (something i never thought would ever happen) 32000 shrimpers what a day we had instore. The tube ride to wembley park was superb( david crown talking to me about his glory days) things were so perfect in my Blue World. The walk into...
  8. londonblue


    Paintball in the official online magazine of the JPT. Here's some articles from the latest version: Managerial merry-goround in Southend dugout A lot of the focus will be on Southend’sdugout at Wembley for the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final against Crewe.Confusion reigned at Roots...
  9. Cricko

    Wembley SUFC Crowd

    Ok Let's start warming up to the day....A simple comp with a huge prize...(Ken and I will sort this). How many SUFC fans will be at Wembley on the day...we will have to take the official result as the answer. Get guessing people. Closing date for guesses is Sunday the 24th of March.
  10. shrimperjon

    Goals that meant the most!

    Like virtually every other supporter since Wednesday I haven't come back down to earth yet and was thinking that regardless of Reeves status as a loan player he will always go down in history as the player that ultimately scored the goal that took us to wembley. Then I got thinking about during...
  11. Southampton Shrimper

    The Squad of 1989-90

    Three weeks ago, The Football League Paper featured our 4th Division promotion-winning squad of 1989-90 in their Where Are They Now? feature. The article was based on Bernie Friend's book Red Card Roy, with quotes from the book from Roy, and then the article went on to report where all the...
  12. Napster

    A Team of Daves/Davids

    We've had loads of Daves or Davids. A team I've come up with - can anyone improve? Can anyone do one of Martins or Pauls or Johns? Dave Whitelaw (GK) David Matthews Dave McSweeney David Morley Dave Cusack Dave Martin David Lee Dave Martin Dave Cunningham Dave Crown Dave Whyte
  13. Match Report from the Priestfield end

    Our GillsConnect fan on the terrace gives his indepth take on todays game http://tinyurl.com/bxy242f PS had a fantastic New Years Day at Roots Hall with excellent hospitality in the Blues Lounge and nostalgia with ex-Gills players David Crown and Paul Clark
  14. Question Gillingham Crowd

    Understand from Gills Forum that they have sold 900 tickets for the New years game at Roots Hall. What do we think the crowd will be? Lets fill the Hall with massive Blues support and get the Blues back to winnnig ways. My guess 8500 UTB
  15. TrueBlue

    The TrueBlue Rally Cry - Chesterfield

    Ahoy one and all! or should that be Ho Ho Ho??? Anyway tonight sees the mighty shrimpers do battle with another northern back of beyond pretenders to the crown! East South and West have been getting involved in recent games with making noise and more of that tonight please doing yourselves...
  16. Great Day Mingling with the Rich and Famous

    Watched today's match from the Director's Box as a guest of Bernie, boss of Recycle Print and Design of Rochford. Had a 3 course meal in the Platinum Suite that was wonderful ---- waitress service with a smile --- even when we asked for the Julie Walters special "Two Soups" which was delivered...
  17. Shrimpers are Magic

    Drinking holes in the south end of Prittllewell

    Was down for Pie and Pint night with the Doughnut the other night and before it all started I had a walk around town. It occurred to me I no longer know my home town anymore ! Moved away sometime ago and when I do come down for the game I'm off the train at Prittlewell and pretty much into the...
  18. Southend United Football Club

    A Night with Roy McDonough (+ David Crown & John Motson)

    Southend United will be holding a Pie and a Pint night with Blues legend Roy McDonough in September. The former Roots Hall favourite will be in the Shrimpers Bar on Friday, 7th September at 8:00pm for a night hosted by David Crown to take questions from Southend fans and recall some of his...
  19. Shrimperstrust

    Under 18's Match Report Blues Beaten By Norwich In BC Worldwide Challenge Cup Final

    Norwich City were crowned 2012 BC Worldwide Challenge Cup winners after defeating hosts Southend United, 2-1, in the final of the youth team competition at Boots & Laces. Rob Craven's match report can be found here.
  20. Napster

    An XI based on money

    Can we put together a XI loosely based on money words, to while away the Friday afternoon? David CROWN Glenn PENNYfather etc etc