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  1. RHB

    A pub and restaurant at Garon Park?

    The Echo is carrying an article today revealing that a brewery chain is in Advanced talks with Southend Council to build a new pub and restaurant on the site which is currently used for overflow parking for Kids Kingdom. The location is a bit intriguing, especially as the old Rusty Bucket gave...
  2. Custom FIFA 16 cover

    Evening lads, I've made a custom cover for this year's FIFA and the response so far has been great! Just, it's a West Ham one.... I'm looking to do a cover for this year's game for a lot more clubs after the response for this one has been so good. I'm just really finding it difficult to find...
  3. DoDTS

    WEMBLEY - AN UGLY SITUATION yes yet another short story

    Love them or hate them it's another one of my yarns from years gone by. All the facts are true, many did travel to Wembley for the first Cup -Final. Only the names have been changed etc, WEMBLEY – AN UGLY SITATION There was no television in 1923, and therefore there was not an abundance of...
  4. Pony & Traps causing chaos in the 'Old Town' and Westcliff today.

    Anyone else witness the traffic chaos this afternoon, as about 2 dozen Pony & Traps, (controlled by their owners) ventured into the Old Town, after travelling along Marine Parade in Leigh, and then headed off to Chalkwell/Westcliff?. Did'nt realise they could travel en masse in these numbers on...
  5. Save the pars

    Dunfermline Athletic FC (The PARS ) are at their most critical time in their 128 year history . We entered Administration on 26 march and by 28th we had lost half the regular first team , 3 under 20's, and our assistant manager. The manager is on reduced pay if he ever gets paid as no one at the...
  6. Ride to the Amsterdam and help save men’s lives with Prostate Cancer UK

    Many clubs are joining The Football League London to Amsterdam Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Fans, players and club officials from across The Football League will take to the saddle for a unique two day "Total Football" themed, 155 mile challenge for the 250,000 men living with...
  7. Question Flags

    Anyone have a good idea where I can get custom flags made, either printing on a St George one I already have or supplying the complete package of flag and design? Or any suggestions on how other people have come up with their flags?
  8. DoDTS

    Unpublished article from the Southend/Chelsea programme

    Sadly we won't be playing Chelsea but in anticipation I had already written the article for the official programme so perhaps still of interest: CHELSEA v SOUTHEND 100 YEARS AGO Southend’s first meeting with Chelsea was a 100 years ago in the 1st Round of the Cup (equivalent of 3rd round...
  9. Ayrshire Blue

    Custom FIFA 13 PS3 & Xbox Covers

    If anyone wants one, just let me know the 2 players you want and I will knock something up for you.
  10. Odd Phrases Under Usernames

    On occasions, mainly when the forum is loading slowly/incrementally depending on what I'm doing, I'll see odd phrases or tags underneath usernames, very similar to the Custom User Title. They appear for about 15/20 seconds, then disappear. Cricko's one mentions something about being as Divine as...
  11. Question Happy Hour in Roots Hall bars on Saturday vs. Morecambe

    So it's £1.90 for all pints and bottles of lager from 1pm - 2pm on Saturday. Who will be rewarding the club with their custom? http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/AlsoInNewsDetail/0,,10444~2146496,00.html
  12. Slipperduke

    City's Glaring Vie-error

    When Kenny Dalglish ruled the roost at Anfield, Liverpool were the dominant force in English football. He maintained their superiority during his tenure with a very simple transfer philosophy, and it's something that Manchester City would do well to emulate. 'Always be sure to sign better...
  13. * ORM *

    Very Frustrating Java Issue

    I have problems with work laptop so am trying to access work Webmail through my own laptop. I come up against Java problems (also preventing me from accessing SZ Chat Room) saying not installed on PC. I tried a few things then uninstalled + Reinstalled latest version of Java. I still can't get...
  14. cage rage half time entertainment

    After witnessing the disgraceful scenes of tuesday and being quite bewildered by the venomous war of worlds here on SZ I've come up with a new idea to replace the half time competition. Build a cage round the offending section of the west stand and let the 'real fans' battle it out to the...
  15. Pale Blue Dot

    making custom myspace profiles

    anyone in the know?
  16. BlueJ

    Custom Sigs

    Does anyone want me to create a custom signature for them to place underneath their posts? I've seen a fair few good ones floating around on here, and would like to have a go at creating some myself. If you do then give me a rough idea of what you want, e.g. any photos or images and I'll...
  17. StainesShrimper

    Computer anyone?

    Just in advance, i couldn't find the forum rules anywhere so I'm not sure if this is allowed, but if it isn't mods please just delete and sorry for the inconvinience! I've recently started a small computer business folkes by building and selling computers. Just started selling my first computer...
  18. J

    I know this get's asked a lot

    But what is the best place to get custom flags made up.. hoping to take 1 to germany with Sufc on cheers
  19. J

    I know this get's asked a lot

    But what is the best place to get custom flags made up.. hoping to take 1 to germany with Sufc on cheers
  20. Spread Eagle send thanks

    Kim and Phil from the Spread have asked me to thank all the fans for their custom for this season and look forward to seeing everyone next season. Apologies for the slight delays in serving people Saturday but the glass-washer was only on turbo-mega-speed. Ken.