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  1. Napster

    RD 1 Heat 13 - Ian Botham v Wat Tyler

    Yorkshire Blue - Sir Ian Terence Botham OBE v Mad Cyril - Wat Tyler
  2. Napster

    Battle of the English Heroes - Draw/Discussion

    General discussion here - and first round draw below - 2 rounds a day except weekends and bank holidays Today, two strong rounds: True Blue - Mike Reid v Old Blue Lady - Boudica roots maul - Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet, OM, GCVO v pickled seal - Saint Alban Then, going through the...

    First Round Draw

    Right, welcome to Southchurch where the draw has just taken place for the first round .. these are listed along with the dates match ups are to take place Wednesday 25th February RADIOHEAD - OK COMPUTER (Pubey) vs THE BEATLES - THE WHITE ALBUM (Bobby Greenberg) NEW ORDER - TECHNIQUE (Mad...
  4. ShrimperZone Anal Awards Final Voting Results

    Final results Zoner of the Year is Aberdeen 7 votes SBH 6 Cricko 3 Rusty 3 toEllandBack 3 Dad of Dts 3 Best Sig Pubey 6 Rusty 4 Ayshire 4 Best Thread A-Z Totty 10 Rusty's X-Files 5 Crinimal Spellin and Gramma Osy 11 ****les 6 Grays 6 Deluded Zoner is Graysblue 9 votes Aberdeen 5 and Ricey 5...
  5. ShrimperZone Anal Awards Final Voting Results

    Final results Zoner of the Year is Aberdeen 7 votes SBH 6 Cricko 3 Rusty 3 toEllandBack 3 Dad of Dts 3 Best Sig Pubey 6 Rusty 4 Ayshire 4 Best Thread A-Z Totty 10 Rusty's X-Files 5 Crinimal Spellin and Gramma Osy 11 ****les 6 Grays 6 Deluded Zoner is Graysblue 9 votes Aberdeen 5 and Ricey 5...
  6. Stats

    Battle of the tools - prelim draw

    People of the Zone, We had a wonderful 42 entrants for SZone Tool Of The Year which means we need 10 Prelim Round Matches. Draw list and numbers as follows; Jamie Oliver - MrBeard - 1 Russell Brand - Hutton - 2 Jade Goody - Jonny Stokes - 3 Gordon Brown - Fat Shrimp - 4 Pete Doherty - Dave -...
  7. Mad Cyril

    Mad Cyril recession busting own brand picks.

    The first of an irregular series: Remember, saving is the new spending! This weeks tip: Sainsburys Belgian Abbaye blonde beer 5.4%. 6 bottles - £3.49. Did the trick because I drank the lot and had my beloved but outdated Tes Bramble tattoo augmented into a Frank Moussa - don't let me down...
  8. Battle of the Stephen Fry's

    In the red corner..... Mad Cyril.... In the blue corner .... MK Shrimper.... The battle to be fought.... Stephen Fry - cuddly, loveable, affable, British comedian, bon viveur, wit and general shining gem of humanity or.... not. Let the battle COMMENCE!
  9. South Bank Hank

    A ShrimperZone eleven...

    Our starting line-up... Like I say, we're trying to bring new people in, but it's tough out there and we don't have a huge amount of money. I think the team we have below for this season includes some of THE best partnerships but, well, you know, we're still keen to bring in another 5 or 6 to...
  10. Happy Birthday to....

    JoshC.... 18 today I believe? Have a good one mate, remember you're an adult now and it's all downhill from here :D ...and Mad Cyril....who's sometimes as nearly as funny as me ;) Congrats!

    Battle of the Sitcoms - First Round Review

    Well that was Round One ... i was going to review every tie, but in the end i thought i'd just present the votes as cast and the percentage of the vote gained by the winner ... i will just make honourable mention to the crushing victories gained by Only Fools and Horses and Blackadder, and offer...

    Battle of the Sitcoms - Round One (Heat 11)

    We begin week 2 of BotS with a whimper ... Seinfeld (Mad Cyril) vs Phoenix Nights (JoshC)
  13. Uncle Leo

    Battle of the Beers - Round 1, Heat 15

    Sorry for the delay everyone, was sleeping off a hangover :unsure: Anyway, today pits the Brazilian lager Brahma (ian_the_girth) against Carlsberg Special Brew, beloved of tramps and indeed Mad Cyril
  14. Irish_Shrimper

    Forest, the Blue Voice, and the Irish

    Just got back to Limerick this evening after the match last night - very bleary eyed after a long journey! Enjoyed the game, thought Forest weren't really all that at all, and we should have beaten them by more. Kanu took his goal very well - but i was very disappointed by the defending for the...
  15. DTS

    If you could sue one member of SZ for neg rep liable.

    Who would you go for. Following on from a comment by Mad Cyril who would you most like to sue for making comments on the repping systemt that are not true. I would go for Cricko for implying that I have had sex with a horse. I will be pushing for corporal punishment on this one. :thump...
  16. SUFC_Al

    20 goal strikers.

    Everyone knows that having one of these players can benefit any team and since the departure of you know who, there have been numerous calls for us to get one in. Never an easy task. It got me thinking how many times an SUFC player has achieved this feat, so using Robin Michels excellent SUFC...
  17. Bob Cratchitt

    Happy Birthday Mad Cyril

    I have got you a Brandy and Babycham to celebrate the occasion.
  18. DTS

    Best & Worst Lessons at School.

    Following on from Mad Cyril's school lunchbox thread yesterday I am keen to find out what everyones best and worst lesson's were at school. In the interests of keeing it interesting PE is banned as a subject. Best - Hard to believe after my recent error but I loved History. Even though my...
  19. Spikey Shrimper

    Looker or Dropper?

    Brownie points to whoever can guess what i'm on about! PS. This was a weird discussion I had at work the other day! Congrats to Mad Cyril! - Examining the sheet of paper to decide if further cleansing is required??? Couldn't put it better myself.
  20. DTS

    SZ funniest poster.

    All the above four make me laugh in different ways. I think both N'Zamba legend and Mad Cyril are very satirical but I generally p1ss myself reading their comments. Dave Cusacks Nose is very much an in your face sort of humor but always makes me laugh. Slipperduke is somewhat hard to...