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  1. RHB

    5 Days to go - Made up your mind yet?

    We are into the final 5 days before the 2017 General Election day on 8th June 2017. Lots of TV debates, lots of radio interviews, lots of gaffs and lots of ground made up on May by Corbyn. So who are you going to vote for, if at all?
  2. RHB

    Pre-Election debates

    So has Cameron got away with only one gathering?? We shall see....................http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-31928638 What a spinless arse the bloke is if he won't go head to head with Milliband
  3. Cricko

    Is Cameron running scared?

    Is David Cameron running scared of the TV debates,or is he too worried his playground bullies behind him in PQT won't be there to support, roar and wave their white papers in the air. 5 years ago when he was in opposition he was all for TV debates when Brown was in power. He then insisted on...
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    Greens have more members than Lib/Dems & UKIP

    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/jan/15/green-party-membership-surge-leaders-debates It's official.The Greens now have more members than either the Lib/Dems or UKIP. Surely they must be allowed to take part in the TV election debates now?
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    TV election debates

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-30808252 TV election debates.Are you in favour? I certainly am and believe that the Greens (along with UKIP)should be in one of them.
  6. Uncle Leo

    2015 election TV debates

    Conservatives - all three shows. Fair enough, Cameron is the PM Labour - all three shows. Fair enough, Miliband is the Leader of the Opposition Liberal Democrats - two shows. Fair enough, Clegg is the leader of the third largest party in the Commons. UKIP - one show. Well, they do have an MP...
  7. Dear RM....

    Dear RM, oh exalted leader would it be at all possible to make a press release that involves nothing more than facts? Let the fans know a few things so that our debates are more informed. Is there an embargo? Does PB have a transfer kitty? Will the s106 be satisfied in the near...
  8. Silencer

    "You don't win anything with Kids"

    I will probably get shot down for this, but hey it's a football forum for debates after all. So back to the topic of my thread, as a famous football pundit infamously once said "You don't win anything with kids" and to a certain extent, this is sadly very true. In fairness, Paul Sturrock is...
  9. IN or OUT

    With all the ( very tedious ) Smith and Eastwood debates of late , I'm getting confused now as to who is 'IN FAVOUR' and who is 'OUT'. There have been pro and con comments about everyone of our squad , which is fine as it's all about opinions. I've listed some below ( some slightly tongue in...
  10. A socialist, an illegal immigrant, and a muslim walk into a bar...

    the bartender asks "What will you have Mister President?" anyone else hooked on the presidential campaigns and debates across the pond? I guess it's because I watched The West Wing relatively recently, but boy do they put on a good (but expensive) show! vs
  11. Why the doubts suddenly ?

    Having studied the debates over the past two days it now appears most on here are now having doubts about whether we can hold onto the likes of Hall and Ferdinand. Now in September, October and last month I was constantly told with sarcasm that these two would not be going anywhere and that was...
  12. zelx77


    Hello All, Ever since my dad treated me and my twin brother to a 0-4 Boxing Day home defeat to Northampton in 1986, I havent looked back. Finally decided to join SZ and look forward to getting involved in chats/debates etc.
  13. so this is where we are

    without so much as a whimper or discord, martins plans have come to frution a ****** 14,000 seater stadium in the middle of knowhere, with no income for southend utd, rather the other way round as clearly he is going to rent it to us(or rather one of his many insolvent companies may) when the...
  14. Pointless rants

    I don't come on SZ half as often as I used to. Partly because I'm a conscientious worker, but mainly because we keep having the same tired debates week in week out. So, my rant is this. Which 'rant' topics would you like to see banned from the board? I'll start off with: - We've got no money...
  15. NZamba Legend

    Simplistic poll about flying the flag

    On 5 Live right now they are having a daft phone-in about whether flying the st. georges flag during the world cup is patriotic, chavvy, racist or completely benign. Like most media debates you dont actually have to pay attention as you could write the script yourself. However, due to the...
  16. Ron Manager

    Some reforms to consider

    1 - Scrap televised debates (the one's that started this year with the 3 main party leaders). That's nothing to do with policy and more to do with media training. 2 - Ban politicians in office and candidates as soon as they are standing for office from appearing on 'entertainment' programmes...
  17. pickledseal

    Being patriotic doesn't make you a fascist

    An interesting read, especially considering some of our recent discussion and debates on here. I'm a firm believer in this idea, and thank you Mr Billy Bragg for writing about it in this morning's Telegraph. ----------- A poll published this week suggested that the English were the least...
  18. TrueBlue

    UK Politics going US?

    Now that this election has seen live debating like the US, Personality is now EVERYTHING. Just look at the swing Lib Dems got just from a well connected TV debate. In the US the man with the best personality and charisma usually becomes president in my view. Forget travelling round the country...
  19. Election 2010: Health

    So, for the first of the election debates, I thought we could start with that essential service that is the NHS. Labour have trebled health spending since they have come to power but has that money been well spent? Are targets a way of guaranteeing standards of care or do they damage...
  20. southend4ever


    Hello Owners/Mods, Would it be possible to introduce a notification when a member has quoted from one of your posts? The reason being is that in many threads users seem to engage in specific debates within a thread with different users. This would enable someone to be informed when it is...