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  1. BOTB: Hitchhikers Guide 2TG (Drastic) v Barrytown Trilogy (Dlolman)

    A meaty tie indeed.
  2. Goodbye PB.

    Its early in the season but I have had enough. I truly thought PB could be a good appointment but I am sick and tired of his ridiculous ways. We have a toothless attack force and PB has the audacity to say he wants to get clean sheets at the back and let the attack take care of itself. Here we...
  3. Official Match Thread SUFC vs Oxford

    Hurst is indeed dropped, as is Corr. Payne starts Bentley White Thompson Prosser Coker Clifford Leonard Payne Atkinson Weston Coulthirst Subs Smith Barnard Corr Deegan Ibenfeldt Worral Hurst
  4. sufclee

    Fan engagement & Graham Westley

    Most of you are probably aware of the great work Ryan Murrant does, especially with the young fans etc. Each game on Twitter he asks for fans of both clubs if they want the opportunity to come and sit in the dug outs whilst teams are warming up, have photos etc. Phil Brown and the lads did their...
  5. Heading the ball

    With the latest studies suggesting constant heading of the ball can be dangerous I would like to see all under 16 games having headers outlawed. I introduced sponge balls to training sessions 4 year's ago as I did not want the under 11s attacking the ball which had normally been pumped to...
  6. RobM

    Ten pounds a week for food?

    I saw in the media that It's possible to feed oneself for a week for just £10. So I though OK, let's have a try. The rule is - you can only use the real basic stuff from your own cupboards e.g. cooking oil, butter, salt, vinegar and so on. OK so here's my provision (and indeed provisional)...
  7. When Saturday comes !

    Feeling nervous, An early goal for us may well turn the tide in our favour yet vital we don't concede anything at all. The lads have one big fat incentive to play out their skins and give everything and send 10,000 possibly home very happy indeed,Wembley awaits and please we can all do it...
  8. DoDTS

    PL Table Mk shrimper promoted to division one via the play-offs

    Not to forget that the Prediction League play-offs are taking part with those finishing 4th to 7th in Division Two battling it out for promotion to Division One. The scores after the first match are: 0 MK Shrimper 0 defender05 0 fatgrandad 0 North Banker Exciting stuff indeed! early days...
  9. Tickets in East today - what's occurring SUFC ?

    I'm not a season ticket holder , but attend 'most' home games and generally buy on line. Quite often , when possible , I buy the same seat. I bought that seat for todays game when tickets went on sale , but today there was somebody in the seat I had bought and paid for !!! The guy said he was a...
  10. Daniel Bentley ...... Time for a change ????

    I think that dan is a great shot stopper , but he has cost us so many goals this season through bad judgement , yeah he has the potential to be a good goalkeeper but he is still young for a keeper and still has a lot to learn ,but his confidence / inexperience has cost us even going back as far...
  11. DoDTS

    No.1 Ldnfatso Biggest Loser Trophy

    This is the first in this new competition, where you get one point for every result you get totally wrong and frankly we were all outstanding in this last night! Indeed from memory it must have been the worst night of predicting ever (Steve would have been very proud). If you get all six wrong...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 10 TABLES NOW UP for 8th February 2014

    Four draws and an unexpected defeat for the Blues confused most of us and points were hard to come by, indeed five predictors failed to get a single point between them. In the circumstances excellent performances from Agent Lomas and thenobster, and also from Tinks and mgh 10 Agent...
  13. Tangled up in Blue

    RIP-Pete Seeger

    http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jan/28/pete-seeger-dies-aged-94 A giant of folk music has just died.This land is your land indeed.
  14. Tangled up in Blue

    Spot the city skyline quiz

    http://www.theguardian.com/cities/quiz/2014/jan/20/spot-the-city-skyline-quiz 11/15 for me.City slicker indeed.:whistling:
  15. Question Anyone concerned?

    With the news that a number of players have been arrested over match fixing allegations, do you worry just how serious this problem might get? As we have witnessed in the Yewtree witch hunt, once the authorities have no option but to investigate, more and more of the iceberg begins to surface...
  16. Best 11

    Ok , based on what you've seen this season ( not past seasons glories or indeed past seasons mistakes ) , if every one of our players is fit , on form and free from suspension , what would be your preferred starting 11 and bench. Mine : BENTLEY WHITE , KIERNAN , PROSSER , COKER ATKINSON ...
  17. Shrimper2thecore

    Question Penalty Charge Notice

    I received a letter in the post on Saturday to inform me that I haven't paid for a PCN for "Parking adjacent to a dropped footway" on 09/10 Now, I never had a PCN played on my windscreen on this date (or any other), and so now the charge has lost the half price 28 period, and they now want £70...
  18. DoDTS

    SELECTIONS FOR THE Roots Hall "HOME" Competition

    Next week sees the first fixtures of the Roots Hall “HOME” Competition for this session and those selected are as follows: EAST STAND Team: Escudo, Dannypav and SupaBlues Substitute: Nestudas NORTH BANK Team SUFC_Ross, D.O.L.L. and DTS Substitute: LuckyLuca WEST STAND Team: Fatgrandad, Gt...
  19. The curious case of Tommy Robinson

    Bizarre. TR leaves the EDL because they've become too extreme. Make of this what you will. He's now hooked up with some former islamic extremists, the quilliam foundation, to promote cultural harmony. One of founding members of the quilliam foundation, maajid nawaz, attended westcliff high...
  20. Fifa

    Bunch of crackheads..Why give the World Cup to Qatar ? Knowing the heat can indeed kill players or fans or even both there must have been bribes galore.Countries should make a stand and boycott this event and hold their own tournament without FIFA.