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  1. DoDTS

    This weekend

    This weekend please bear with me. I have to go away for a few days (not sure about internet connection) and I have been having laptop problems (hopefully solved now). I will send reminders to those that haven't predicted later tonight, I will try and send last reminders on Saturday, and...
  2. Jam_Man

    Breaking News Fossetts Farm has a direct competitor

    In todays Echo, http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/14116241.Huge___50million_Southend_seafront_cinema_complex_to_be_unveiled_to_the_public/?ref=mr&lp=1 Its clear from that the developer wants to get his application approved before Fossetts is agreed, if he does that is going to be a massive blow...
  3. Razam

    Travel & Weather Watch

    Though it may be useful for some.... C2C No planned service alterations for 23rd May http://www.c2c-online.co.uk/travel-information/service-alterations/ Abellio Greater Anglia In connection with Southend United FC playing at Wembley on Saturday 23 May 2015 train services to/from Southend...
  4. Navigating through London on Saturday

    Just thought I'd let you all know of a pretty useful app/website called Citymapper, gives you the fastest routes through London to wherever as well as train delays, train times, walking times etc. Heres the route from Liverpool Street to The Green Man for example. And heres the (short) route...

    Breaking News Dont come off the M6 at Lancaster

    I was speaking to man in the ticket shop at Morcombe today. He said done come of the M6 at Lancaster other wise you will be in long delays as there doing a new By pass there. He actually said Accrington fc Came he the other week and the coaches got to the ground at Half time and a lot of...
  6. Chilcot Enquiry.....further delays!

    Come on Tony Blair......about time you gave the ok for it to be released! .....
  7. The Big Shrimp

    Road Travel To Bury

    Just arrived in Manchester and thought I'd warn anybody driving up to be aware that there are potential delays due to roadworks either side of the M6 toll roads starting South of Coventry. When moving it was 50 mph average speed cameras all through it. I'm writing this from the comfort of my...
  8. Razam

    Is No News.....

    I can't see any official updates on the OS since Feb'2013 (maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.) So do you guys think that lack of news is a sign of obstacles & problems causing delays, or do you think that everything is quietly running along albeit at a slow pace?
  9. DoDTS

    Liverpool street trains tonight

    Major problems on Liverpool Street Line this morning overhead power lines down. Looking at the Greater Anglia website still problems now (3.15). Delays and some trains only going as far as Hockley. DoDtS
  10. C C Csiders

    This'll make your eyes water

  11. Season Cards

    Best we all check our Season Cards before tomorrow to make sure we don't experience delays at turnstiles(see club website)
  12. Jam_Man

    1st game of the season - starting to get excited already....

    Normally I book the first two weeks of the kids holidays off but as we went to Florida in March and New York in June I only have enough holiday for a week this year, which is lucky as didnt even think about the season starting so early. However that does mean I will be in the Lake District on...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    Good news!

    1. Phil Brown doesn't appear to have been appointed - at least yet. 2. We have a train named after us. C2C are great. I've never missed the only goal of a game against the reigning League Cup holders and soon to be League Champions because of train delays when traveling C2C and their trains are...
  14. Congratulations Shrimpers from a Rotherham fan

    We're a shambles of a team ATM but take nothing away from Southend, who thrashed us at home for the second season running. Also well done to the 472 Shrimpers fans there today. Great effort for such a long trip, especially with the motorway delays. Cressy got a great reception from us Millers...
  15. Anyone know why there's lack of info on official club site?

    Hope this is okay for my first thread. It has been quite obvious since the unfortunate play-off defeat that there has been a lack of updated news regarding the first team on the Club's official site. Without the risk of being accused of fishing the last time there were such delays it led to...
  16. Jam_Man

    Travel Warning for tonight

    There's a thread in the Pub where I moan about this but thought Id remind people of the issues with the roads. The Sadlers Farm roadworks is causing a 30 minute delay on the A13 at around 6-30pm, although Im sure this eases off after 7pm. This has been having a knock on effect on the A127...
  17. Firestorm

    Getting to the game tonight - Liverpool St

    Delays at Maryland again !!!
  18. Homer

    Rank Casino not going to FF

    Anybody else see tonights story in the echo that Ranks are looking to relocate there new Casino elsewhere in Southend other than FF because of the delays outside there control so a £8 million investment wont be constructed at FF
  19. Smiffy

    Re: Prospects - Time to make a stand

    Re: Prospects - Time to make a stand So what with the Echo article the other week, it appears Prospects are again playing hard ball. You can in a way see their point, failed completions etc, but as a local business and not a private site for personal gain. Surely it is in their interest to go...
  20. Breaking News Tonight: Warning

    Just to let you know any Shrimpers going via Chelmsford on the choo-choo MAY experience delays on the train as there is a fatality reported and it's bound to delay services. There is a chance it could affect services on the line out of Liverpool Street, I shall investigate.