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  1. Tampa Blue

    Just got told this joke.................well I think it's funny!!

    A Southend fan and a Colchester fan get into a caraccident, and it's a bad one. Both cars (with football stickers on windows) aretotally demolished, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawlout of their cars, the Colchester fan says, "So you're a Southend fan,that's interesting...
  2. Supernaut

    Isle of Grain's chimney stack to be demolished on Sept 7th

    Fred Dibnah fans and general demolition enthusiasts, this iconic part of our view over the Estuary from Leigh to Shoebury is finally getting blown to bits next week! Must admit, I had no idea it was so tall - think I'm going to take the morning off to watch it go...
  3. DoDTS

    Just a little bit of SUFC history

    Southend United played at the Stadium 1934 to 1955, but the greyhounds are long gone and the ground demolished and now is the site of the Greyhound Retail park off of Sutton Road. It is now the home of Bingo, Iceland, KFC etc and nothing left of the old ground. The most southerly shop in the...
  4. Breaking News Sainsburys article found in Property Week

    Found this article this morning, might finally be getting some progress on FF. Sainsbury’s has long been a friend of League Two football club Southend United. The supermarket is hoping to take over its stadium at Roots Hall for redevelopment as a store. What could go wrong for the Shrimpers...
  5. big questions to be answered

    from documents that I have seen the new stadium is due for completion on 26/11/2012 and roots hall is due to be knocked down 24/9/2012, meaning a 2 month gap where we may have to nowhere to play. martin and gypsy boy always maintain that rootshall will not be touched until new stadium is...
  6. manor15

    Group B Summary

    Group B Played Wins Draws Losses For Against GD Pts Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 +6 9 South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4 Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3 Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1 Group God: Leo Messi has proved that he really is one of the best players ever to play the game of football. Sure, he lacked the...
  7. manor15


    Germany Manager: Joachim Low Captain: Michael Ballack FIFA Ranking: 6 Group D Background: Third when they hosted the tournament in 2006, Germany enter the 2010 World Cup as one of the favourites in their seventeenth World Cup appearance, only having missed out in 1930 and 1950. However, in...
  8. 50 games which defined a decade - Part 2 (2005-2009)

    1st April 2005: Southend United 2 – 0 Bristol Rovers (League Two) The second half of the decade began with our beloved Shrimpers surging up the league on the back of a series of virtuoso performances from new signing Freddy Eastwood. From the second week of January we went on a long unbeaten run...
  9. Help Please!

    Hello Southend fans Sorry for being a nuisance and cluttering your forum up but I am compiling a project about football grounds and am featuring your ground. Wondered if anyone could complete the following questionnaire for me. Thanks for your time 1. How long have you been watching Southend...
  10. Smiffy

    Breaking News North Bank OPEN for Spinner Testimonial!!

    Just got some superb news from the club. The North Bank will be open for Southend fans for Spinners Testimonial on May 5th. There will be beer available aswell!! So chaps, this COULD be the last chance we have of being able to use our spiritual home, so please if you are going to this game...
  11. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Heathrow third runway gets go-ahead

    The third runway will operate at half its capacity when it opens in 2020, raising the total number of flights from 480,000 to 600,000, rather than the 702,000 intended. It will add an estimated 400 flights a day at the west London site and increasing annual passenger numbers through the airport...
  12. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Ronaldo crashes Ferrari on way to training

    Cristiano Ronaldo has escaped unhurt after crashing his Ferrari sports car into a roadside barrier in a tunnel near Manchester airport. The car was badly damaged when it was involved in the accident at 10.20am today on the A538 Wilmslow Road, but the 23-year-old Manchester United winger was...
  13. Slipperduke

    The Kids Are More Than Alright

    Arsene Wenger stared down his inquisitor and smiled. Just half an hour after his young Arsenal side had demolished Sheffield United by six goals, the old quote, "You can't win anything with kids," had been offered up to him. "These players," he said levellely, "do not play like kids." They...
  14. The Big Shrimp

    Civic Centre Car Park

    For those of you like me who used the above mentioned car park last season & before, how many saw the blatant p!ss take by our penny pinching council? They have now introduced parking fees for what used to be a free car park. The new fees go: 1 hour 80p, 2 hours £1.50, 4 hours £4.00! I might...
  15. TrueBlue


    Blackfriars station will be completely rebuilt and the office building above it demolished and replaced. The LUL station at Blackfriars will close for 24 months [1]. After the closure of the existing terminus platforms in March 2009, the through platforms will be extended along Blackfriars...
  16. sussex by the sea

    New Stadium

    I have gone through the information on the Council's website trying to look the application objectively as a planner rather than football supporter. My first comments are a) that it is by no means certain that permission will be granted given the scale of the proposal but b) that there is...
  17. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    As I usually try and write my view for people who weren't there, I'm going to change it a bit tonight as I guess most will have seen it.  Anyway, we have the rare option of picking it to pieces and dissecting it via video or SKY plus or whatever, so I figured I would just relay my view of the...
  18. Only one Roots Hall

    If we are to have a new stadium, why?. Roots Hall is our ancestral home. As the South stand has already been done, the remaining three stands could be demolished and rebuilt in phases over the next few years. Ultimately we could end up with a modern stadium to be proud of. Cost? Well the FF site...