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  1. The 'Requirement Policy' Now - Your Thoughts

    This is my first thread post, so be kind people. Towards the end of last season we were told by Phil Brown ‘I want to have my transfers done early’ and there were mentions of a requirement policy which we as supporters discussed quite heavily. I’m not saying it’s a...
  2. Shrimpers Trust Quiz desperation

    Folks, regarding the Shrimpers Trust Christmas Quiz - out of the 100 cryptic questions I am absolutely stuck on one...and OBL said it was ok to ask for help so.....this is a cryptic clues to a band (not a solo artist). Not a fan of this in the morning. Feel free to PM me the answer - happy to...
  3. Jam_Man

    Formations and the perpetual 442 discussion

    Interesting comment from Brown 642747338931478528 So that opens up the debate about 442 yet again. The team he selected today was the same one that people raved about last Saturday, and was certainly the one Id have sent out seeing as it did so well against Posh. However I did wonder how...
  4. Blue_Wes

    Joe Yoffe set to challenge FIFA's transfer window.

    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Seems ex-Southend trialist Joe Yoffe is set to take FIFA to court and challenge the transfer window. He currently ply's his trade in Iceland, where due to the adverse weather they endure, the season (and subsequently many player contracts) ends outside...
  5. I have a gambling addiction.

    I have just sent the following email to Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet365, BetVictor, Stan James, Paddy Power, Pinnacle & 888: 'Dear Sirs, I am writing this email to you because I have a gambling addiction. Over a period of time, due to my addiction and desperation, I have found myself in a...
  6. Paul Sturrock is the key to next season.

    Now we are not going up, the emotional maelstrom begins. However, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. First, Paul Sturrock is the key to our success next season and must be given at least one more year to get this right. With the uncertainty of our financial situation, players...
  7. Smart businessman, or outright scoundrel?

    Over the course of the weekend I was tasked with finding a friend of mine a ticket for V Festival as she'd been ripped off on eBay and was in a bit of a panic about missing out. As it happens, I know someone from Uni who's a bit of a dab hand with these occasions. As something of a prologue...
  8. southend4ever

    Paul Sturrock Can do No Wrong!

    ..... Well he can't can he? If it's not doing a great job to keep one player satisfied (Granty), or showing great determination to get stuck into a sticky project, or his ability to bring in a whole new team of signings, or his ability to show he has thought of using one extra formation, then I...
  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty's X-Files - A Brief SUFC Themed Special

    There's not much to say anymore. Even the most pink-hued of the rose-tinted spectacle brigade are joining us in the realist corner - our beloved club is well and truly ****ed. I'm not going to post a rallying cry - I know we'll get behind the team if by some miracle we're able to get a team...
  10. Winkle

    In the brown stuff!

    I have tried everything, Lucky scarf, one glove off, one glove on,swapped from snickers bar at halftime back to minstrels(AKA OUR TITLE WINNING SEASON) I would even contemplate being teatotal for a month if we could stop conceeding stupid goals but if I am truthfully honest I dont think it...
  11. Rules Are Rules. Unless You're Portsmouth.

    When Portsmouth’s 4th owner of the season presumably won the club in a game of pass-the-financially-defunct-parcel, did nobody explain the basic rules of English football? The news that Portsmouth have applied for extraordinary circumstances to the Premier League in order to sell their...
  12. Crawliano

    Question Anybody get a phone call today from the club?

    They rang me earlier telling me the Charlton game is nearly sold out asking if I wanted to buy tickets, I didn't know whether this was desperation or just genuine concern. I expect the same level of service when we get another big draw in the cup. 90 second phone call and I part with £40 for...
  13. TrueBlue

    Tilsons Comments

    Text from the club: " I couldn't fault our lads, they really did give me everything. it was just one of those games where we just did not get the rub of the green" WHAT A LOAD OF ****ING BULL **** SERIOUSLY!!! 1. Could not fault our lads - BULLCRAP - we were dire no interest from the team 2...
  14. Slipperduke

    Leeds Live The Dream

    DID LEEDS GET LUCKY? Absolutely not. This was a fully deserved win by a team who paid for their victory in blood and in sweat and in tears. Leeds United may have spent the last two and a half years in the third flight of English football, but if this result is anything to go by, they're on...
  15. duncan bulgaria

    Interesting ??

    Just been fotball training with my Sat side and our Prolific Centre foward who scored 54 goals last season was telling us that Southend phoned him up to play for them agaist GWR the other week . Now don't get me wrong I rate my pal as a good player and at our level he is obviously a good player...
  16. shrimperjon

    take that tickets....help

    Hi fellow Shrimpers, urgent request. I bought tickets for my wife and sister to go and see take that tomrow, only to find out that the company i bought from have gone bust. in desperation does any1 know someone who might have two tickets?
  17. Slipperduke

    United Blow Their Chance

    Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United Eto'o 10 Messi 70 He may have mellowed with age, enough at least to allow the dignitaries to slip a runners-up medal over his head while still smiling warmly, but Sir Alex Ferguson must be furious with the way that this Champions League final was allowed to...
  18. NZamba Legend

    Have we signed anyone yet?

    It has now been a week since the season ended and even though we can not officially sign players yet, surely I am not the only one worried by the lack of transfer activity at Roots Hall. Ron Martin keeps on talking about a war chest, but I don't think we've got a pot to p1ss in frankly. Will a...
  19. chrisblore

    Paul Furlong (report from Barnet )

    As I'm at uni in Exeter at the moment and my housemate comes from Barnet, we decided to go to Exeter v Barnet this afternoon. Although I'd rather have been at Roots Hall to see us pick up a valuable 3 points, I was looking forward to the chance to see Paul Furlong in action (along with two...
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    Standing at the cross-roads - read this Ron Martin!

    I think the club is currently at a cross roads. We can either spend money and try and buy our way out of possible trouble with expensive short term solutions, or we can struggle on with what we've got, topped up by loan signings and the occasional more expensive signing when the right player...