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  1. Time for a Q&A?

    Hasn't been one for a while and there are some serious issues to be asked. Ron said that if work didn't start in 2013, it was "back to the drawing board". What exactly does he mean by this? With Sainsbury funding the 3 stands with the 4th to be built later, how much can we cut back? For the...
  2. RobM

    Refereeing questions.

    1. Why in the milwall game didn't the fourth official hold up the board with 25 added minutes? 2. In a penalty shoot out, when is the ball deemed to be dead? Reason I ask, there are clips on youtube in which the ball hits the bar, whizzes into the air (cue goalie celebration) yet the ball comes...
  3. Why bas vegas ?!?

    I have promised a young lad at work a beer or two after his role in yesterday's victory. He was staying at the Holiday Inn in Basildon, where he saw in the New Year. As he headed down for breakfast the following morning he was accompanied in the lift by some Porstmouth players. They asked his...
  4. OldBlueLady

    Downloading attachments on yahoo mail issues

    Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or ideas as to why I don't seem able to download any email attachments at the moment? Started last weekend, tried to download reports for our Trust committee meeting on Monday, couldn't, didn't really worry too much, but have tried since with other...
  5. Question One for the Oldies in Shrimperzone

    I was recalling my young days a few years after the ww2 ,the days when we didnt have a TV,and sitting on a Saturday night playing cards with my Father and listening to the radio,and the foot ball results would come on.The man reading out them he was a legend,read them very slowly and i used to...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Table No.9 Southend Prediction League

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW Big hitters last night were Wckfordshrimper and Davewebbsbrain who both predivted correct score cwith their wilkdcard and the Eternal Optimist who got correct score...
  7. Shrimper2thecore

    Question Penalty Charge Notice

    I received a letter in the post on Saturday to inform me that I haven't paid for a PCN for "Parking adjacent to a dropped footway" on 09/10 Now, I never had a PCN played on my windscreen on this date (or any other), and so now the charge has lost the half price 28 period, and they now want £70...
  8. Strikers Who Leave And Score Goals...

    Matt Harrold - Useless for us, only scored 3 in 2 seasons. Has since gone on to play for Wycombe, Shrewsbury & currently Bristol Rovers. Has scored a total of 45 goals since leaving. Gary Hooper - Usually 3rd choice behind Freddy & Foran (Unbelievably). Currently with Norwich in the Prem. Since...
  9. NZamba Legend

    2005: That penalty against Northampton in the play-off second leg

    Nicolau dived didn't he?
  10. New Unofficial Fanzine

    I have the idea of writing and releasing a weekly UNOFFICIAL fanzine. Whether i will need the club's permission or not is another question... To be sold/given away outside the ground at all home & away games... If i was to sell them, would be a measly 20p... UTB!!
  11. fbm

    Was Corr's first an O.G.?

    I thought at the time that Corr didn't actually get a touch on the first and it was an own goal by the defender. The TV isn't clear but certainly it looks as though the brilliant cross from Hurst doesn't get near Corr's head and there is a defender in front of him who appears to put the ball...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Table No.2 TABLE Southend Prediction League

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW TOMORROW Congratulations to MK Shrimper for correctly predicting a 2-0 win with Big Barry scoring for 5 points (shame you didn't use your wildcard MK!) but it is Ricey and...
  13. How to get rid of a manager you didn't want in the first place.

    Levski Sofia hired Ivaylo Petev yesterday, but fans were unhappy after he admitted to being fan of their arch rivals, CSKA Sofia. They were so angry that during his 1st press conference, a few of them forced him to take off his training tops as he left the room topless. Today he quit...
  14. Jam_Man

    England for the English ?

    Not a BNP thread this one... The new rules state that a player who is resident in a nation for X amount of year (I believe 5) can play for that nation as long as they havent played for another. Therefore the likes of Arteta and Almunia have been touted for England in the past and now Januzaj...