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  1. Northern Soul

    Anyone like Northern Soul on here? I bet no one went to Wigan and Manchester back in the day when it was at it's prime. I didn't go by the way, but watched the film Northern Soul this week and really enjoyed it. I wish I had gone. I like this video as well...
  2. Question Minutes silence ? Did that include for John Stoten?

    Asking a respectful question here.... as we all held a perfect silence for the dead and injured in the terrible acts in Barcelona yesterday I didn't hear if that was to also remember our lost Shrimper John Stoten? Any ideas if that was or are we to hold a separate one ?
  3. Key player changes so far

    What's happened over the summer to some of our players? McGlashan and White have been excellent while Cox and Ferdinand have been very poor. McGlashan terrorised their deference today while Cox looks overweight and on his heels. White won nearly every 50/50 while Ferdinand didn't even attempt to...
  4. At Training Today.

    Not much to report, so this will be brief. An 11 v 11 match, stopped every now and again for instructions from Phil Brown. Stand out performers today for me was McGlashan, best attacking player, Matsuzaka(Although still a bit green), Kyprianou and the star was Anton Ferdinand. Nothing got past...
  5. Suggestion Box

    I didn't really want to start a thread but I couldn't find a suggestion box. I don't know if it's on the agenda already, but when the site next has an update would it be possible to get a notification when you've been quoted and replied to on threads?
  6. 2017: England V South Africa & West Indies

    I thought we may as well get this thread underway, what with the upcoming tours over the summer from South Africa & the West Indies from now until the end of September, and our thoughts and opinions for who should make the grade for the up-coming ashes series. I will start with tonight's easy...
  7. Brexit negotiations thread

    Surprised there isn't already a thread. Negotiations officially began yesterday. Safe to say it probably didn't get off to a great start, although perhaps unsurprising. "In contrast to well-rehearsed EU positions on issues such as the financial settlement and Irish borders, British officials...
  8. The Captains Suite

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/newly-branded-captains-suite-3712485.aspx So the Club are re-branding the 110 Club as The Captains Suite and will theme it around five iconic captains of the Club's past and want the fans to chose who those five are. Firstly, I love this sort...
  9. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question Pre-Season Friendlies - What Would You Like?

    No doubt we'll be served up the same old stuff again - away at Great Wakering, possibly a trip in to deepest Canvey, a home game v the 'big boys' of Ip shi te ...... or possibly an exotic trip to see us play in Spain v Barcelona Under 10's. admittedly home to Newcastle last year was a little...
  10. Laptop problems

    For a week or so I've been unable to open any websites on my laptop. I use Firefox, and that hasn't been working. the wheel goes round forever and evertually it says "Secure Connection Failed". I've tried other browsers, they don't work either. I did the cmd netsh winsock reset catalog thing i...
  11. Brown being sent to the stands.....

    Being a long way from seeing brown sent off last night , any ideas whether this will effect the next games?... didn't he get warned about his future behavior and conduct after questioning officials? I have no problem with him getting in Parkinson's face as he is an irratating weasel of a...
  12. Napster

    Mclaughlin interview

    Didnt see this when it was on the league paper website http://www.theleaguepaper.com/featured/7175/team-mates-southend-united-winger-stephen-mclaughlin/
  13. Season Tickets

    Please note if you intend to renew your Season Ticket it will cost you an extra £5 if you do it at the ticket office.Some of you may already know this but I didn't read the small print saying renewing online saves you that admin fee.
  14. DoDTS

    PL Cup Still time to take part

    The 1st Round draw of the Prediction League cup will take place today and everyone who posted their predictions for No. 1 predictions will be included. If you didn't predict No. 1 fixtures but want to take part just post your predictions for No.2 fixtures by 18.00 am today and you will also be...
  15. If any supporter knows....

    If any fan knows who the ****** was who let off a blue smoke bomb on the platform of the Jubilee line at London Bridge UNDERGROUND (put in brackets in case the moron didn't know where he was) station on Saturday, please can they return him to his carers? As somebody who suffers from asthma, it...
  16. Tampa Blue

    Just got told this joke.................well I think it's funny!!

    A Southend fan and a Colchester fan get into a caraccident, and it's a bad one. Both cars (with football stickers on windows) aretotally demolished, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawlout of their cars, the Colchester fan says, "So you're a Southend fan,that's interesting...
  17. manor15

    EFL Trophy may be scrapped

    According to the Guardian, Shaun Harvey, head of the EFL, says the EFL Trophy may be scrapped. Clearly this year's experiment didn't go as well as hoped... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/dec/08/checkatrade-trophy-english-football-league
  18. So how does that work?

    While Dan Bentley will one day be able to tell his grandchildren that he scored for his own side at Wembley, yesterday's 3rd goal is credited (eg Sky, BBC) to McLaughlin - even though the accompanying reports make it clear the ball only ended up in the net as a rebound off the keeper's back. Of...
  19. DoDTS

    PL Cup Still time to take part

    The 1st Round draw of the Prediction League cup will take place tomorrow and everyone who posted their predictions for No. 1 predictions will be included. If you didn't predict No. 1 fixtures but want to take part just post your predictions for No.2 fixtures by 9.00 am tomorrow and you will...
  20. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit: an apology

    During the referendum campaign I was guilty of talking down the benefits of Brexit down. In particular I was highly sceptical of the health advantages that this would bring despite this seemingly being a huge part of the Leave campaign (see picture of leading Government minister in front of a...