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  1. OldBlueLady

    Clement Freud - another to add to the paedophile list?

    Stories this morning that Clement Freud abused two girls, one of whom lived with his family from the age of 14. His widow has "apologised", which suggests she accepts this as fact. Links also apparently being suggested to the McCanns as he owned a villa in the town where Madeleine went...
  2. Mansfield Town - Prawnzone profile

    It's a slow day, so please follow this link to discover the delights of Prawnzone's profile of The Super Stags http://www.southendunitedfootballclub.co.uk/site/65/281.html
  3. C C Csiders

    Odd Random Things You Discover

    I was driving on the M11 and saw a Norbert Dentrassangle lorry so decided to attempt the "Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry" tongue-twister. As ever it proved beyond me. Then, for some reason unbenown to me, I attempted it in a Jamaican/Caribbean accent; and lo-and-behold it was...
  4. Laptop Windows Product Key - Useful Discovery

    Rebuilding a Samsung laptop I was given (m/b, HD, both shot and the keyboard slightly bowed in the middle, though working.... Hmmmm :smile:) but when I came to reinstall Windows 7, I discovered that a small tear in the Label meant I was missing the last two digits of the Key. Emailed Samsung and...
  5. When will we discover length of bans ?

    Anyone know when the bans concerning Clohessy and Benyon will officially be known by the authorities? I assume they are missing on monday.
  6. Evening Echo

    Blues wait on Kalala injury

    SOUTHEND United are still waiting to discover the seriousness of the ankle injury Jean-Paul Kalala picked up at Morecambe on Saturday. More...
  7. yogi bear up the cagire


    Wondered whether any one can offer advice. Flying to Seville for a week in February and apart from spending two days in both Seville and Granada (going by train or coach......not car friendly from what I've read), we want to spend three days in an attractive central position which will enable us...
  8. Evening Echo

    Breaking News N'Diaye Signs - Bienvenue l'unité!

    SOUTHEND United are set to discover in the next 48 hours whether or not they have been successful in their pursuit of Crystal Palace midfielder Alassane N’Diaye. More...
  9. J

    The true meaning of happiness..

    Well, it's been a very long time indeed. Not long enough unfortunately, and to my amazement, my SZ account is still active. Thanks Mods. You could have done me a favour and binned it!! So, I have found something, no. I have found many things in life, that happen on a Saturday afternoon...
  10. Slipperduke

    Plodding Snore-fest Is No Reason For Complacency

    Algeria 0-1 Slovenia ENGLAND SHOULDN’T TAKE THESE TWO TEAMS FOR GRANTED An awful game, bereft of class and style, but if England fans think that they can relax, they should think again. There was just enough in this strangely compelling display of mutual ineptitude to concern Fabio...
  11. Slipperduke

    Greek Tragedy For King Otto

    South Korea 2-0 Greece EURO 2004 SEEMS AN AWFULLY LONG TIME AGO It’s hard to believe that Greece ever caused the European superpowers such headaches. Granted, they were never blessed with a generation of superstars, but they always had their composure, their organisation and their ability to...
  12. One for Rusty - You Know You Are A Taliban If:

    1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer. 2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes. 3. You have more wives than teeth. 4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean." 5. You think vests...
  13. DTS

    Inventions/Things you wished you had discovered earlier in life.

    After playing football last night I got in and as always the Mrs had done me a super bit of food (Home made Red Thai Curry for those that are wondering) Anyway I then had the age old battle shower vs food, food vs shower. However as it turns out Mrs DtS had loaded the rice cooker up. So all I...
  14. Rob Noxious

    'The Road To Binfield Pier'

    Me and The Captain have been discussing a homage to Orwell's 'The Road To Wigan Pier' with some contemporary musings on the state of the nation today, based on our social encounters and exchanges with our public. To set the scene for this one, I wish to tell you how The Captain once taught your...
  15. Programmatic Music in the Romantic Era

    Hi Guys, I am currently in my final year at University of Essex studying a BA (Hons) in Music Production. As part of my Dissertation I am looking to discover if it may or may not be possible to differentiate Programmatic Music (music to tell a story) and general Romantic Music. It would be...
  16. smudgster

    Another deadline deal too late ?

    Or was it ? The Echo reports this morning that the Blues were awaiting official documentation to discover weather they had signed another forward on loan. On a sour note they also say that Granty will be out for 6 to 8 weeks.
  17. Barking College

    Mate of mine recently started at BC and was stunned to discover he was one of a tiny minority of white english to attend the college,His tutors are asian/russian whilst his group consist of 3 white english 7 asians 4 polish 8 africans 4 english blacks and 3 west indians. Diversity indeed and...
  18. Slipperduke

    Wenger's Bar

    I'm afraid I won't be writing a column this week, or indeed ever again. Yep, I'm hanging up my presspass and shutting my laptop for the final time. I'm off to France, you see. Arsene Wenger's assertion that he learned everything he needed to know about football in a pub gave me food for thought...
  19. Slipperduke

    It's A Yeung Man's Game

    Carson Yeung's imminent takeover of Birmingham City is a watershed moment for English football. For the first time in history, half of the Premier League is in the hands of overseas investors. Ten clubs, ten multi-millionaire owners, but does Yeung really have a chance of success in the...
  20. Rusty Shackleford

    Slipper of the Yard

    Wonderful article here by one of my favourite journalists/commentators, Mark Steyn: “He was always affable and very much a gentle giant,” said Bruce Reynolds. “He was one of the old school,” agreed one of Mr Reynolds’ colleagues. Gentlemen publishers? Art dealers? Yes, Mr Reynolds has a...