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  1. Simon Dobbin Verdicts

    They're here if anyone is interested. All guilty of something.... http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/liver-jury-verdict-simon-dobbin-13312751 Sentencing on monday.
  2. Mad Cyril

    DIY/Building question

    Right - you know those large hessian bags that sand, gravel etc is delivered in from builders merchants on the back of lorries with cranes..... I want to buy about ten of these. Does anyone know where I can get them from?
  3. Pubey's DIY thread #23151

    So I'm planning to take a week off work in August to paint our house. Picked out a nice colour (Dulux Weathershield Sandstone) which is a standard waterbased masonry paint. At the back we've got a mixture of cast-iron downpipes, a PVC soil pipe and some other guttering down pipes. The previous...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Recent DIY wins

    I recently noticed the pressure gauge reading low on my combi boiler. I re-pressurized the system only to notice the pressure drop off again over the next few days. This pointed to a leak in the central heating system which could have involved ripping up newly laid floors at worst and at best...
  5. TV screws

    Without wanting to take away from Pubey's DIY threads, I've recently moved into a new place and while I had my TV mounted on the wall where I used to live, the landlord's a bit funny about fixtures and fittings, so I'm having to place it back on its stand. That wouldn't be a problem at all...
  6. DIY question

    Doing up a bedroom in our house. The chimney breast from the dining room comes up through this room. There are two sockets on the chimney breast, attached outside the wall using mounting boxes like this... We're getting the walls skimmed and so I thought I could set the sockets into the wall...
  7. Mad Cyril

    DIY tips

    I am redecorating the house at the moment so thought I would start a thread to share collective knowledge..... Cover your roller tray with a plastic bag before filling with paint. That way you don't have to wash it up when you are done....
  8. Shrimper2thecore

    Question Framing Football Shirts

    Where/how does everyone find best to do this? A specific shop that offers decent rates, or DIY?
  9. DIY/New Plaster

    Had a room skimmed, and going to paint it later today. Plasterer said to water down the first coat (50/50), second coat (80/20) and then it'll be fine for a top coat. Do I need to do anything else? Sand/wash the walls??? Cheers pubes
  10. Planning Application extention

    Planning Application extention+ Changes to plans /council meeting report 26 Jan 2012 I couldn't see this mentioned anywhere else, I can't remember now exactly where we are and whether this was expected /old news or what , so apologies if old/non news Andrew Meddle Head of Planning and...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Received in the post today - Application to extend time limit for planning permission

    Letter received from Andrew Meddle, Head of Service (whatever that means!) at SOSBC: To demolish nightclub and training facilities; erect 22,000 seat football stadium, including 114 bedroom hotel, conference floorspace, players' hostel, food and drink concessions, bars and other ancillary...
  12. shrimperhosk

    Season Tickets Prices - The Way i look at it......do you agree :)

    Well for me and 2 mates we enjoy our home football from AM to PM we have a great time making a full day of it with stop to the cafe followed by a few hours in the pub then hit the betting shop, match then home (or pub) we was discussing the increase and i feel more for the guys/dolls who take...
  13. News story of the year!

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/2990742/DIY-SOS-host-Nick-Knowles-burns-willy-on-oven-while-nude-baking.html "The DIY SOS host, 47, then tried rubbing it with butter before plunging it into a pint of iced Pimms":D
  14. Vange Shrimper

    Men and DIY

    I'm just sitting on my bed, trying to relax, listening to Radio 5 and my ****ing neighbour has just started drilling and it's quite loud! He's been banging about all evening anyway, now I didnt expect this coming. Is there not a time where you can't do DIY due to the noise level? And why do...
  15. Virgin media phone problem

    I may be being very thick here but I'm loathe to call Virgin's 0845 customer service centre from my mobile only to hold for 20 minutes. Basically I got virgin media installed at my new flat yesterday, phone, tv broadband package. The broadband and TV work fine and I have been given a phone...
  16. DIY help

    Has anyone descaled their central heating system? Mine suffers from terrible banging and clanking and looking online, it maybe that the gasses produced from the limescale is the answer. I'm a bit crap at DIY (well apart from electrics!) and any advice would be appreciated. I have a combination...
  17. DIY help

    I'm moving out my current flat in a couple of weeks and obviously everyone has to be in working order. unfortunately the other day i hit my floor lamp on the base with a football and it died. I've tried changing the lamp, checked the fuse and tried it in other sockets but nothing has got it...
  18. Napster

    Best opening lines in movie history

    My favourite here. Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a ****ing big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments...
  19. jarriss

    5 Weeks and counting...

    3pm on a Saturday afternoon and I'm bored. With no Roots Hall visit or ear glued to BBC Essex, I'm being forced to use DIY as an excuse not to go shopping with the mrs. The start of the new season can't come quick enough...
  20. Interpol Shrimper

    DIY Help

    Right then, unfortunately I've been roped into some ongoing DIY projects around the house (and as I've posted before this is in no way my strong point). 1) I hired a steam wallpaper stripper last weekend and got all the paper off the 2 bathrooms we're doing up, however as the head of the...