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  1. Gender stereotyping kids

    Rather than pervert to JT thread, I thought I'd start a new one. Talking to the missus last night we wondered if it's possible to get a child to follow a certain path in later years because of the colour of clothes you buy, or the toys they play with. Was Jamie Oliver bought a toy kitchen as...
  2. shrimperhosk

    Kevin Maher testimonial ?

    Hi After reading the echo i was thinking as King Kev was with us 10years could we get him his testimonial? i hear he Fell out with Tilly so whilst he was in charge he had no chance but surely this True Blue and in my view Legend (still see the FK against QPR) deserves this? just a thought...
  3. southend4ever

    Blow Up Dolls

    I am more than content with my current sex life. In fact I love it. The other half is off away in a few weeks time and I can't contemplate going a few weeks without sex and it's been years since I addressed young Master Bates. I am therefore contemplating buying a blow up doll. However, I...
  4. southend4ever

    What do you buy an 80 year old for his birthday?

    Hi All, My Grandad has his 80th coming up! He lives alone. He has loved sport all throughout his life. He is a lot less nimble now, with a fragile memory to say the least. He never likes a fuss to be made. But it's his 80th. Most likely his last big birthday celebration... What can I do that...
  5. shrimperhosk

    Season Tickets Prices - The Way i look at it......do you agree :)

    Well for me and 2 mates we enjoy our home football from AM to PM we have a great time making a full day of it with stop to the cafe followed by a few hours in the pub then hit the betting shop, match then home (or pub) we was discussing the increase and i feel more for the guys/dolls who take...
  6. Shrimper


    I was looking on 606 and an amusing topic came up with Southend United russian dolls in Prague. I noticed that OBL and Upminster Shrimper replied to it but what i'd like to know is where abouts in Prague do you get them as i'm going on holiday this friday to Prague and would like to buy one...
  7. ozzy-shrimper

    Lady Gaga

    What does everyone reckon of Lady gaga? Went to the O2 arena to see the Pussycat Dolls, Neyo and Lady Gaga herself last tuesday (Got hold of free VIP tickets). She came across to me as being a little weird and the lyrics in her songs are definately different. Heres a video of the start at the...
  8. peanut12

    Fake baby

    Did anyone see that programme on C4 last night about women in their 50s who mail order dolls to look like real babies (even their grandkids) and then take them for walks in prams etc. It's fecked up - if you missed out, look out for My fake baby on E4 and prepare to be freaked out by the...
  9. Up the Shrimpers

    7 year old in quad bike death

    Old news now but this is ****ing me off:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/7161165.stm My 7 year old daughter got Barbie dolls for Christmas not a bloody Quad bike. I worry about giving my 10 year old boy 12 rated video games, would I let him loose on the public road at 7pm in the...
  10. Southend_Lady

    Toy Day - what did you bring in?

    When I was at Primary school, we used to have toy day on the last day of every term. You were allowed to bring one toy each in and all day you got to play with it and each others toys. There was always some poor child that got laughed at for bringing in a really pants toy. All the boys used...
  11. Ricey

    Need a Little Help?!?!

    On my myspace I has a video of the Southend vs Manchester United game, it was the one were like after games have been on Sky Sports they play a round up of it, this one was amazing and had the Goo Goo Dolls - Stay With You as the music. Does anyone have this or no where I can find it cause it...
  12. Favourite TV Comedy Programme.

    Its probaly been asked b4 but hey does it matter . What is your favourite TV Comedy Programme. I have a few, but I think overall the one I will go with is. Only Fools and Horses. Classic sketches being the falling into the bar when Del was trying to be a Yuppie..The Chandelier episode and...
  13. C C Csiders

    Fear of inanimate objects

    I have previously expressed on here the known and indisputable fact that dolls (especially china dolls) come to life at night when all the household is asleep. At this time they can only have murderous intent. Happily, however, most people do not keep knives in rooms where dolls reside. People...
  14. chadded

    Simon Jordan

    This guys a legend. Taken from the Observer: Forget Bruce, trouble starts with true blue Sullivan David Sullivan doesn't like his players. 'They're on £20-30,000 a week and they're not earning it; it makes you resentful,' he says, 'I've reached the stage where I don't like footballers.' Fair...
  15. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

    Just heard about this book that was published late last year - some strange choices and (IMHO) some glaring ommisions. That said, I own 293 of these and have heard a further 108 giving me a respectable total of 401. To be honest, dying would be a favourable option to hearing most of the others...