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  1. Firestorm

    Local IFA's

    Mrs FS is closing in on retirement and has the possibility of an early retirement option . So, has anyone on here used a local IFA who they would recommend. I know DTS is in financial services but I think it's more Mortgage based. Thanks
  2. DoDTS

    WALSALL have you been before?

    Weve been playing Walsall since 1927 and visted Walsall nearly 40 times. So have you been? any memories? I did go to Walsall in 1975 but to see Millwall, my first Southend match there was in 1990. It was a low point in my life with a marriage breakdown in full swing the future very uncertain...
  3. DTS

    Question Paignton

    Has anyone ever been to Paignton in Devon Mrs DtS and I are off to the Algarve in the summer and now we are thinking we might have a few days of British "Sunshine" in August too and we somehow seem to have come up with Paignton in Devon as it has a beach, zoo and waterpark. Anyone got any...
  4. Supermarkets

    I'd thought I'd resist as this is so far away from the once legendary DTS Friday polls as you can probably get ....but I guess we've all got old! So, where do you purchase your weekly shop? Used to be Tesco for me (only as its the nearest), but I'm a recent Lidl convert. Genuinely like the...
  5. DTS

    "Gap" car insurance.

    Ladies and gentlemen The good wife has it in her head we need to get "gap" car insurance. In short if your car is written off she is told I am sure quite rightly that our car insurer will only give us the market value of our car. "Gap" insurance covers the difference between what we paid for...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Cup Second round draw now up

    First Round Cup results below, Second Round draw Monday Replay next Saturday No. 3 fixtures Second round ties Saturday week No. 4 fixtures DTS............................... 7 ....v.... 6 westander..................... C C Csiders.................... 5 ....v.... 4 thenobster...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Cup Round two results now up

    The second round ties are being played tonight, the draw after the replays is as follows: CMRandall92............... ...v... Kitch............................ Flinty.............................v... Its Only A Game........... MK Shrimper...................v... enfieldblue...
  8. DoDTS

    Prediction cup past winners

    PREDICTION CUP PAST WINNERS 2008-09 Winner DTS losing finalist Brettie Angell 2009-10 Spring Cup Winner Davidvolic losing finalist Ldnfatso 2009-10 Xmas Cup Winner Manor 15 losing finalist Shrimpersarmy 2010-11 Spring CupWinner South...
  9. DoDTS

    Roots hall HOME Championship 15th March

    An outstanding performance by thenobster sets the South atand up as the early leaders in the competition, trying for their third successive title: EAST STAND Team: Escudo points 2 , Kitch points 6 and Silencer points 5 TOTAL 13 points NORTH BANK Team DTS points...
  10. DoDTS

    Roots Hall HOME who has been selected?

    This Saturday sees the start of the Roots Hall Home championship, with EAST STAND v NORTH BANK and SOUTH STANDS v WEST STAND. The following have been selected: EAST STAND Team: Escudo, Kitch and Silencer Substitute: WickfordShrimper NORTH BANK Team DTS, SUFC_Ross and D.O.L.L. Substitute...
  11. DoDTS

    Roots Hall HOME Competition RESULTS

    This weekend sees the second set of fixtures in the Roots Hall Home championship, with EAST STAND v SOUTH STANDS and NORTH BANK v WEST STAND. The following have been selected: EAST STAND Team: B1ueb0y, kingSHRIMPER and Nestudas Substitute: Thundersley Blue SOUTH STANDS Team: thenobster, Its...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Table RH HOME Competition RESULTS 11 January

    This Saturday sees the first fixtures in this Seasons Roots Hall HOME Championship with East v West and North v South. Congratulations to B1ueb0y and Thundersley Blue for gaining their first "caps". The West Stand is highly fancied, while the North Bank puts out the poorest team on current form...
  13. DoDTS

    PL Table HOME Total appearances and Points

    On the final day of the RH HOME competition, the North Bank boys flop and hand the title to the South Stands on goal difference. Fatgrandad being the star for the West Stand and davewebbsbrain for the South, EAST STAND 9-12 WEST STAND Team: Escudo points 6, Nestudas points 3 and Roxy...
  14. DoDTS

    Whohas been selected for the Roots Hall Home Championship

    Next weekend sees the finale of this sessions Roots Hall Home championship and the following have been selected to represent their stands: EAST STAND Team: Escudo, Nestudas and Roxy Substitute: The Eternal Optimist WEST STAND Team: Fatgrandad, Gt Yarmouth Shrimper and Prawn Substitute Dick...
  15. DoDTS

    RESULTS and TABLE for the "Roots Hall Home" fixtures

    Tuesday sees the second fixtures of the Roots Hall “HOME” Competition for this session and those selected are as follows: EAST STAND Team: Escudo, Nestudas and the Big Shrimp Substitute: The Eternal Optimist SOUTH STANDS Team: Ricey, South247 and Beefy Substitute: Its Only A Game WEST STAND...
  16. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 8 TABLE NOW UP for Saturday 23rd November 2013

    SIX HOME WINS MEANS POINTS........ POINTS....... POINTS What a day in the Prediction league with six very predictable homes wins Ldnfatso, DTS, D.O.L.L. and the Eternal Optimist managed to get all six correct and gains six extra points while a dozen others gained five extra points for five...
  17. DoDTS

    Roots Hall "HOME" Results

    The West last sessions Champions were humbled by the South today, and lets face it Ricey virtually did it on his own. A good team effort by the North was enough to see off an out of form East. Results: EAST STAND 7 v 11 NORTH BANK East Team: Escudo 2 points, Dannypav 2 points and...
  18. DoDTS

    SELECTIONS FOR THE Roots Hall "HOME" Competition

    Next week sees the first fixtures of the Roots Hall “HOME” Competition for this session and those selected are as follows: EAST STAND Team: Escudo, Dannypav and SupaBlues Substitute: Nestudas NORTH BANK Team SUFC_Ross, D.O.L.L. and DTS Substitute: LuckyLuca WEST STAND Team: Fatgrandad, Gt...
  19. MrB

    Breaking News Happy 10th Birthday (sort of) ShrimperZone

    Ok, not entirely true, however the site was revamped in 2003 and the first sign up was the right honourable Mr Ken McNasty on 23/10/03. Joiners A bit of nostalgia from the original site, Superkev is there, as are 'Dave' and 'Big Dave', not sure if either of these are DtS though..... Forum I...
  20. DoDTS

    Who is going to be selected for the next RH Home Championship

    After this Saturdays fixtures the teams for the next Roots Hall Home competition will be selected. The three highest scores, after Saturdays fixtures will be selected to represent their stand the following week. There are likely to be some team changes to the previous encounters, so make sure...