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  1. DTS

    Ben vs Dave - Should men shave there pubic areas?

    Ben and I are at logger heads having done the "How Gay are you test". I have already got the right camel as I am 33% Gay and Ben is only 10% gay which is pretty wrong. We did the test again answering the same questions and a shocking stat came to light. Ben at the age of 32 has never trimmed...
  2. BoyWonder2

    Films seen at the cinema twice...

    Following on from DtS thread about total let down films I thought I start something along the same lines, On Sunday evening I went to see Superbad with this girl (Different girl to the thread a couple weeks back). I loved it, really found it hilarious. Now I have two best mates, one of which...
  3. DTS

    Films that you really looked forward too but were total let downs.

    Yesterday after a spot of lunch with my mate "The Pilot" and our respective Mrs, Mrs DtS and I decided that we would get a DVD to rid ourselves of the bordem that is Sunday afternoon TV. I have been desperate to see Zodiac - A film a bout the San Francisco area Zodiac Killer dating back to the...
  4. SUFC_Al

    Something don't feel right?

    DtS hasn't posted his usual Friday poll yet and i haven't seen him on line today? What is he up to? Surely he hasn't found something better to do?
  5. DTS

    Swimming with your work mates?

    Now I am all for team building and any excuse to pop out the office for the day has got to be a good thing. When I was at Yorkshire we had a days boating which was OK and a LTSB we did a days adventuring round London which sounded good on paper but was in fact cack. Mrs DtS has advised me that...
  6. SZBC London Branch Part (Quatre) and last "Do" before XMAS

    Having had talks with the Chairman DTS today, the date for the next SZBC London Branch meet will be Thursday Nov 1st As it is likely to be a tad colder then, than our previous meets .. we would like suggestions for a different venue close to Fenchurch Street Station that will take our party...
  7. DTS

    Would you want Jose now?

    Totally hypohetical questions I know but..... Was on train today with Mrs DtS coming into work and we were talking Jose being sackedat Chelsea. Mrs DtS who does know a fiar bit about football in fairness said Steve Tilson better watch out now as Jose could be Roots Hall bound. This got me...