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  1. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No.4 Points for Tuesday 19th March 2013

    On a dismal night for the Blues here's tonights scores with H turner leading the way with 10 points, with good efforts from napster, DTS and Nestudas. 10 h turner 8 napster 8 DTS 8 Nestudas 7 Drastic 7 the Big shrimp 6 dannypav 5 chapperzuk 5 CyrilSneer 5 roxy 4 Its Only a Game 4 Oldbluelady 4...
  2. MrB

    Motorboatable Racks

    Been a while since we had a proper Friday DTS style thread. Disregarding looks and overall body, who's rack would you most like to stick your head into? At the moment I'm going for Nicki Minaj, her rack is pretty epic. Girl in the background seems to agree too. Plenty of options here, pics...
  3. DTS

    DtS's Last Man Standing competition.

    For no real reason I have decided to run a last man standing contest. Purely for the fun of it. Idea is as follows Each week you have to select one club from the 20 premier football league clubs that you think will win their weekend fixture. If they win you are through to the next round. If...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Most effeminate XI

    The way new signing John Spicer minces in midfield makes me think of long time DtS crush Scott Forbes on tranquilisers. Which other Southend players past or present would make a SUFC most effeminate XI? I'm thinking Slipper's old housemate, Adrian Clarke. Scott Spencer's perm and running...
  5. DoDTS

    Question Is reaching the play-offs a formality?

    I was talking to DtS last night and discussing just how much of a formality it is that we will reach a minimum of the plays offs? Anyone who was scarred for life by the collapse of 1968 will take nothing for granted but the stats are as follows; Looking at League 2 for the last ten years, the...
  6. DoDTS

    My wife is brilliant

    Tomorrow is my 60th birthday ( I know I only look and feel half that but the birth certificate doesn't lie) Tomorrow is also my wife's birthday. Tomorrow is also our 20th Wedding anniversary (both of us having been marriws previously). As you can imagine this is quite a special day for us, and...
  7. DTS

    DtS cooking corner (Coddled Pork)

    Ladies and Gentlemen Tonight Mrs DtS is in for a treat. As she has been out all day I am doing dinner. Now being the busy IFA that I am I cant be spending hours cooking so I am doing an easy dish. As I know as least two people have tried DtS Cooking Corner reciepes in the past I thought I might...
  8. Pensions Advice

    Hi guys, Mrs BB needs some advice with regards to her pensions, and I wondered if there was anyone here who could give us some advice, or knows of anyone they have used in the past. I know DtS is a financial advisor but don't know if he does pensions.... Thanks BB
  9. ldnfatso

    Question Should DtS be banned from Roots Hall?

    Last night DTS missed his first home game for 2 1/2 years. Is it a coincidence that we won well last night in his absence or not? I propose he is banned from all future home games this season!
  10. Mohave Shrimper

    Memory Lane Your Top 10 Blues Players

    Hi folks, now where were we before we were so rudely interupted? I was asking for your top 10 favourite blues players. Until the "American Incident" we'd had 55 responses. I've compiled an overall list which I'll post shortly, but if anyone didn't post a top 10 please do so - Top 10's must be...

    PL Weekly Points Round 15

    I can only assume the high scores enjoyed in the week were a false dawn as it was back to below par this time around .. S2tc makes a rare appearance at the top table, along with The Big Shrimp who emerged from a poor trot of form to share the lead this week .. though being honest 7 isn't really...
  12. Cricko

    Breaking News ShrimperZone welcomes its latest signing

    It is with great pleasure that we are pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal for the Zone. Dave The Shrimper has joined the merry band of FW Goodson (our main site sponsor) and Kent Shrimper who help us with the running costs of the Zone. As most of you are no doubt aware DTS has taken the...
  13. pringlejon

    Question Who here runs their own business?

    I'm a couple of weeks away from finishing uni and determined to start my own business once i'm done. I have a job lined up for when i finish but not one that i want to have for more than a year. Obviously, the main stumbing block in my plan, which is pretty massive, is my lack of an idea. Have...
  14. Jonny_Stokes


    Still up on the lash from last night's game! For all the unending, full-bloodied vitriolic, abusive, condescending sheeeeeite I've put up with (despite being an interesting, realistic and occasionally informative chap) over the past 8 years or so on the various forums, may I say a polite...
  15. DTS

    Inventions/Things you wished you had discovered earlier in life.

    After playing football last night I got in and as always the Mrs had done me a super bit of food (Home made Red Thai Curry for those that are wondering) Anyway I then had the age old battle shower vs food, food vs shower. However as it turns out Mrs DtS had loaded the rice cooker up. So all I...

    PL Weekly Points Round 43

    Two of you manage full houses this week, with DtS really stating his intentions in the race for the title 13 Dave the Shrimper 13 seves 7 BrettieAngell 6 class 6 Roxy 6 Emu 6 The Big Shrimp 6 SUFC Al 5 LuckyLuca 5 Tinks 5 davidovolic 5 Nobby Snide 5 Shrimpersarmy 5 canveyshrimper 5 Flinty 5...
  17. Yorkshire Blue

    What celebrity death has hit you hardest?

    Following on from DtS' news on the Countdown thread, what celebrity's death has hit you hardest? I think it would be Tosh Lyons (from the Bill).
  18. DTS

    Question Is my spell in the dog house fair?

    I am currently in the dog house with the Mrs. I thought I would gage the readership of the SZ public to see if this is justified or not. Now Mrs DtS and I own a cottage in a gated development outside Brighton. We love it here altough I think we might sell up soon as we need more space for the...
  19. DTS

    DtS Financial Corner - Reminder for those 50-55.

    Just a little reminder really boring but for anyone between the ages of 50-55 you have until 6th April this year to take any pension benefits you may have accrued if you should so wish. If you are thinking of taking some of the tax free cash or some of your pension/annuity benefits early then...
  20. DTS

    Help me settle tonights food dilema.

    On a Wednesday night I go out and play football. As a result the Mrs kindly had dinner on the table for me when I get home at 9pm. As a night in can be a bit boring when you only have a 15 month old for company the Mrs often invites one of her pals over for some food which I always encourage as...