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  1. Ricey

    Apple TV

    Has anyone got it and is it worth getting? I've been doing the insanity work out. I have it on my iPad would having this make my life a lot easier?
  2. Big Thanks to Dave Jobson!

    In the excitement of scoring a goal on Friday managed to drop my Car key at the ground! Called the club Monday and Dave went and found it and actually took it home so it was easier for me to collect! Saved my £75 so big thanks to him!!
  3. southend4ever

    Advice Please

    I view a house. I like it. The landlord is lovely. Another couple view the house. They like it. The rent is organised through a management agency/company. Both couples go to the office to sign the contracts. The landlord decides who gets the contract. Landlord chooses me. Great. Rent for 1...
  4. DoDTS

    Cup Rules

    It's the Third Round of the cup draw today and just to make sure that everyone is clear these are the rules: Three points for every correct score, 1 point for every correct result. Wildcard doubles the score for the selected fixture. The correct Southend first scorer also counts in the cup...
  5. Smiffy

    Is this season a failure?

    So, I think we can safely say we are not making the play-off's this season now. But, with the fallback of a Wembley final appearance (regardless of the result) has this made things easier to swallow for you? Do you think all things considered, that this season has been a failure? Or are you...
  6. Cricko

    The Nakid Truth

    Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523 How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government. I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But...
  7. Pre-Match Thread Wycombe on sat

    Ok easier said than done but let's try and forget wembley, on Saturday the boys need us more than ever, will be a tough game we need to turn out in force. If we can take 30,000 to wembley we can take 1500 to Wycombe.
  8. Its Only A Game

    Backing Southend to lose

    I don't usually do it but really couldn't see us getting anything against Northampton (although we got closer than I thought we would) and doubled us up with Barnet to beat York on Corals outsider coupon for a £40 stake. Including the 20% bonus I should cllect a nice tidy £460. Made that last...
  9. Hello

    Hi, been a supporter since I can remember, although when I was young and naive I supported Westham(mainly being due to brainwashing from relatives originally from east london) as well, however now I am older the last 7 or 8 years I have become a true blue :loyalsupporter: even got my first...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    Is div V going to be any easier?

    Having relegated from III last season, I've got 4 top 40 teams in my div IV. Is V going to be any easier next season? My bowlers are still dead.
  11. londonblue

    Should Anyone Who Enters A Country Illegally Be Put In Prison?

    Easy question, as the heading says? This link might make it easier to decide!
  12. Its Only A Game

    uploading files

    I stumbled across Birmingham City's accounts and audit report yesterday which quite sadly I found interesting, particularly the audit report. In light of todays mass hysteria over Gary Lockett leaving etc etc I thought it might be nice for some to see that there are others in more trouble than...
  13. North Wales Shrimper

    What can we do to help OUR club?

    First of all, may I remind us of our name: "The Southend United Football Club". Within those five words is a huge amount of meaning, however, the two key words are "UNITED" and "CLUB". I was rewatching "The Team We Call United" the other day and it reminded me of what it is to be a Southend...
  14. Ref Watch ...... Oxford away

    The referee for tomorrow's match is Oliver Langford from Darlaston, near Walsall in the West Midlands. In his fifth season as a Football League referee, he has only refereed Southend three times before. First was the dreadful match (until the last minute anyway) at Leyton Orient in 2008/9. He...
  15. Smiffy

    North Bank Next Season

    TBV have opened discussion with the club this week, regarding the NB next season. We and I'm sure you all agree that it has been a pretty successful "trial" over the last few months. As with anything new, there has been a few hiccups along the way. Ticketing problems, little bit of aggro etc...
  16. Shrimper

    Scenarios next week

    Thanks to Crewe's 90th minute goal, things are slightly "easier" Crawley are currently 3rd with 81, Torquay 4th with 81 and we're 5th with 80. Accrington v Crawley Hereford v Torquay Southend v Macclesfield Crawley, Southend and Torquay win = Crawley 3rd, Torquay 4th, Southend 5th Southend...
  17. DTS

    Family Holidays.

    Ladies and Gents. Just starting to work on our family plans for a summer holiday. I need to start thinking about this as my son turns two in mid July and so it makes sense to get back before then rather than pay two kids prices. I have been a bit surprised by the costs and options on offer at...
  18. Rattus Norvegicus

    How do you defend a lead with 10 minutes to go?

    Perhaps we could share the benefit of our wisdom ............ :winking: I think there is only one way ....... to continue to play in the same method that got you the lead in the first place! Best of all, go and get another goal. (Easier said than done of course but I've always valued a good...
  19. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Form of the 6 Promotion contenders (Part 2)

    I did one of these about 6 or 7 games ago, so thought it was time to update it. SWINDON Form over the last 10 games is amazing, going back to their 4-1 win over us. 27 points, 9 wins and 1 defeat (coming against Oxford 3 games ago). 5 of their last 6 games have been at home, and it appears...
  20. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Form of the 6 title contenders

    Just been looking at the recent form of the 5 teams at the top, and I would be staggered if some of them continue in the same vein. Southend 4 wins 2 draws and 3 defeats from the last 9 games, which is 14 points (which really isn't that shabby!). This did include a run of 4 without a win, so...