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  1. Stats

    Breaking News Pre Season Friendlies & 1st League Game - Schedule Edited

    3rd July - Southend Boro Comb 5-a-sides @ Cupids 10th July - Brentwood Centre 7-a-sides @ Brentwood Centre 17th July - Canvey Island 5-a-sides @ Waterside 24th July - Meet The Blue Day 31st July - Chelmsford 7-a-sides @ Chelmer Park 7th August - Stockport County (H) - 7-a-side (Neither club has...

    Predicition League News The SZ Pred League WC Special

    After lengthy discussions at PL Towers between canvey and myself we've settled on the formula for the WC Special We are going to attempt to run it as closely as possible to the tried and tested (and we believe popular) method we currently employ, of course we welcome and crave some new players...
  3. Ref Watch ..... Bristol Rovers

    Limited access at present so just edited highlights: Man in charge of tricky looking game is Steve Rushton from Stoke. A first year referee who has done less than 20 League games in his career with above average card count. Never refereed Southend before. One of two referees whose father was...
  4. seany t

    Help me remember a 90's British porn star!

    Come on folks, I know you can do it. She had blonde hair. She wasn't Jo Guest. Or Lindsey Dawn-MacKenzie. She edited 'Parade' magazine for a bit we reckon. She definitely wasn't shy. My mate at work thinks she had a double-barreled name, and may have been called Vicky. I'm not so convinced...
  5. manor15

    Southend Fantasy League: The Squads

    If you wish to take part in the Southend Fantasy League then post your squads up here. With 3 weeks left some people might want to submit squads now and you can make 2 changes between now and the first game of the season but you may want to submit teams later as there may be players signing...
  6. manor15

    Southend Fantasy League: Trial Week: 25/04/09

    Hi all, The second trial week of the Southend Fantasy League is planned for Saturday 25th April 2009. If you want to enter simply read these rules and then post your team below. The scores should be up on Saturday night hopefully. Rules All teams must be submitted by midday on Saturday 25th...
  7. Davros


    My collegue @ work got stiched by his flatmates, very well edited video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8QMY2YiH5s
  8. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile - Part 11: The tables have turned!

    Hi folks, This will be the final Interview with an Exile for Series 1, and I thought I would give some of the people I have cheekily edited on here over the past few months the opportunity to get their own back. So in the series finale, I am answering the questions! Would like to thank...

    PL Fixtures Round 22: Saturday 29th November

    Right, new format time Simply copy and paste the following match ups, adding your own scores and scorers .. thanks to a couple of lovely (!) choices by Mr.Benedict my own entry will need to be edited later in the week after i've googled Kidderminsters website !!! Southend United vs Luton Town...
  10. Ljubljana Branch


    Edited: Old news
  11. Napster


    My pick of daytime telly when I was a student, better than Petrocelli, Monk and Ironside. Anyway, this just in Arts, Briefly Klugman Sues Over ‘Quincy’ Sign In to E-Mail or Save This Print Reprints Share DiggFacebookMixxYahoo! BuzzPermalink Compiled by LAWRENCE VAN GELDER Published: March...
  12. Sherif H

    Couple of interesting posts from the Yeovil forum...

    Was it just me.... Glover4life Sat 12-Jan-2008 22:32:19 authenticated user: GLOVER4LIFE (id=9071) [ views 112 ] [ Message 561097, a follow-up to none ] [ return to index ] or was Southend's support today up there with the quietest i've ever heard at a ground of this level. I know HP is...
  13. Uncle Leo

    ShrimperZone Forum Guidelines

    The goal of the ShrimperZone Forum is to promote a community of fans of Southend United. It is an open forum for discussing all aspects of Southend United as well as various other topics such as football in other leagues, cricket, music and everything else in between. It is important to have...
  14. Anyone know which member of the Royal Family was being blackmailed?

    We've been discussing this tonight, but no one is certain. Probably end up being the 17th in line. *Edited*
  15. Maldon Blues

    Pre-Match Music - Freddie Le Grande

    That edited version of 'Put Your Hands Up For Detroit' they played on Saturday 'Put Your Hands Up For Southend..........United FC' Oh my God - how embrassing and cringeworthy was that! The Orient fans must have been in hysterics at that! Possibly the worst bit of pre-match 'music' I've ever...
  16. Crabby Shrimper

    SUFC vs Orient - official match thread

    Flan-haven Gilbert Clarke Bawwet Wilson JCW McCormack Maher Gower Hawwold Hooper Subs: Collis McDonald Wichards Black Bailey (edited in tribute to the O's commentary)
  17. C C Csiders

    Waking the Dead

    Watching this last night, and over the last few weeks, on BBC1 and must say that Tara Fitzgerald would get it.:o :D Whether she would want it from me is open to doubt, however.:( Edit: Seeing that the title of the thread has been edited makes me think that it isn't called W**nking the dead...
  18. * ORM *

    Signed Freddie Man Utd Photo

    £75 - includes framed picture of the free-kick, ticket and programme personally signed. Seen for sale today in a sports memorabilia shop in Leigh. (in one of the alleyways opposite the Library). Oops - edited to make clear I haven't bought it - but would probably make a nice gift for someone...
  19. Napster

    Top 50 film endings

    Thoughts? 50. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The movie isn't particularly scary... at least until the last two minutes, which take the tension level from 10 to 100 at an exponential pace. The final seconds -- wherein a member of the cast is spotted, back turned and facing a corner, as an...
  20. DTS

    Delightful reply from Swansea FC

    Sent them an email saying that I am amazed that they are going to allow a few thousand Welsh Knobs on the pitch and got this brilliant reply.Totally un-edited. "David Baker Thank you for your email. You should not believe rumours as they are as normal incorrect". Brilliant - Thanks...