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  1. Tony Blair could face prosecution.

    Some of you may not know that Tony Blair is immune from prosecution over the Iraq war. Along with Jack Straw and Lord Goldsmith who were the foreign secretary and attorney general at the time. A private prosecution was blocked a while ago but apparently the decision will be reviewed. Though I...
  2. TrueBlue

    Official sponsorship

    Can you give me a price please to join the elite list
  3. Uncle Leo

    New Champions League deal

    This really is an utter ****show isn't it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3787806/Europe-s-elite-shafting-poor-enjoy-Leicester-City-can.html This is the first year I can recall where I have had almost no interest in the Champions League. Not having BT Sport, so not being...
  4. Ricky Otto

    Help me with my work xmas quiz so I can win some booze

    1st part of quiz is things associated with christmas: Examples Clue: Country Answer: Turkey Clue: Washing up liquid Answer: Fairy These are the clues I need answers for: Undercover Police Sphere sphere belongs to mrs rose P45s Main Tempo is behind you Bright...Northern...City...
  5. londonblue

    Ted Smith Has Been Called Up Again

    This time for the Mercedes Benz Elite Cup: 649238697859280896
  6. Cricko

    Todays "English" Media.

    Why is the public media mostly controlled by the rich tax exiles.. I posted this elsewhere so have copied it in here. ..Today's popular media and unfortunately 2 of the top selling papers are run by The Tories...The Sun and Sky- Rupert Murdoch, nothing to do with the country apart from wanting...
  7. Ricey

    General Boxing Thread

    To save filling up the fight of the year thread with off topic stuff I thought I would start this. Interesting GBJ your views on AJ, I thought from what I've seen albeit he has had some pretty easy fighters but he looks the business and will go onto be one of the best heavyweights in the world...
  8. Massimo Giovanni

    Do you support Southend's Grammar Schools?

    http://ow.ly/I9baz Ok, so the 4 elite schools do well BUT they have 85% of pupils from outside of the borough. Are they now "past their time?"
  9. Speedway 2014

    Seen that our local side The "Vortex" Lakeside Hammers are starting the Elite League season at home against Swindon Robins on Friday 28th March. 2014 Hammers: Peter Karlsson Dave Watt Mikkel Bech Jensen Richard Lawson Lewis Bridger Adam Ellis Ben Morley Does anyone else on here have an...
  10. BOXING: Khan vs Mayweather

    From what I've heard (as I said on another thread) this fight is apparently signed, and they're due to announce it soon, so I thought i'd create this for the build-up to the fight next May. So how do people see this going? Anyone give Khan a chance at all? I'm saying Mayweather wins by...
  11. lakeside speedway

    lakeside win at poole

    after making a poor start to this seasons speedway elite league , the lakeside hammers pulled off a great win at poole tonight by 48 to 45 pts this came after a heavy defeat at lowly coventry monday evening , now with 3 friday home fixtures to come v peterborough...
  12. Help Please

    I have had a team going since Dec 07. I've ignored it for a couple of years and have finally broken through to England League IV. Not doing too badly and looks like i'll stay up. However, My key players are getting old and i'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts what I should do from here...
  13. blues_r_best


    For all you BBC Micro/Amiga owners who played this, Frontier are trying to raise funding to make a new Elite game. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous
  14. Shrimperstrust

    Duncan: “I’ll Always Push To Be The Best”

    Ricky Duncan, the Head of Youth at Southend United, insists that it is ‘business as usual’ in terms of youth development at the club as the Elite Player Performance Plan begins to be implemented around the country. Rob Craven's full interview with Ricky can be found here.
  15. MrB

    OD - Week 4

    ShrimperZone CC v Stansfield Superjets Superjets sit bottom but picked up an elite all rounder last week so are stronger but they only have 8 first teamers. Strange decision to bat in very much bowling conditions and we picked off the elite early which has made life much easier. One more...
  16. Jedi Shrimper

    Dick Bate

    Whilst looking at our past managers, I discovered something rather shocking, this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Bate Which is backed up by this... http://www.thefa.com/GetIntoFootball/FALearning/NewsAndFeatures/2010/MidseasonMasterclass (4th paragraph down) Yes. Dick Bate is the FA's...
  17. * ORM *

    OD - Week 12

    Last week I stated that I'd finally achieved elite on bowling but thought I would have to wait a season for batting elite. Then I have today's ratings. London Calling ShrimperZone Vets CC Top Order: exceptional elite Middle Order: exceptional wonderful Lower Order: woeful abysmal Seam...
  18. Grayson

    Selling Up

    After my foray in the cup has ended, it may be time for me to sell up and rebuild. I've an ageing side and struggling to meet wages. When are prices highest? I'm thinking of selling the likes of Raisani, who won't fetch much anyway, soon and then the most valuable players at the beginning of...
  19. ME complaints - Allan speaks out

    Don't know if anyone spotted this, but it's worth a read.... Some Complaints About the ME By BT-allanfc on 11/03/2011, under General Information. Over the last couple of weeks we have received a number of emails complaining about the match engine, and I thought the best place to try and address...
  20. Elite Player Performance Plan

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/premier-league/8324495/Henry-Winter-Premier-Leagues-elite-plan-radical-overhaul-of-academy-system-to-help-top-schoolboy-talent.html So, this is the EPL's new scheme to restructure youth development. Effectively, it's a plan to increase the...