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  1. Irish_Shrimper

    Apologies in advance, to South Bank Hank

    Mrs I_S was online earlier checking out her usual French celeb gossip - and I saw this one of Melissa Theuriau and her hubby...theres hope for us all :whistling:
  2. Slipperduke

    Worst FA Cup? I think not

    Monday morning was like a scene from one of those post-apocalyptic movies that usually star Mel Gibson. The old order has been shattered, the new dawn has arrived and the scattered survivors crawl from their bolt-holes to blink in confusion at the much reduced skyline and wonder if things will...
  3. overseas shrimper

    Buying games online

    I'm getting an Xbox 360 Elite and, whilst I normally buy my DVDs from Play.com, I was just wondering if there are better sites for buying Xbox 360 games (taking into consideration they need to send to Malta and Play post for free). While I'm asking the SZ peeps for info; if I buy a year's...
  4. canada shrimper

    media player 11

    I have just got satelite radio,part of the package was free listening over the internet.I tried to listen yesterday but had no joy.I emailed the company and was told to update my media player to media 11.I seem to remember someone did that and was no longer able to get bluesworld.Can anyone give...
  5. Benji91


    Ive stumbled across this guy transfer listed. No way i can fford him but someone with money to burn might be.... Current bid 1k Junior Mason (78255) LH Batsman, LM Bowler, superb batting form, strong bowling form, energetic A defensive player with strong leadership skills and strong...
  6. overseas shrimper

    PS3 v Xbox 360

    I'm sure this isn't a new topic, but I'd like to get people's latest opinions now that the buzz and euphoria of the PS3 release has died down and more balanced opinions may be forthcoming. Now that the massive project of renovating our farmhouse is nearing its end, it's time to start getting...
  7. MrB

    SZ BT League Thread

    Kicks off for it's fifth incarnation this weekend, all but one team from last season is playing plus 7 new teams. Level I Crabbys Catchers (2802) Essex Javelins (3249) ShrimperZone CC (2480) Southend (2503) Southend United (188) Whos your Daddy (4571) Level II DIBS DIPPERS (3928) French...
  8. CocklesShrimps&Whiteweed

    XBox360 and HDTV

    Apologies for the boring nature of the thread but I want to gauge peoples opinions on this. Yesterday I finally took delivery of an XBOX 360 Elite (no less,) after almost two years of wanting one. However, I have not got a HDTV to play it on and wanted to resist the temptation of hooking it up...
  9. MrB

    SZ Cup

    Some of the usual suspects have not entered this season, current entry list below. Let me know asap if you want to play. Adwick C.C. [teamid=4140] Ath Chorley [teamid=4315] Bartlet’s XI [teamid=5847] BATTY SHRIMPERS [teamid=3883] Black Parade [teamid=1064] Canberra Convicts [teamid=6459] Cape...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    The NFL thread

    Got my e-mail giving me my password for the Giants v Dolphins game at Wembley. Undecided whether I'll actually go, as its a fair bit of money for two teams I have little interest in, but I've until Wednesday to decide. I think a few people on here said they might be going. Watched the first...
  11. The Watermill Wino

    SoL Sports Special, Live from Park Lane.

    Tilly's back in town. Live from a grey, overcast Park Lane, our reporter is Tenascious Tannis, Tuppy, Lucky B, Bas Shrimper, etc. In our Basildump studios via satelite I'm Wino and this is a joint SoL/ Zone production. We are playing in red tonight and the beer was £2.40 per pint for IPA...
  12. cockles is back

    Eastbourne V Lakeside

    well guys and girls many of you know, I manage to contain myself through close season, with my love of Speedway. And what a great team I have been lucky enough to watch this year down at Arena Essex. But more to the point what an even greater team I am gonna have the pessure of watching for the...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Best trainers in the world.

    Who makes the best pair of trainers in the world? Please specifiy genus and species. For me it is Adidas Rod Laver. Note, I'm assuming no one here is an elite athlete so I am talking about 'street' performance. No bolleaux about pronation, shock absorbtion, traction etc. please. Also, note...
  14. The Artful Shrimper

    Mobile Phone Sattelite tracking :-(

    Beta test of the GPS sattelite tracking enables you to see where everyone is. This is a step towards police state etc... http://sat-gps-locate.com/ ... only works with gps/bluetooth or wap phones... which is pretty much all of them
  15. Getting tickets for Spurs game

    First post. As I've 'emigrated' to London and am not one of the season-ticket holding elite I was unable to get an away ticket for the Spurs game. 'Not to worry' I thought, 'I'll just go into the home end and not wear my Southend top. Right, let's go to the Spurs...
  16. Mad Cyril

    If we lose to Manchester United

    I know a lot of us thought we were dead certs for a third succesive promotion. If we lose against Manchester United we also lose our last realistic chance of a place in Europe next season. Is anyone else concerned that furious fans (and who can blame them after missing out on the chance to...
  17. stan collymore

    Long Time !

    Hi everyone,its been a long time!!! Nice to see that the Spanish shrimper is still a miserable tw&t,harking for the days of a Billy Best & Jimmy Shankley.As for the guys i chatted to a couple of years ago,i hope you are all well! The club,albeit recently are really...
  18. MrB

    For sale

    Just checking how my WK's price compares against others on the list and came across this chap: Terry Clegg (299163) LH Batsman, LFM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, low A defensive player with competent leadership skills and feeble experience. Plays For: Team X-stream...
  19. Matt the Shrimp

    Youth Team off to Norhalne Cup

    Article here on the OS: Youth Team off to Denmark... Thanks to the Trust, the youth team have been able to fly off to Denmark in order to take part in the elite section of the Norhalne Cup, a pan-European competition. It seems to me that this will give the youths an enormous amount of...
  20. seany t

    I've got a great idea for a film...

    Imagine the scene. A club, once on the verge of the football Elite has freefallen down the leagues and is mere games away from relegation. An ex-player comes along and takes over in his first high profile managerial role. The sceptics are out in force, the fans are behind him for old times...