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  1. Shrimper

    Southend Council

    Can someone please tell me why the Council decided to seemingly try and turn everyone away yesterday with this bike event? The high street is on its knees and the seafront traders rely on the money they make in the summer months and weekend to keep them going through the year. So why are the...
  2. Shrimperstrust

    Thunderbirds Are Go - SUFC 1st Team Match Report - Blackpool - Sat 17th March 2018

    Nell & Pip's match report for the SkyBet EFL match vs Blackpool FC played on Saturday 17th March 2018 is now online here.
  3. First4mortgages

    Latest Rumours You're probably paying too much on your mortgage!

    Hi all As a mortgage broker and financial adviser, I have spoken to so many people in the past who hadn't realised that there was anything better for their mortgage than the interest rate that they were being charged. Some didn't think that anyone could help them, so just carried on paying the...
  4. Bielzibubz

    PJA Digital Design & Photographic Restoration Services

    Afternoon good people of 'The Zone' After designing and producing the new Shrimperzone web banner I thought I'd tell you about another service we off at PJA Digital Design. A full photographic repair and restoration service. I dare say we've all got one of those old and cherished family photos...
  5. Meetings tomorrow

    From CP's twitter - Ron is to meet with all members of the footballing staff tomorrow. Let's hope they tell him exactly what they think of PB!
  6. RobM

    The gambling Gods are trying to tell me something!

    Yesterday (Northampton (a)). I thought "Hmmm, curse of the ex-player. I'll put £2 on O'Toole to score". I didn't, he did. I thought Id put £2 on Demetriou to score. He did, I didn't. BONG!
  7. londonblue

    Ed Stein

    I received a Whatsapp message from my neice yesterday. This is it (verbatim - she's a teenager) She went on to say: As an aside, you wouldn't believe she's just been predicted all A's and A*'s for her GCSEs...
  8. Fake Watches on Ebay.

    It's incredible the amount of fake brand name watches on Ebay. For example if you type in 'Men's Tissot Watch' You will get loads come up, with a high percentage fake. The trouble is that the fakers fake the presentation box, the guarantee, the instructions and they even do a receipt. It's only...
  9. Mugged in Southend

    Someone tried to mug me last night. After living in the town for over 30 years this is the first time this has happened to me. I was walking back from Herbies near Southchurch Park when I sensed two youths were following me on the other side of the park railings. They had hoodies on and I felt...
  10. Napster

    Damian Scannell

    Retires due to injury http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/headlines/end-of-the-line-for-former-shrimpers-and-daggers-man-scannell.html
  11. Tommy2holes

    Council tax

    Need some advice. Moved into a 3 bed mid terrace new build last November and was allocated as band E. Obviously I queried this as it seemed high. Took 3 months and got told it was right. Did some research online at banding in the area and not only are my neighbours in the same build paying...
  12. Medicals

    Given we seem to sign quite a few crocks over the years what exactly do medicals cover. Turner signs - might be a good player but we don't know yet. Why doesn't a medical tell him to go away until he is match fit and then we start from scratch. Tony Allen
  13. Speedy Password

    Interesting site.....http://www.speedypassword.com/articles/how-secure-is-my-password-test-your-password/ Bung your SZ password in and it'll tell you how quick a hacker could get into your account and start spreading the rumour that you're in love with Drewe Broughton.... 16 minutes here...
  14. Processes slowing laptop down

    I'm loving my life playing Football Manager 2017 but my laptop is pretty slow. Can anyone recommend anything to tell me what processes I can safely close to allow me to do my thing? ta
  15. First4mortgages

    Breaking News Do you have a mortgage? CONTACT FIRST4MORTGAGES NOW

    With the threat of an impending mortgage rate rise, NOW is the perfect time to look at your mortgage and take advantage of low interest rates. Do you know if you are on the best rate available, or are you paying more than you need to for your mortgage? First4Mortgages will tell you if there...
  16. Stevie Waller RIP

    With the heaviest of hearts i must write and tell you that my dear mate and your mate Steve Waller has died. Known Steve for over 40 years,met Steve,like most of my mates watching Southend Utd play. We were at Colchester,going to Layer Rd,we were walking through an underpass(above was a main...
  17. Fred

    Size of images.

    Can someone tell me how to produce decent size images within posts as when I source an image from my device it only creates a small one.
  18. RHB

    Name the game and the score

    One for you Zoners with photographic memories. Mr Mooney scoring in 2016. Who was it against and what was the score? You can tell it's close season:smiles:
  19. llama

    Question Block 'X' for Bolton......?

    Can anyone tell me, when does Block 'X' in the West Stand get used......? Why doesn't it become available for the Bolton match?
  20. shrimperjon

    Striking options

    Was just talking to my son and was finding it hard to think the last time we had a strike force of this calibre. I apologise if I've got their ages and contract lengths wrong, but hope you get the idea Cox - by far one of the best strikers we've had in years, 31 and signed on for 2 years...